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Preserve your precious memories in a stunning floral display.

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Ornate Floral Frames

Discover a world where floral beauty never fades and cherished memories shine forever. Venus et Fleur is proud to unveil the Enchanted Garden Frames Collection, a groundbreaking fusion of everlasting elegance and personal nostalgia. For the first time, our renowned eternity flowers are beautifully encased in sleek, transparent acrylic frames, offering a unique canvas for your most treasured photographs. This innovative collection invites you to immortalize your moments against the backdrop of eternal blooms.

A New Chapter in Floral Artistry

Each frame in our Enchanted Garden Collection is a testament to the innovation and craftsmanship synonymous with Venus et Fleur. Crafted with precision, our floral frames present a modern, elegant border to the lush, vibrant eternity flowers they encase. These aren’t just frames; they are windows to a garden where time stands still, and beauty never wilts.

Craft Your Personal Eden

Our Floral Frames Collection is designed for customization and personal expression. Beyond selecting from a variety of enchanting eternity flowers, you have the opportunity to upload and showcase a photograph that speaks to your heart. Whether it’s a gentle reminder of love, a snapshot of joy, or a portrait of serene beauty, your chosen image becomes part of a larger tapestry of everlasting allure.

Sourced with Care, Crafted with Love

At Venus et Fleur, our commitment to sustainability and excellence begins at our farms, where every flower is nurtured to perfection. Our eternity flowers are selected for their timeless beauty and longevity, ensuring that your Floral Frame remains a vibrant focal point in your home or office. It's not just about preserving flowers; it's about encapsulating the essence of nature’s endless cycle of life and renewal.