birth of venus painting

Our Love Story

Inspired to redefine romance and elevate the art of gifting, founders Sunny and Seema launched Venus et Fleur with a groundbreaking vision. Their journey led to the innovation of a unique preservation process that maintains the beauty and fragrance of flowers for up to a year, transforming them into enduring works of art. This approach has positioned Venus et Fleur as a beacon of luxury and sophistication in the floral industry. A decade later, the brand remains the market leader, synonymous with luxury, unparalleled quality, and continuous innovation.

Our Floral Heritage

At Venus et Fleur, we are committed to excellence in every bloom. We collaborate exclusively with esteemed global farms renowned for their horticultural prowess, where every flower is handpicked to meet our high standards. Our enduring relationships with these farms ensure that we source our materials from partners who truly embody our brand ethos. Cultivated in regions known for their ideal climate and soil, our luxurious flowers begin their journey to perfection. We take pride in primarily partnering with female-operated farms, not only to empower women but also to promote social sustainability in every petal.

Our Values

We believe in timeless beauty, where every moment is fully recognized, loved, and celebrated. In a world spinning with fast fashion and temporary trends, we see life through the lens of a romantic. We savor every moment, always seeing opportunities to celebrate love in its endless forms. The opportunities to express love come to life through our offerings, and we hope you’ll reminisce on these remarkable moments for years to come.

Our Commitment To Quality and Craftsmanship

Venus et Fleur is synonymous with the pinnacle of craftsmanship in floral design, beginning with our timeless, signature eternity® roses in classic Parisian-inspired hat boxes. Our offerings have expanded to include a vibrant assortment of eternity flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, orchids, lilies, gardenias, sunflowers, and more. Each bloom is artfully arranged in exquisite vases and bespoke boxes, crafted from premium materials in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Infused with the essence of Venus, our creations symbolize beauty and love in every detail.


Venus et Fleur thrives on innovation and seeks collaborations with unique talents to craft exclusive products and unforgettable gifting experiences. Our passion for timeless expressions of love and romance has led us to partner with like-minded brands such as KITH, Perrier Jouet, Jojo Anavim, and Susan Miller, making us the most sought-after floral collaborator in the luxury market.

Notably, our ongoing partnership with KITH, initiated in 2022, features an annual Valentine’s Day co-branded capsule collection. This collaboration has introduced custom floral designs and bespoke vessels, appealing to both Venus et Fleur and KITH’s dedicated audiences, expanding our reach into new markets and categories.