Discover The Garden of Eternity Flowers

Imagine an oasis where flowers flourish, each lasting a year or more. Journey with us through the Venus et Fleur® garden, where we unravel the secrets of eternity® flowers and the symbolism hidden within their delicate petals. From the timeless elegance of preserved roses in a vase to the tropical allure of the anthurium flower, explore the types of flowers that last a year. Each preserved flower carries diverse characteristics, filling homes and hearts with abundance.


Aphrodite Porcelain Vase with Pink Eternity Roses - Venus et Fleur

Eternity Roses

Cherished for their enduring beauty, preserved roses were the first Venus et Fleur eternity flowers offered. Each rose symbolizes the eternal bond of love and unveils a beauty reminiscent of the goddess Venus. Today, our garden continues to expand with an even broader mix of floral options.

Originating from the lush fields of Ecuador, every rose undergoes a meticulous cultivation process. Hand-picked at the pinnacle of its beauty, each bloom is carefully preserved using a proprietary non-toxic solution. This preservation ensures that our eternity flowers retain their natural aesthetic without maintenance for a year or more.

Eternity roses are available in various colors, each carrying a unique meaning. Red roses evoke a romantic gesture with their passionate symbolism of love, while pink roses symbolize femininity and grace. Within our collection, the Aphrodite Porcelain Vase and Classic Flower Box arrangements exemplify the pristine elegance in which preserved roses are displayed, making them perfect for any occasion.

Roses embody the essence of everlasting love and serve as a symbol of profound emotions. From romantic gestures to meaningful celebrations, Venus et Fleur preserved roses infuse any occasion with luxurious elegance.


Dusty Rose Eternity Roses in Bunch - Venus et Fleur

Eternity Calla Lilies 

Calla lilies are associated with purity, majesty, and rebirth and embody a divine beauty. Their trumpet-shaped flowers exude simplicity and grace, and their long, smooth stems and glossy leaves enhance their overall allure. Calla lilies are popular for bridal bouquets and mixed floral arrangements, as they effortlessly impart elegance to any setting.

The pure white calla lily represents innocence and purity, making it a sought-after option for weddings and other occasions. Lilac calla lilies convey adoration and wonder, adding a sense of enchantment to any floral display.

When included in mixed flower arrangements, calla lilies introduce a touch of symbolic depth, elevating the overall meaning of the bouquet. Explore our collection of mixed calla lily arrangements showcased in an array of stone, marble, and white porcelain vases to find your perfect bouquet. Each arrangement is thoughtfully curated to create a harmonious blend of colors and textures, offering a bouquet that truly shines.

Embrace the timeless beauty and symbolic allure of calla lilies, and let their presence transform any occasion into a truly remarkable celebration.


Mixed Calla Lily Eternity Arrangement - Venus et Fleur

Eternity Orchids

Orchids embody symbolism that transcends cultural boundaries. These extraordinary flowers hold deep meaning, each vibrant color representing a unique message. The white orchid symbolizes new beginnings and radiates a sense of tranquility, while soft pink orchids embody grace with their gentle energy. Purple orchids captivate with an aura of mystique, displaying feelings of admiration and gratitude. Regardless of color, orchids never fail to inspire, reminding us of life's beauty, resilience, and boundless capacity for love.

Our mixed floral collection features eternity orchids in the Fleura Porcelain Vase and Demi Sandstone Vase. Each carefully curated arrangement complements the timeless elegance of the orchids, ensuring a captivating centerpiece for any setting.


White Orchid Mix Eternity Flower Arrangement - Venus et Fleur

Eternity Dianthus

The Dianthus flower holds a rich symbolism and a long history of cultural significance. Dianthus are associated with love, fascination, and distinction. White dianthus symbolizes purity, innocence, and honor, representing new beginnings. The vibrant green dianthus represents good fortune, health, and success, radiating positivity. Dianthus flowers make an elegant addition to mixed floral arrangements, seamlessly complementing the graceful presence of orchids and the timeless charm of calla lilies.

Discover the beauty of dianthus in our mixed calla lily and orchid arrangements. This floral will also be featured in our Fleur de Coton Bowl, available exclusively in Venus et Fleur flower boutiques - June 2023. 


White Dianthus in Fleur de Coton Bowl- Venus et Fleur

Eternity Dahlias

Dahlia flowers represent dignity, elegance, and inner strength and are often associated with commitment or a lasting bond. In floral arrangements, dahlias serve as focal points, commanding attention with their vibrant hues and intricate petal formations. Whether used in mixed flower arrangements or centerpieces, dahlias deliver a touch of unique sophistication to any space. Their versatility allows them to shine in formal and informal settings, making them equally suitable for grand events and intimate gatherings.

