Frequently Asked Questions

Roses symbolize love and affection for the people in your life. However, their beauty doesn’t last forever, which begs the question, why is one of the most iconic symbols of love so short-lived? At Venus ET Fleur®, we wanted to create a rose that can stand the test of time, and will truly represent how strong and everlasting your love for another person can be. The result is our gorgeous Eternity® Roses.

Venus ET Fleur® is a well known brand among celebrities and other social icons. Our Eternity® Roses are the epitome of luxury and beauty, and they add a flair of elegance to any home, office, or room. With proper care, Eternity® Roses can last a year or more, and be a constant reminder of the love and affection you share with those in your life. If you would like to learn more about our real roses that last a year®, continue reading below where we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our Eternity® Roses. Once you’re done reading, be sure to check out our extensive collection of roses!

Where did Venus ET Fleur® come from?

Because roses are a symbol of love, it’s only fitting that Venus ET Fleur® was born from a love story. The company was founded by Sunny Chadha, an entrepreneur, and Seema Bansal, a former marketing and creative executive, in the midst of their budding romantic relationship. One Valentine’s Day, Sunny wanted to gift Seema a gorgeous bouquet of roses, but these roses did not live up to their expectations. From there, this couple used their combined skills to create a company that made bespoke rose arrangements, known as Eternity® Roses. Venus ET Fleur® launched in 2015, and has since grown in more ways than one.

Today, you can create hundreds of different arrangements featuring unique shapes, colors, and sizes. Each arrangement contains anywhere from one to more than 150 Eternity® Roses, and with proper care, your arrangement can last an entire year.

What are Eternity® Roses?

The Eternity® Roses used at Venus ET Fleur® come from the lush, vibrant rose fields of Ecuador. Each rose is carefully cultivated until it reaches a full bloom. Once the roses are at their peak, they are picked and shipped to our facility in New York. Our farm in Ecuador typically grows red roses, so when the roses arrive, their color is removed using a non-toxic bleach. From there, each rose is treated with a formula made from non-toxic and non-allergenic wax, as well as natural oils. This formula is similar to silica and effectively dehydrates the roses to help preserve them. Once the dehydration process is complete, the roses soak in dye to give them the bright and vibrant colors you’ve come to expect from our gorgeous Eternity® Roses.

Do Eternity® Roses really last a year?

Everyone loves receiving a bouquet of roses from a friend, a family member, or a loved one. However, store-bought roses typically only last a week before they begin to wilt and have to be thrown away. Utilizing the process described above, our Eternity® Roses will last a year or more with proper care, allowing you to enjoy their beauty month after month. With that in mind, the beauty and elegance isn’t the only thing people love about roses. They also love the smell!

The smell of roses is a wildly popular scent, whether it’s used in candles, perfumes, or the flowers themselves. With our Eternity Roses®, you not only have the benefit of enjoying these roses for a year, but you can also enjoy the lovely scent of roses for two to three weeks longer than you would with traditional roses!

How do I care for my Eternity® Roses?

Because Eternity® Roses last a year, one might assume that they need a lot of care to continue looking their best. However, with Venus ET Fleur’s® Eternity® Roses, the care is minimal. The dehydration process ensures that our roses are preserved at peak beauty, and water is not needed to keep them that way. In fact, if you want your roses to continue looking their best, it is important that you do not water them, and make sure you keep them contained in the hat box you received them in.

If you notice that your roses are looking a little dusty after a few months, then you can lightly remove the dust using a duster. Additionally, make sure to keep your roses in a room-temperature environment in an area where they are not at risk of being crushed.

Can I create a custom order?

When Venus ET Fleur® first launched in 2015, we only offered a few different arrangements of our Eternity® Roses. Since then, our collection has grown to include a variety of styles, shapes, and colors of Parisian-style hatboxes, including our Marble Collection, Suede boxes, the Lé Clair Collection, and even our new Bridal Collection!

Although we have hundreds of different arrangements for you to choose from, there may be times when you are looking for something specific to give to the one you love. Luckily, at Venus ETFleur® we give you the option of customizing your very own arrangement of Eternity® Roses! We offer a selection of 35 different custom designs, and 24 different rose colors, including mint green, metallic rose gold, rainbow, and so many more! First, choose the size of the arrangement that you would like to customize. From there, you will have the choice of the type of material you would like your hatbox to be created with, and the style in which you want your roses to be arranged.

