Eternity Calla Lilies: A Gift to Celebrate Life

Flower enthusiasts admire calla lilies for their trumpet-shaped blooms, vibrant hues, and pointed leaves. Traditionally, fresh-cut calla lilies were the go-to choice for floral arrangements. However, preserved calla lilies, also called eternity® calla lilies, have recently gained popularity due to their ability to last a year or more.

Preserved flowers undergo a unique process that helps them maintain their beauty and vitality. Unlike fresh-cut florals, which wither and require replacement within a week or two, preserved calla lilies offer long-lasting beauty that can be enjoyed for an extended period.


Seashell Calla Lily Mixed Floral Arrangement - Venus et Fleur

Calla Lilies: Symbolism and Celebration

Calla lilies, known as Zantedeschia, are perennial flowering plants native to Southern Africa and are part of the Araceae family. They are renowned for their unique trumpet-shaped petals and glossy, arrow-shaped leaves. Calla lilies come in various colors, including classic white and purple. They blend seamlessly into mixed flower arrangements and shine when showcased alone.

Calla lilies are visually captivating and have deep symbolism, making them a popular floral choice for various celebrations. These elegant flowers symbolize qualities of devotion, bliss, rebirth and divinity.

Calla lily flowers are traditionally associated with rebirth, new chapters and beginnings making them a fit floral for a celebration of life, or to give hope and new meaning to someone experiencing loss as a sympathy gift.

They are also associated with the 6th wedding anniversary, representing a couple's continued devotion and commitment after six years of marriage. This delicate flower's graceful appearance makes them a perfect choice to commemorate this milestone, adding a touch of symbolism to the celebration of love and lasting partnership.


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Eternity Calla Lilies

Preserved calla lilies are an excellent choice for those who desire long-lasting floral displays. These flowers undergo a specialized preservation process that ensures they retain their vibrant color, delicate shape, and overall beauty for a year or more. Unlike fresh-cut florals, preserved calla lilies are flowers that last a year and do not wither or wilt, making them ideal for various long-term decorative purposes and celebratory gifting. 

One of the most appealing aspects of these flowers is their convenience. Preserved florals do not require water, sunlight, or additional care, making them an effortless choice for those with time-pressed lifestyles. It is essential to protect preserved calla lily flowers from direct sunlight and excessive humidity to maintain their longevity. By avoiding these conditions, you help retain their vibrant colors and delicate aesthetic, allowing enjoyment of their floral beauty for a year or more.

Whether for a special occasion or to add a touch of elegance to your living space, preserved flowers offer a convenient and hassle-free floral option that brings long-lasting beauty to any environment.


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Fresh-Cut Calla Lilies

Fresh-cut calla lilies last about one to two weeks with proper care when placed in a vase. These flowers need regular attention, including changing the water every two to three days and trimming the stems at an angle to enhance water absorption and maintain freshness. Calla lilies thrive best in a cool environment as they are sensitive to extreme temperatures, allowing for an extended natural lifespan. Fresh calla lily flowers can be easily transplanted into a garden during warmer weather.

In contrast, preserved calla lilies (eternity calla lilies) offer advantages over their fresh-cut counterparts, as they are real flowers that last a year. Convenience, low maintenance, color retention, and versatile display options make them a popular alternative to fresh-cut calla lilies.


Pomegranate Calla Lily Eternity Arrangements - Venus et Fleur

Mixed Calla Lily Eternity Flower Arrangements

While fresh-cut calla lilies carry their own allure and natural charm, it's important to consider the shorter lifespan and the regular maintenance they require. Preserved calla lily flowers emerge as the convenient and long-lasting alternative.

Preserved flowers, commonly called eternity flowers, offer a hassle-free solution for floral enthusiasts by eliminating the need for water or maintenance. Whether it's a special event, a corporate space, or a home décor, preserved calla lilies offer enduring floral elegance without the requirement for constant attention or upkeep.

Discover the garden of preserved eternity flowers that last a year, including mixed calla lily arrangements, on the Venus et Fleur® website or at a Venus et Fleur flower boutique.


Three Seashell Calla Lily Mixed Floral Arrangements - Venus et Fleur

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