Le Mini™ Aura Vase: Simplicity is the Kiss of French Elegance

The first of its kind is here to stay. Our Le Mini™ Aura Vase is the newest core addition to the exquisite Maison Collection by Venus ET Fleur®. Dis bonjour to an Ancient Greek architecture inspired ceramic compote vase with a delicate single Eternity® Garden Rose. It’s a classic, sensuous curved silhouetted vessel that’s perfect for placing on any surface, big or small. enhance any environment with its vivacity and auric prowess. Who says that grand things don’t come in small packages?


Renaissance meets au courant. Our ceramic compote vase is crafted with ageless elegance in mind. Inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture, famous for their grand domes and arches, each vessel is created with great care to emphasize the sensuous curvature. Our ceramic material has a chic white finish that  blends effortlessly with its surroundings, creating instant ambiance. The Eternity Garden Roses are sourced from our lush fields and are treated to be long-lasting, so you can enjoy the pristine petals in stunning condition for an entire year or longer. Consider our roses to be an homage to France’s 19th century Empress, Josephine Boneparte, who popularized garden rose breeding. Our Le Mini Aura Vase lets you achieve an elegant taste of that—in a petite form.

Venus, the Goddess of love and femininity, is ever-present in this small ceramic. Her beauty is emanated by every delicate and timeless petal that’s presented gracefully inside the vase. Each floral piece is meticulously placed with love and care to resemble a lush and robust rose. Make a grandiose impact with a stunningly simple touch of color to inspire your space. Tune into your divinity every day and discover what essence longs to be expressed.

Call in what you deeply desire with the creative power of color. An aura is a colored emanation that provides an essential vibration and holds the potential to enhance your immediate environment. Our classic single Eternity Roses are expressed in stunning, deeply inspired colors: plum, pink, and red. Elevate your energy and invite the goddess Venus to strike a special touch wherever your Le Mini Aura Vase resides. 

Pink brings sincere enchantment to any environment—it’s sweet, beautiful, sensitive, and soothing. Place pink in any space that desires a touch of softness. This soft color is a great addition to a meditation altar, as it will remind you that true beauty touches the heart and comes from within. Audrey Hepburn, an icon of simplistic elegance, perhaps said it best. “I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and… I believe in miracles.” This pink treat is sure to provide a little extra happiness each and every day.

Purple, a refined and enchanting color, has been long associated with the color of wealth, power, and royalty. All that it takes is a simple touch of this color to elevate a whole room. Long ago, this hue was quite rare and exclusive, and today it is embraced as a highly spiritual color. Invigorate your keen sense of intuition and place plum in spaces where your creativity longs to rule.

Red, red, red. You can never go wrong with red. It’s vivacious, romantic, and classic. This brilliant color is a sensational statement. Long representing love and passion, our beautiful display can also awaken a profound sense of vitality, strength, and ambition. Louboutin knew that just a touch of red could go a long way. Your personal power is emulated in this thoughtful piece. 

What essence does your living quarters need? Adorn your coffee table with a sensitive touch of elegance. Inspire your desk with colorful embellishment without sacrificing space. Place an expression of your inner goddess on your bedside table.

Enjoy maximum minimalism for the year to come. Just like our stalwart Maison Collection, these intimate gifts require minimal care. You already take care of all of the big things in your world— let us take care of some of the small stuff. Self care is a vital part of our lives. It gives us the ability to walk gracefully through life, and with our mindfully designed Le Mini™ vase and Single Eternity™ Garden Rose, you can enjoy simplicity from all angles and take the precious time to focus on what’s most important: yourself. Sometimes constantly being on top of our to-dos can pull us away from our most divine nature, but with an ever-present reminder of your auric desire, you can maximize the process of self empowerment and embodiment. 

Admire the vase’s classic silhouette with a pristine pop of pink by the ledge of the bathtub, paired with either our Rose Blanche or Nue Tuberose candle for a divinely decadent bathing experience that’s certain to elevate your mood. Allow deep plum to serve as a reminder of your innate royalty while you adorn your favorite necklace. Select your lush, red lipstick to match your petite arrangement. The divine is in the details. As it goes, it truly is the little things in life. 

Subtle yet serene and effortlessly ethereal, our newest Le Mini™ arrangement is sure to make a substantial impact on all who admire its modest beauty and is an excellent piece to display at any event or gathering. Imagine the potent potential of this graceful vessel as a center-piece at your wedding reception. With three variations of color, you can mindfully select a rose that speaks to auric energy as unique as your love. Guests will marvel at this modernistic and meaningful take on tradition. 

Encourage the grace of femininity around your office space. Work and money are traditionally associated with inherently masculine energy, but who says femininity isn’t just as capable? We find it to be divinely powerful. Select red to remind you of your confidence, pink to soothe and increase empathy, or perhaps plum to enlighten your creativity. Place a tasteful touch on your desk to balance your energetic offerings and encourage business to bloom. 

When our spaces are beautiful, we feel calm and beautiful. We naturally embody the subtle energies that our environment transmits; therefore, our space is integral to our emotional and mental health. It is an expression of our creative selves, an indicator of our inner vision, and when we love the view, it creates space for a gorgeous synergy of creativity, freedom, and flow. 

Give the gift of beauty and make a large impact with our Le Mini Vase. Whether it’s an offering of gratitude or a present for a special occasion, the recipient will instantly feel all of the love and positivity that the piece emanates—a gift from the heart. Define your thoughtful nature with a color-coordinated rose. Our vibrant, long-lasting petals will provide that special someone with a subtle reminder to continue embracing the elegant energy that surrounds them. A subconscious vibration will gracefully penetrate their aura, offering a reminder that beauty, growth, and abundance are available and abound at all times. It’s thoughtful and touching—go with something small that emanates something grand. 

The Maison Aura Vase provides a Parisian touch to your abode, office, boudoir, studio, special event, and truly wherever you desire to make a visual impact. This is a divinely versatile, compact yet impactful, romantic piece that provides a definitive difference. Every time this stunning, graceful vessel catches your eye, you’ll be reminded that destination is but a state of mind. With worldwide shipping, there is no home too far. Or, you can visit one of our experiential boutiques in Los Angeles, New York, or New Jersey. 

Easily alter the ambiance of any space with a simple reminder of auric power. With a piece that is utterly beautiful, simple, and ethereal. Elevate your experience with elegance. You deserve to be embraced by beauty, and our Le Mini™ Aura Vase is a small reminder that you are always able to surround yourself with beautiful things.