The Experience

The romantic tradition of sending flowers skillfully fused with outstanding stylish design – a Venus ET Fleur® piece is quite simply the pinnacle of bespoke flower arrangements. We are delighted to offer our Eternity® Roses line – real, delicately cultivated roses that maintain their effervescent freshness and ethereal beauty for at least a year. Our lush, picturesque arrangements can be crafted directly to your precise specifications and personal taste. Every arrangement from Venus ET Fleur® arrives opulently encased in a Parisian-inspired keepsake hat box. The result is an elegant and thoroughly modern presentation that speaks to a highly discerning design aesthetic.
Expertly Handcrafted

Every Venus ET Fleur® arrangement is a unique piece handcrafted by a floral design specialist, who meticulously curates only the most pristine roses for each individual order. Our team works closely with you to bring to tangible fruition your own ideals of an exquisitely picturesque arrangement. We love custom orders, and can integrate beautiful patterns, letters, and symbols into our arrangements – all with an extensive and unequivocally charming color palette.
Fresh Flowers for a Whole Year, No Care, Maintenance, or Work

A Venus ET Fleur® arrangement perfectly captures the essence and aesthetic beauty of fresh flowers with the carefree indulgent pleasure one expects of a luxury item. Fresh, gorgeous flowers for an entire year with no need to water, change out vases, or deal with withered, wilted petals – all you have to do is keep the arrangement within room temperature and away from direct sunlight and you will have an exquisite arrangement that exudes longevity, elegance, and beauty year-round.


For all of NYC, parts of Upstate NY, North Jersey and Los Angeles, our very own courier service will ensure that each same day delivery arrives at your doorstep safe and sound. 
Venus ET Fleur® also ships our arrangements nationwide and to over 50+ countries! Ground shipping has a fee within the USA for Lé Mini and Lé Petite arrangements. Alternative methods available for an additional fee on larger arrangements. We've worked hard to negotiate the best possible rates with our courier and pass those rates directly to our customers. All international shipping prices include duties and taxes. See our shipping page for more details.