Special Collections

Eternity roses last at least for one year without the need for any watering or maintenance.

Lé Clair Collection

Introducing the Lé Clair™ Collection, a limited-edition collection of luxury acrylic home decor and storage products featuring our Eternity Roses™. These stunning, crystal clear products feature a top layer of Eternity Roses, protected by a clear acrylic lid.

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Red Suede Heart Box

Our heart box is back just in time for Valentines day. with Gorgeous lush red faux suede, this texture is sure to leave your love one speechless. Approx: 36 Eternity roses. Available only in Classic colors: White or Red roses. Limited Edition.

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Garden Rose Collection

Our Limited Edition Eternity Garden Rose™ will always look opulent and feminine, while being the perfect gift for anyone who loves flowers! Available in all boxes styles as a solid color arrangement.

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Gold Collection

Dramatic and rich are these metallic gold sprayed roses. The Gold Collection is the ultimate luxury floral gift. Gold roses are available as a rose option for all our arrangements.

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Ombré Collection

The Eternity Ombré Collection™ is statement on its own. Shades going from Darkest to Lightest and transitioning in color through out. Choose from 4 unique color palettes. Available only as a Large Square arrangement.

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Marble Collection

Marble evokes a strong sense of European refinement and charm, as it has been a staple of high end architecture for eons. Now you can have this timelessly classic marble print motif as the pedestal to enjoy your Eternity Roses™ arrangement. Available only in Large Square and Large Round arrangements. 

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Suede Collection

Soft and lush are these customer favorite faux-Suede boxes. They’re offered for our Eternity Large arrangements and available in seven shades—Blush, Pink, Blue, Tan, Grey, White and Black — to poetically compliment our Eternity Roses™.

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