Eternity® Peonies, Coming this Summer

Venus et Fleur is thrilled to add peonies to our garden of Eternity Flowers this summer. Messengers of regality, good fortune, and grace, peonies boast a thorough horticultural pedigree extending back over 1000 years. This unbroken tradition speaks to the universal appeal of this fabled blossom. It is our pleasure to both continue and evolve that tradition with our own innovative contribution. 

This debut is the result of five years of meticulous research, requiring the botanical experts at our partner farms in Japan to learn how to best adapt our groundbreaking preservation process to the notoriously fickle peony flower. Like snowflakes, every peony blossom is singular and unique, and effectively capturing the ephemeral beauty of these flowers is nothing short of a triumph in luxury.  

First Look: The Aesthetics of the Peony Flower

Visually, peonies are in a league of their own. As beautiful and revered as roses, but with a more relaxed, dreamlike look, peonies have sumptuous layers of dense petals that bring a sense of decadence to floral arrangements. The irregular, wave-like shapes of each petal soften their appearance, lending grace to the otherwise grand flower. Our peony flowers are sourced from Japan where a centuries-long tradition of cultivation has led to the development of the world’s most beautiful blossoms. 

Sweet and complex, the peony flower’s scent features soft, powdery, rose-like notes with base tones of deep vanilla. Verdant edges of crisp citrus, fresh-cut grass and dewy green leaves contrast this sweetness. 

All of these sensory qualities combine to create a flower that channels a soft, renewing spring energy - particularly when showcased in Venus’ minimalist raw porcelain vases and signature hat boxes. In our Eternity Peonies, our signature preservation process allows that spring energy to persist in any season.

Mother's Day Eternity Flowers

What do peonies symbolize? 

With an especially rich cultural presence throughout East Asia, peony flowers have featured prominently in art and literature across the globe. In the delicate strokes of Mary Cassatt’s “Peonies” and the vibrant swirls of Vincent van Gogh’s “Peonies and Iris,” these flowers are a natural choice for artists wishing to portray gentle beauty. In literature, peonies have been celebrated as metaphors for love, beauty, and transcendence, from Tang Xianzu’s “The Peony Pavilion,” where the peony symbolizes the ephemeral nature of life and love, to D.H. Lawrence’s “The White Peacock,” where it evokes a sense of mysticism and enchantment.

In the language of flowers, peonies of all colors communicate honor, nobility, happiness, wealth, and beauty. However, each individual color holds a meaning of its own. Venus et Fleur is debuting peony arrangements that feature white peony flowers, which connote new beginnings and innocence, and pink peony flowers, which carry an added spirit of joy, romance, and good fortune. 

Known throughout history for its medicinal calming properties, a gift of peony flowers also sends a message of peace, excellent for someone in need of tranquility and relaxation. 

Experience the Beauty

Venus et Fleur’s Eternity Peonies continue the celebratory tradition of this ancient and storied flower. The Eternity Peony invites you to embrace botanical history and elevate a space with a gift of enduring luxury and timeless grace.