Pink Dahlia flowers embody the essence of grace, representing the beauty of kindness. The color pink, in its entirety, symbolizes qualities such as thoughtfulness and femininity. It becomes the perfect choice when you seek to honor someone special.

The White Dahlia carries the symbolism of purity, innocence, and honor. They make a perfect addition to weddings and other intimate occasions, as their universal symbolism of purity beautifully complements the atmosphere of such special moments. 


Pink Dahlia Mixed Floral Arrangement - Venus et Fleur

Eternity Craspedia

The Craspedia flower, also known as "billy balls" or "drumstick flower," is a unique and whimsical bloom with alluring symbolism. This charming flower is often associated with joy and creativity. Craspedia flowers are instantly recognizable for their eclectic, spherical shape. The yellow craspedia is commonly regarded as a symbol of happiness, optimism, and positive energy, radiating a cheerful and uplifting tone. The white Craspedia symbolizes purity and innocence, evoking charm. With their whimsical appearance, these petite blossoms add texture to floral arrangements. Whether used alone or in preserved flower arrangements, craspedia flowers bring a sense of playfulness, serving as a reminder to savor the simple pleasures in life.

Craspedia is found in our garden of mixed floral arrangements and adds a touch of whimsy to each display.


White Craspedia and Calla Lilies - Venus et Fleur

Eternity Anthurium

The Anthurium flower boasts an exotic appearance. It carries a wealth of symbolism in rich burgundy and pearl white hues. Anthuriums are often associated with love, passion, luck, and hospitality. These tropical blooms possess a unique structure, featuring a glossy heart-shaped bloom.

The burgundy anthurium symbolizes passion and commitment, while the pearl white anthurium represents thoughtfulness, gracefulness, and perfection. Anthuriums add a touch of exotic beauty to their vessel, making them a unique choice that delivers the essence of a tropical paradise into your home.

Anthurium flowers are the latest addition to the Venus et Fleur garden. These unique blooms grace our Ela Marble Vase for modernized style.



Eternity Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas contain abundant clusters of delicate blooms renowned for their timeless beauty. These flowers carry various meanings, including gratitude and abundance. Classic white hydrangea represents purity, evoking a sense of serenity. The vibrant blue hydrangea is associated with sincerity, trust, and deep understanding, captivating us with its calming hues. The soft pink hydrangea symbolizes love and affection, conveying a gentle and nurturing energy. Each stunning floral color is a delightful way to express gratitude.

Explore our eternity hydrangeas in mixed flower arrangements such as the Thalia and Serene Porcelain Vases, Feu Cast Iron Vase, Gia Marble Vase, and Eau Smoked Glass Vase.



Eternity Gardenias

Gardenias have an intoxicating fragrance and are often associated with purity, love, and grace. Their various colors carry symbolism, each on its own. The pure white gardenia represents purity and honor, emanating an aura of serenity and beauty. Our Le Clair Grand Un, a sleek acrylic case flaunting a single gardenia, is a beautiful gift that accentuates this symbolism.

The burgundy gardenia symbolizes commitment, passion, and purity, evoking a sense of romance and delicate charm. The lush petals and sweet scent create a sense of enchantment and deliver a touch of elegance. Whether used in bouquets or corsages or as a single bloom, gardenias celebrate the profound beauty of nature's delicate creations.

Discover our preserved gardenias in the elegant Le Clair Acrylic Collection of eternity arrangements.


White Gardenia in Acrylic Case - Venus et Fleur

Eternity Baby's Breath

Preserved baby's breath, like a gentle whisper from a secret garden, delivers a world of meaning within its delicate tendrils. This flower symbolizes innocence and enduring love. Pink baby's breath dances with grace and tender thoughtfulness. Preserved baby's breath is a timeless treasure, weaving captivating tales within floral displays, from fairy-tale weddings to heartfelt declarations.

Explore our eternity baby’s breath in three porcelain vase designs.


Eternity Baby's Breath- Venus et Fleur

Discover the VEF Garden of Eternity Flowers

Our garden of eternity flowers continues to disrupt the floral industry, offering an exceptional alternative to traditional fresh-cut bouquets. Eternity florals last a year or more and do not require water or maintenance. The enduring nature of these flowers makes them the perfect gift for any occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, graduations to weddings. Their ability to serve as a lasting reminder of special moments, combined with their beauty, makes them an ideal choice for expressing love, gratitude, or celebration.

Whether used as a centerpiece, a decorative accent, or a thoughtful gesture, each flower in the Venus et Fleur garden leaves a lasting impression that transcends time.

Discover the Venus et Fleur garden of eternity flowers on our website or at a Venus et Fleur flower boutique to find your perfect bouquet.

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