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Eternity® flowers that last for an entire year and home decor pieces that will elevate any space.

The iconic hat box design that started it all. From 1 rose to 100+ you're sure to find a gift for everyone.
Hat Box Collection
Eternity® flower arrangements set in exclusive handcrafted porcelain vases.
Porcelain Collection
Stunning new Summer floral colors and eternity arrangement styles to tie all your seasonal decorations together.
Seasonal Collection
Embrace stone in its natural form. Each vase is masterfully carved from a hand-selected block of travertine, sandstone, or marble and paired with Eternity® flowers.
Stone Collection
Our Le Clair Acrylic Collection puts an emphasis on beauty within an arms reach. Designed to enhance any table or counter space with eternity® roses on display in an acrylic box.
Acrylic Collection
Evoke purity and clarity with our exquisite smoked-glass vases with eternity® florals.
Glass Collection
Experience luxury and beauty with our bundles. Each is comprised of stunning pieces from our gardens that will elevate your space and are the perfect gifts for yourself and those you love.
Gift Sets
Our renowned eternity flowers are beautifully encased in sleek, transparent acrylic frames, offering a unique canvas for your most treasured photographs.
Floral Frames Collection
Shop our selection of luxury Birthday roses, flowers and gifts.
Birthday Gifts
Take your arrangement to the next level by customizing each box with a combination of designs.
Design Your Own
From A to Z, create personalized words, phrases, or initials with our Le Mini and new Le Grand Letters.
l'Alphabet - Letter Collection
Our long-stem eternity roses come as single roses, bouquets, and in luxury vases. Give the gift of elegant beauty with long-stem roses that last a year or more.
Long Stems
Leave a lasting impression with our dome-shaped arrangements made with our iconic eternity roses.
Dome Arrangements
Perfect for Valentine's Day, our vegan suede heart boxes are a beautiful arrangement to show that special someone how far your love extends.
Heart Collection
The ultimate statement of love with our vintage Parisian-inspired trunk filled with eternity® Roses.
Display of the evil eye collection, different shaped boxes with roses arrangement in the shape of the evil eye
From an evil eye made of eternity roses to a hat box print, our collection was designed to protect against ill-willed intentions while elevating your space.
The Evil Eye Collection
Discover a new interpretation of our signature scents. Formulated as an eau de toilette for the home, our Signature Room Sprays instantly elevate the atmosphere of your home.
Room Fragrance
Fill your home with the exquisite, lingering scents of our candles. Hand-poured into custom ceramic vessels and comprised of only the highest quality perfume oils around the world.
Signature Candles