Purple Roses Meaning: The History of the Purple Rose

June commemorates National Rose Month, a time of celebration as we transition from the blossoming of spring to the sun-drenched summer months. As we embrace this season, nature adorns the world with a kaleidoscope of colors, evoking a sense of warmth and vitality.

Purple roses complement this season's colors, brightening any space with a calm and enchanting essence. Whether enhancing your home décor or expressing gratitude, the impact of a single rose is truly priceless.


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Roses in History

Roses hold significance beyond their appealing aesthetic, carrying symbolic meanings that transcend their beauty. These flowers have been powerful messengers for centuries, expressing emotions through their diverse hues. The Victorian culture in the United States and England exemplified this practice with the Victorian language of flowers, or floriography, allowing individuals to convey intimate emotions through floral art. Floriography enabled them to communicate what may have otherwise been suppressed. While this tradition thrived during that era, it gradually faded through the years until recently, when roses and other flowers became common gifts of expression for all occasions.


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Roses display a rich variety of colors, each with its own unique significance. Purple roses have long been associated with royalty, luxury, and opulence, exuding mystery and charm. Beyond their regal allure, these flowers also evoke admiration and wonder. They can be gifted to express adoration, gratitude, or celebration.

Purple roses offer a touch of elegance and sophistication to any occasion, making them a cherished choice for expressing deep sentiments or adding a touch of allure to someone's day. Whether gifted for special moments or to add beauty to everyday life, the enchanting presence of purple roses truly captivates and delights.

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The History of Purple Roses

The history of the purple rose is intertwined with the allure of the color itself. Purple has been linked to royalty and extravagance. In ancient times, obtaining purple dye was a costly and rare endeavor, making it a symbol of wealth and royalty. As a result, the purple rose acquired a reputation for opulence and dignity. It became a mysterious flower, representing originality and enchantment.

Over time, different shades of purple emerged through cultivation, hybridization, and preservation, expanding the symbolism of the purple rose. From soft lavenders to deep purples, these roses continue to captivate with their elegance and unique beauty.

The meaning of the purple rose has evolved, influenced by culture, literature, and art. It remains a cherished symbol, evoking a sense of regality and enchantment.

Purple Eternity Roses and Gifts Venus et Fleur

The Gift of Purple Roses

Today, the purple rose boasts immense popularity. Our eternity® roses are real flowers that last for a year without maintenance. Cultivated in Ecuador’s fertile fields, each rose bloom is carefully nurtured until it reaches its peak in beauty. They then undergo a dehydration and preservation process that preserves the natural allure of each rose.

Purple roses exude tranquility, making them an ideal gift for any occasion. Their serene hue evokes a calming presence in any environment.


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A gift of flowers is a timeless way to convey gratitude, and we believe a bouquet of fragrant purple roses expresses that appreciation.

The beauty captured in our Air Linen Vase embellished with purple roses radiates simplistic elegance with its clean lines and textured surface. Allow this tasteful arrangement to be your gesture of gratitude and an enduring symbol of love.

Purple roses grace several eternity arrangements, such as the Fleura Porcelain Vase, Aphrodite Porcelain Vase, and our Classic Flower Box arrangements, ensuring you discover your perfect gift of gratitude.


Lilac Eternity Rose Arrangement Venus et Fleur


Roses hold a special significance in commemorating achievements and milestones. A bouquet of purple roses is a perfect reward for a graduate's hard work and dedication. The richness and regality of these blooms accentuate their sense of accomplishment, making the gesture truly memorable.

Celebrate their achievement with an eternity arrangement adorned with purple roses. This gift will be a source of inspiration, gracing their surroundings with effortless beauty throughout the year. Our Ela Marble Vase, Le Clair Cinq, and Le Petit Round eternity arrangements are popular gifts that congratulate graduates and celebrate other significant milestones.

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Venus et Fleur® Purple Eternity Roses

Indulge in the allure of Venus et Fleur’s purple rose arrangements. Our collection of eternity flowers presents an enchanting assortment of colors and sizes, allowing you to find the ideal gift that exudes understated elegance. Whether you seek a single statement bloom or a lavish bouquet, our purple roses will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones. Experience the timeless beauty and charm of our eternity flowers, crafted to bring joy and admiration to any occasion.

Visit the Venus et Fleur website or a Venus et Fleur flower boutique to discover the lush garden of eternity flowers and gifts.


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