Introducing the Mini Le Plein

Introducing the retail-exclusive Mini Le Plein eternity® arrangement. This petite bouquet exudes charming appeal, making it ideal for any intimate setting. Designed to suit smaller spaces, the Mini Le Plein flaunts floral precision, with each delicate bloom carefully selected and hand-arranged. The Mini Le Plein is a testament to the art of floral design, where even the most petite creations leave a lasting impression.


White Eternity Rose Mini Le Plein Arrangment

Available Exclusively at VEF Flower Boutiques

Our Mini Le Plein arrangement is available exclusively at Venus et Fleur flower boutiques. Every boutique is recognized for its unique style, featuring preserved flower arrangements in various shapes, sizes, and designs. We also offer the convenience of various shipping options to suit your needs. Choose same-day or next-day flower delivery, or select a date to ensure your preserved flowers reach their destination on time.

We invite you to indulge in the beauty of our enchanting garden by visiting a Venus et Fleur flower boutique in your area. A delightful collection of eternity arrangements, including the Mini Le Plein, await your discovery.


Interior of Venus et Fleur Boutique

A Petit Version of the Le Plein

Crafted exclusively for retail at Venus et Fleur® flower boutiques, the Mini Le Plein is a petite interpretation of our iconic dome-shaped Le Plein style arrangements. Featuring over two-dozen mini spray eternity roses, the Mini Le Plein is available in nine stunning rose colors. Our skilled floral designers meticulously craft each arrangement to ensure impeccable quality. With five premium classic box styles, the Mini Le Plein is the perfect gift for any occasion.  

 Purple Mini LePlein Eternity Rose Arrangement

Preserved Flowers From Venus et Fleur

The delicate petals, graceful stems, and vibrant hues of preserved flowers retain their natural beauty for a year or more without maintenance, making them a timeless décor piece. Whether they’re adorning a modern interior or a traditional classic design, preserved flowers exude an effortless charm that enhances any space.


Pink Le Plein Eternity Rose Arrangement - Venus et Fleur

Experience the Mini Le Plein

The Mini Le Plein showcases the true artistry of floral design, proving that even the most petite bouquet leaves an unforgettable impression. This charming dome-shaped arrangement is a testament to the mastery of our floral designers. It highlights how even the most fleeting beauty of nature can be preserved.

We understand the importance of treasuring life's fleeting moments. Every bloom reminds us of the ever-changing facets of life. We invite you to explore our preserved floral collections, handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Explore the enchanting Venus et Fleur garden to discover your new obsession. 


Cluster grouping of Mini Le Pleins