Perfect Blooms for Spring Flower Delivery - Part I

The temperatures continue to climb, indicating the spring is in full bloom across the country. Spring is such a wonderful season for so many reasons: the idea of new beginnings, warm sunshine, and the return of many of your favorite flowers are loved by many. You may even be thinking about sending flowers to friends and family, and this time of year, the flower options are virtually endless. The team at Venus ET Fleur® would love to help you send luxury flowers this spring, and you’re sure to find a stunning arrangement you love in our online store. Shop our collections online today.

Beautiful Spring Flowers

There are some flowers that just exude the fresh exuberance of spring, making them a wonderful choice for deliveries. From poppies and daffodils to lilacs and garden roses, you can’t go wrong!


With their delicate petals and their black center, poppies are unique and stunning blooms. Depending on the variety you select, your arrangement can symbolize everything from beauty and success to eternal life. With more than 120 species of this flower, they offer a wide variety of choice in terms of color. Looking for a bright, cheerful poppy to brighten a friend or loved one’s day? With bright orange petals, the California Poppy is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. If you prefer a more whimsical variety, the black-spotted red petals of the Ladybug Poppy fit the bill, and this bloom keeps well in vases.


One of the most quintessential flowers of spring, nothing conjures images of sunny days quite like a bouquet of daffodils. In fact, in the floral world, these blooms signify rebirth and new beginnings. These brightly colored flowers feature a trumpet-shaped corona framed by six petals, and the head of the flower is perched on broad, leafy stems. Although there are many different types of daffodils, the yellow trumpet daffodil commonly makes an appearance in spring bouquets. If you prefer other hues, daffodils also bloom in white and light salmon colors.


It seems there are countless varieties of rose blooms that begin to pop up in springtime, making them the perfect gift to send to any recipient for any occasion. If you are involved in a budding romance, why not send your special someone an arrangement of pink or red roses to show him or her how much you treasure your time together? For the friend or relative that is celebrating a birthday or promotion, yellow or green roses are the perfect way to convey feelings of friendship, luck, and success.

While roses do make for stunning arrangements, they beauty is often short-lived. When you send luxury flowers from Venus ET Fleur®, you can choose from more than 25 shades of Eternity™ Rose blooms, allowing you to customize your message with a pop of color. Beyond that, your recipient will enjoy the incredible aesthetic of these flowers for more than a year with proper care. You can’t say the same for traditional flower bouquets.

Sweet Peas

The brightly colored petals of sweet peas are small and delicate, fluttering even with the slightest breeze. This fluttering is similar to the wings of a butterfly, making them a truly wonderful spring bloom to gift someone. Sweet pea is actually a climbing plant native to Italy, but it can be found in many gardening stores across the United States. The flowers that sprout from this plant come in several spring-like colors, including deep purple, white, pink, yellow, and even blue.

Send Luxury Flowers to Loved Ones

Are you ready to send your special someone a stunning spring flower arrangement that can last for more than a year? Send luxury flowers from Venus ET Fleur® for an incredible rose delivery experience. From our Garden Rose collection to our Lé Petite Papillon arrangements, you’re sure to find an amazing arrangement that conveys the spirit of spring. Each of our Eternity™ Rose arrangements are available in several different styles of Parisian-style keepsake boxes, and you can even choose a custom lid message to greet your recipient when he or she opens the flower box. We ship both locally and internationally, so no matter where your recipient is, they are never too far away to enjoy the perfect gift of luxury. Shop online and order your spring arrangement today.