The Anthurium: Today's Fashion Flower

The anthurium flower carries a rich and colorful history and is often considered controversial. While it symbolizes hospitality, prosperity, and abundance, its the flower's unique shape and texture that captivates its audience.

Throughout history, flowers have profoundly impacted the arts, leaving a lasting impression that continues to shape contemporary art forms today. Drawing inspiration from current fashion trends, our new eternity® anthurium flower arrangement combines fashion and floral design, adding an element of haute couture to any space. The Venus et Fleur® garden of eternity florals is a constant source of inspiration, aspiring to kindle your creative muse. 


White Anthurium Flower in Ela Marble Vase 

History’s Debut of the Anthurium Flower

Floral influences have left their mark on different historical periods and cultures, showcasing their interpretations. Ancient Greece and Rome embraced floral patterns and motifs in clothing, accessories, and architecture. The Renaissance in Europe saw a resurgence of floral fascination, reflecting the allure of nature and classical aesthetics.

Yet, it was during the Victorian era in the 19th century that flowers truly bloomed as a dominant fashion influence, and Queen Victoria's affection for flowers shaped the fashion of the time. Floral patterns adorned garments and accessories, and the language of flowers emerged, revealing hidden messages through floral embellishments.

In 1898, the anthurium (Giant Aroid) adorned the postcard of Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History, marking its presence in the cultural landscape. Nearly three decades later, in 1923, renowned artist Georgia O'Keeffe immortalized the anthurium in a painting, joining her iconic depictions of natural flowers, bones, and cityscapes.

In 1978, the anthurium again made headlines when French Fashion photographer Guy Bourdin's art images faced controversy after being rejected by the leading international trade fair for imaging industries, Photokina. One in particular, the mesmerizing Vogue Paris, Anthurium 1976, depicted strategically placed anthurium flowers on unclothed women.

Today, the anthurium continues to influence the fashion world. From prints and embroidery to three-dimensional appliqués and accessories, designers draw inspiration from nature, including flowers, to create alluring looks on the runway and in everyday wear.



Red Anthurium Flower in Ela Marble Vase

Anthurium in Today’s Fashion

The fashion industry's dynamic interaction of colors, textures, patterns, and silhouettes ignites creativity. An example of this interplay occurred in September 2022 at Ludovic de Saint Sernin's Spring/Summer 2023 runway show, ' Mirage.' Scarlet anthurium blossoms adorned garments paying homage to Robert Mapplethorpe's controversial anthurium artwork.

Continuing this theme, Loewe featured the anthurium in its 2023 Spring/Summer Collection at the equestrian arena of La Garde Républicaine in Paris. On the runway, the anthurium flower devoured the svelte silhouettes of models, riffed as tunic tops, fringed frocks, and adorning sandals. Its evocative nature left an impression on Loewe’s Anderson, who expressed after the show, "It's about something in nature that looks fake but is real."

The anthurium flower accompanied the event's invitation, which was sent to guests in a long, white box alongside a single red anthurium. As Loewe aptly states, “The precision of the anthurium flower offers inspiration: a product of nature that looks like an object of art and design.”

Our eternity anthurium arrangement delivers this unique elegance and illusion through the captivating blend of exotic blooms and timeless Ela marble vase


White Anthurium Flower Venus et Fleur

How Fashion and Art Influence Our Designs

Nature's allure continues to ignite the imagination of creative minds, including our own. We have mindfully chosen to include the anthurium flower in our Venus et Fleur garden of eternity flowers, drawing inspiration from its distinctive presence in fashion, art, and nature. By combining these three elements, we render a truly unique offering.

The fashion scene thrives on bold statements and avant-garde designs. Our eternity anthurium arrangement showcases this tropical flower in deep burgundy and pearl white hues, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors and unconventional shapes observed on the runways. The anthurium's exotic structure accentuates our chic Ela marble vase, adding to the fashion-forward statement.

This piece is designed to align with today's fashion industry's environmental consciousness, embracing the sustainability ethos. Our eternity anthurium flowers do not require water or maintenance, offering lasting beauty for a year or more. By incorporating this aspect into every eternity flower we offer, we help reduce environmental impact by lessening the demand for floral replacement and water usage. This effort supports a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, reflecting the growing importance of sustainability in the fashion world.

Red Anthurium Flower Venus et Fleur

Experience the Eternity Anthurium

Our eternity anthurium arrangement captures the essence of today's runway trends and reflects the ever-evolving world of fashion. It is a testament to the fusion of creative design and nature.

This arrangement features two long-stem eternity anthurium flowers in your choice of rich burgundy or pearl white, paired with our timeless Ela Marble Vase. It is thoughtfully packaged in our iconic VEF white gift box. The exotic eternity anthurium flower, available in limited quantities, offers a lasting beauty that infuses your home decor with understated style.

We are pleased to invite you to discover the eternity anthurium arrangement by Venus et Fleur. Our design is an ode to the fashion flower, the goddess Venus, her beauty, and enduring love.



White Anthurium Flowers in Ela Marble Vase - Venus et Fleur


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