You can choose a solid color of Eternity® Roses, or you can choose a numbers, letters, or even stripes and hearts! There are endless possibilities, and they are all available at Venus ET Fleur®!

Does Venus ET Fleur® Deliver?

With so many gorgeous arrangements of Eternity® Roses to choose from, it’s no wonder you want to send them to everyone you love. Luckily for you, Venus ET Fleur® offers delivery on all of our beautiful arrangements! Now it is easier than ever to send real roses that last a year® to people all over the country. Whether you want to send Eternity® Roses as a wedding gift, a graduation gift, a birthday gift, or simply because you are thinking about someone, we give you the option to have amazing roses delivered right to the recipient’s door. We even offer deliveries to more than 50 international countries!

During the checkout process, we give you the option of choosing when you want your Eternity® Roses to be delivered. If you are having your arrangement delivered within New York City, Upstate New York, North Jersey, or Los Angeles, deliveries are handled using our courier service and your order may be eligible for same-day delivery.

What if I don’t want to wait for delivery?

At Venus Et Fleur®, we understand that you want to enjoy your beautiful roses as soon as possible, which is why we give you the option of going to our locations in the U.S. or London! Our Venus ET Fleur® locations stock select arrangements of Eternity® Roses, allowing you to walk in, pick your favorite, and walk out with an arrangement that very same day. This is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a great last-minute gift, or even those who just can’t wait to have their arrangement delivered.

Our locations:
  • Paramus, New Jersey
  • Greenwich St., New York
  • Mayfair, London

What is your shipping policy?

At Venus ET Fleur®, the way we ship your Eternity® Roses depends on the size of the arrangement and where you are having your roses delivered. If your roses are being hand-delivered by our courier service as mentioned above, then your arrangement will be delivered the same day they are ordered. Deliveries throughout the U.S. will ship through FedEx or UPS depending on where you live. If you purchased a Lé Petite or a Lé Mini arrangement, then your Eternity® Roses will ship for a $10 flat rate anywhere in the U.S.

Do you want to send Eternity® Roses to a friend or loved one who is overseas? At Venus ETFleur®, we also offer shipping to more than 50 countries throughout the world! With that in mind, most international orders may take additional processing time for order or identity verification for orders that have been flagged. If there are complications with your order of Eternity® Roses, then our team will send you a notification to alert you to the delay.

To learn more about our international deliveries, check out our shipping page!

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, our arrangements of Eternity® Roses from Venus ET Fleur® are not eligible for returns. We are able to cancel orders if you contact us within a 24-hour period. However, if you contact us too late, or your order is already in progress, then we will not be able to cancel your order. If you have ordered an arrangement of Eternity® Roses for same-day delivery, those orders cannot be canceled under any circumstances.

Our hope, at Venus ET Fleur®, is that you (or another recipient) falls in love with your gorgeous arrangement of Eternity® Roses. We offer an extensive selection of different styles and colors, allowing you to find the perfect arrangement for anyone on your list. If you have any questions about our return policy or our arrangements, please don’t hesitate to call Venus ET Fleur® today!

When is the best time to give an Eternity® Rose arrangement?

The great thing about our arrangements of real roses that last a year® is that there is never a bad time to send one to someone you love! Eternity® Roses make the perfect gift for someone getting married, someone graduating from college and starting their first job, or even someone who means the world to you! At Venus ET Fleur®, our founders came up with the idea of Eternity® Roses because they wanted to solve the problem of store-bought flowers that only last for a week or two. Flowers, especially roses, are meant to be a symbol of love and affection, and you want the recipient to know that you are thinking about them. Because our Eternity® Roses last a year with proper care, you can give this gift knowing that they will be a constant reminder of your love to whoever admires them.

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Venus ET Fleur® is proud to offer our Eternity® Roses to people throughout the country and the entire world. Our company began with a love story and a drive to find a way for others to enjoy the beauty and elegance of roses for more than a week. Discover our extensive collection of Eternity® Roses to find an arrangement that will brighten your home or show the person you love just how much you care. Browse our Special Collection to find some of our favorite arrangements as well as the newest additions to our Eternity® Rose arrangements, or you can create a custom order that is completely your own!

We hope that this page answers any questions that you had about Venus ET Fleur® and our Eternity® Roses. If you still have questions, please give us a call or send us an email at In the meantime, explore our Eternity® Roses and start shopping!