The iconic hat box design that started it all. From 1 rose to 100+ you're sure to find a gift for everyone.
Signature Boxes
Fill your space with opulent textures and glitz for the holidays.
Holiday Collection
Venus et Fleur gift box in the shape of the later
From A to Z, create personalized words, phrases, or initials with our Le Mini and new Le Grand Letters.
l'Alphabet - Letter Collection
Experience luxury and beauty with our bundles. Each is comprised of stunning pieces from our gardens that will elevate your space and are the perfect gifts for yourself and those you love.
Gift Sets
These real flower numbers can last up to a year and require no water or maintenance. Send your loved ones a personalized gift for any celebration or milestone.
Numerique - Number Collection
Eternity® flower arrangements set in exclusive handcrafted porcelain vases.
Porcelain Collection
A fitting gift for the astrology enthusiast, the Zodiac collection contains each Zodiac symbol handcrafted with pearl sheen and black eternity roses.
Zodiac Collection
Embrace stone in its natural form. Each vase is masterfully carved from a hand-selected block of travertine, sandstone, or marble and paired with Eternity® flowers.
Stone Collection
Discover the look and feel of rich and beautifully textured vessels with eternity® flowers.
Textile Collection
two trunk inspired boxes with white roses and another with purple
The ultimate statement of love with our vintage Parisian-inspired trunk filled with eternity® Roses and a customizable engraved lock.
Love Locks Box Collection
Evoke purity and clarity with our exquisite smoked-glass vases with eternity® florals.
Glass Collection
Clear Venus et Fleur box with white roses
Our Le Clair Collection puts an emphasis on beauty within an arms reach. Designed to enhance any table or counter space, all of our first-of-their-kind Le Clair arrangements put eternity® roses on display in an acrylic box.
Le Clair Acrylic Collection
Alluring metal vases with eternity® florals that capture attention and leave a lasting impression with their bold aesthetic.
Metal Collection
Luxurious suede gift box with white roses inside
Luxurious and supple, suede conjures up images of decadence. Offered for our eternity® rose arrangements and available in eight shades - these boxes will add charm to any gift.
Suede Collection
array of Heart shaped Venus et Fleur flower boxes
Perfect for Valentine's Day, our vegan suede heart boxes are a beautiful arrangement to show that special someone how far your love extends.
Heart Collection
Marble printed gift box with pink roses, and another black round box with white roses
Marble is a classic material that is durable yet undeniably beautiful, complete with a legacy of sophistication that dates back generations.
Marble Print Collection
Display of the evil eye collection, different shaped boxes with roses arrangement in the shape of the evil eye
From an evil eye made of eternity roses to a hat box print, our collection was designed to protect against ill-willed intentions while elevating your space.
The Evil Eye Collection
Back box with seven individual vases with a singular different colored rose in each vase
Explore the seven wonders of the world.
Continent Collection
Woman in black silk dress holding a white bridal bouquet
Our Bridal Collection is your destination for exquisite luxury arrangements that will help you to commemorate and honor your monumental occasion.
Bridal Collection
Occasion greeting cards in a Venus et Fleur box
Commemorate every special occasion for friends and family with words from the heart with our limited edition greeting cards.
Occasion Greeting Cards
Clear venus et Fleur box with 9 roses in different shades of blue
Elevate your home with our classic eternity® roses, arranged in artful, vibrant arrays.
Ombré Collection