The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2024

A mother’s love is beyond measure, deserving of so much more appreciation than just one day. Still, Mother’s Day is a special chance to pause our busy lives and make our gratitude abundantly clear with a little help from the perfect gift. From a planned day out to a luxurious and long-lasting flower arrangement, let these gift ideas inspire you as you give thanks to the mothers and maternal figures in your life.

Mother's Day Eternity Flowers

14 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2024

The best gifts always reflect the beautiful individuality of the recipient, so we recommend taking these ideas as inspiration and tailoring them to the mother’s tastes. Here are a few thoughtful ways, including tried-and-true classics and more creative modern experiences, to help get you started.

Mother's Day Eternity Flowers

1. Breakfast in Bed

It’s a classic for a reason - to be served a full breakfast in bed is one of the simplest ways to color a day with a sense of luxury and calm. In addition to mimosas, French toast, and other breakfast staples, consider wrapping the cutlery in fresh linen, cutting small fruits into decorative shapes, and adding a handwritten, heartfelt note. Special touches like these help take this timeless experience beyond the cliché into something truly memorable. 

2. A Floral Picture Frame

Proudly display a favorite memory inside one of our Fleur Frames. Featuring our long-lasting Eternity® roses, this acrylic photo frame is the perfect piece of home decor for mothers who wish to surround their favorite moments with added beauty. Go the extra mile by writing your memory of that special moment on the back of the photo, to help her reminisce.

Mother's Day Flowers and Gifts

3. A Day Designed By Her

In a world that often asks mothers to sacrifice their desires for the benefit of others, sometimes the best gift is the chance to do whatever she wants. A few weeks ahead of Mother’s Day, start by offering some planned itineraries that she can yay, nay, and tweak to her heart’s desire. That way, you clearly communicate that you will do the planning work and all that she needs to do is let her imagination run wild. 

4. A Day at the Spa

A proper pampering provides deep healing to the mind, body, and spirit. Treat your mother to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation by scheduling her a facial and massage. When she comes home, surprise her with a luxe pajama set and some bath bombs so that her self-care routine can thrive well beyond Mother’s Day itself. 

5. A Clean House

There are few things as mentally relaxing as a completely clean home. The experience is all the better when it was done by someone else. After you’re finished with the deep clean, create a space of comfort and tranquility by lighting one of our luxury candles, setting up a plush throw blanket, and leaving out the new novel she’s been dying to read.

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6. Plan a Girls’ Day Out

It takes a village, not just to raise a child, but also to lift up and support mothers. Create the opportunity for your mother to enjoy some rejuvenating time with her friends over brunch, shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, or with tickets to a show. Call ahead to pre-pay for the events, and provide an itinerary so she can enjoy her day without having to fret about details.

7. Send Her on a Trip

Whether she dreams of walking along the Seine, sunbathing in the Maldives, or just being treated to an overnight stay at a local hotel, give her the gift of being transported away from the daily routine. When delivering the good news, fill a tote bag with some essentials she’ll need for her trip to get her even more excited for what’s to come. 

8. Uninterrupted Downtime

Especially perfect for moms of small children, give the mother in your life a break from cleaning up Legos with the great gift of unstructured time to herself. Whether you take the kids out so she can enjoy a relaxing day in or watch them at home so she can go off exploring on her own, the chance to simply be without any obligations is a timeless, priceless option. 

9. Flower Delivery

Create a cherished moment in her day by scheduling a flower bouquet delivery. Our Eau Smoked Glass Vase is an exuberant arrangement that will remain with her long after the day is over. In addition to flowers on Mother’s Day proper, consider sending an arrangement to her place of work on the Thursday or Friday beforehand, so that others can see just how cherished she is. 

10. A Subscription Box

Don’t confine your affection to just one day — show your love over and over again with a gift box. Choose a subscription that suits her interests, such as art supplies, imported foods, or biodynamic wines, and let this thoughtful gift delight her month-to-month. 

11. Give Back to the Community

Honor her lifetime of service and devotion with this uncommon gift that celebrates your bond to each other and to your community. Plan a day during which you and your mother can plant trees, volunteer at the local nursing home, or help sort groceries at the local food bank. A moment to give back with the woman who taught you how to love. 

12. Design Your Own Card

Simple, tasteful, and imbued with your own unique touch, a handmade card with a heartfelt note lets you lead with the most important thing: love. Design something with a local artist or calligrapher or make it from scratch yourself, then finish your gift with a gift card or a message made out of personalized flowers for an extra-special touch.

13. A Mother’s Day Gift Basket

There are many premade Mother’s Day gift sets available, but none are likely to fully capture the specific tastes of your own mother without added help from you. For a gift that is truly unique to her, give your mother a handmade gift basket full of her favorite items.

Your gift basket could include:

  • Her preferred hand lotion and other skincare favorites
  • Personalized jewelry
  • A stainless steel tumbler with her initials embossed
  • Her favorite sweets and snacks
  • A gadget upgrade, such as new Airpods

    For a luxurious start to your own custom gift box, explore Venus et Fleur’s luxury gift sets.

    14. Long-Lasting Flower Arrangements

    The precious moments of motherhood can pass in an instant, but you can give the gift of more time with an arrangement of our signature creation, Eternity roses. These roses retain their presentation and scent for a year, so your mother will be able to enjoy her gift up to next Mother’s Day.

    Our best-selling Large Round arrangement features up to 49 of our Eternity® roses in a color of your choosing. An arrangement requires no water or further care, making it a unique Mother’s Day gift for those without a green thumb.


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    Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

    Anyone who knows a mother can understand why we celebrate Mother’s Day. From the demands of a new baby to the challenges of raising a teenager, mothers gracefully navigate many ups and downs. 

    The requirements of motherhood are unpaid, and many mothers work a full-time job in addition to being a mother. When mothers spend an average of 97 hours a week on parenthood, often sacrificing their own sleep and enjoyment, it’s clear why these women deserve our praise and adoration.

    Mother’s Day itself was born in 1907 when Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia organized a memorial service for her late mother on May 12th. By 1914, it was a national holiday. Nowadays, Mother’s Day isn’t just about celebrating our own mothers — it’s also a day dedicated to the praise of coworkers and friends who are new moms, aunts and grandmothers who have taken motherly roles, and mother-in-laws.

    What Flowers Should You Buy For Mother’s Day?

    Traditionally, Mother’s Day is celebrated with pink and white carnations. However, mothers today often receive Gerbera daisies, roses, daylilies, and daffodils, among others.

    When purchasing roses for your mother, remember to purchase the proper color. Pinks convey admiration and appreciation, while yellows impress joy and happiness. Red roses showcase love but are often given romantically, which means it might be best to reserve these flowers for Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions.

    If you’re unsure what color flowers to buy, you can always purchase flowers in the color of your birthstone. You can also look for the flowers of your birth month for a truly tailored bouquet.

    Mother’s Day is a day when we are able to truly take time and focus on the astounding mothers in our lives. Although we celebrate these women every day, this special day is set aside for their own praise and enjoyment. Display your lasting devotion with a truly unique gift, such as one of our Eternity rose bouquets, and give your mother a day full of the goodness she deserves.


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