3 Facts About Anthurium Flowers

Anthurium flowers have intrigued us for centuries. Originating from tropical America, these blooms find their way into floral arrangements and indoor gardens across the globe. We unveil three fascinating facts about anthurium flowers below, including their origins, symbolism, and appeal in the modern world.

White Anthurium Flower in Marble Ela Vase - Venus et Fleur

1. Anthurium Flowers Are Heart-Shaped

Anthurium flowers mesmerize with their vibrant colors and shapes, and among the most common hues are vibrant reds, pinks, and whites. Often mistaken for petals, the distinctive heart-shaped spathe of the anthurium flower serves as a protective enclosure for the tiny blooms nestled on the long tail-like structure known as the spadix. Some anthuriums boast spathes resembling flamingos' elegant tails, while others exhibit a wavy, elongated structure reminiscent of a delicate lace fan.


Two Burgundy Anthurium Flower in Marble Ela Vase - Venus et Fleur

2. Anthurium Flowers Carry Rich Symbolism

Anthurium flowers garnered symbolism throughout various cultures. In Western culture, anthuriums are often associated with hospitality, love, and passion, making them cherished gifts for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and romantic occasions. Their heart-shaped spathes symbolize affection, making anthuriums an elegant alternative to traditional red roses.

The anthurium is known as the "Flamingo Flower" in Hawaiian culture. It is believed to bring good luck and protection from harm. In some Asian countries, anthuriums are considered auspicious flowers that bring prosperity and abundance. This tropical bloom bestows blessings and safeguards its beholders, invoking protection and serenity.

Through its multifaceted symbolism, the anthurium continues to transcend borders, cultures, and beliefs. Whether as an emblem of love's passion, a guardian of blessings, or a symbol of prosperity, the anthurium stands as a testament to the profound impact flowers have on the human experience.


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3. Anthurium Flowers Dominate the Runway

Anthurium flowers dominate the fashion industry, where designers skillfully integrate them as floral accents. The captivating allure of these blossoms on garments and accessories adds an irresistible charm, heightening the enchantment surrounding the anthurium flower in the world of fashion. Renowned for its unique characteristics this exotic flower has gracefully transitioned from botanical gardens to haute couture, infusing the runway with a fresh and natural allure. 

Burgundy Anthurium Flower Closeup - Venus et Fleur

Experience Eternity Anthurium From VEF

The diverse hues, unique forms, and cultural significance of anthurium flowers add interest to any indoor garden or floral arrangement. Incorporate a touch of tropical elegance into your surroundings and allow the spirit of these blooms to enchant you. Our eternity® anthurium flowers last a year or more, requiring no water or maintenance. This arrangement of flowers in a vase exudes effortless sophistication.

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