Eternity DE Venus™ - Square

Eternity™ Roses that last a year without the need for any watering or maintenance.

Large Square From $399

Make a powerful statement with up to 42 roses that last for one whole year. Perfect for any occasion, these beautiful Eternity™ Roses will certainly turn heads. Design the Large Box

Small Square From $299

Quietly make your intentions known with 16 sweet roses that will leave the heart longing for more. Customize your own color patterns.

    Design the Small Box

    Lé Petite From $139

    Containing four Ecuadorian Eternity DE Venus Roses, our petite box is a great way to say “thank you for being you” to any and all loved ones. Select your Eternity™ Rose color from several different shades.


    Lé Mini Round From $39

    Great things sometimes do come in small packages. We present our Mini Eternity Box as a way to say all the wonderful things we want to share, but in a small cute presentation. Select your Eternity™ Rose color today to get started.


    Lé Mini Square From $79

    Never mistake size for how much someone cares. The Mini Eternity™ Rose arrangement captures all of the same romanticism and prestige presentation of our larger-sized Eternity DE Venus spray roses.


    Eternity DE Venus™ - Round

    These stylish Parisian Hat Boxes make an unexpectedly elegant presentation.

    Large Round From $399

    36 Eternity™ Roses that last for at least one year.

    Choose your box material and color patterns.

    • Variety of Box Materials and Colors
    • Choose letter, number, shape and more
    • 26 colors, 2 different rose types
    • Custom Greeting Card
    • Choose your delivery date
    Design the Large Box

    Small Round From $299

    Make a big statement with 11-14 Eternity™ Roses that last for at least one year. Customize your box material and even color patterns.

    • 2 box types
    • Choose solid or two color arrangements
    • 26 colors, 2 Different Rose Types
    • Gift message
    Design the Small Box

    Lé Clair Collection Arrangements

    We’re excited to introduce you to the Le’ Clair Collection, our luxury home décor and storage products featuring Eternity™ Roses. These impressive crystal clear products feature a top layer of Eternity™ Roses protected by a clear acrylic lid. These are perfect for office gifts and events or anytime you want to show someone you care.

    Grandiose De Venus™ From $1,499

    With the Grandiose Eternity Arrangement, sentiment and luxury transcend into the realm of décor. Use it to send an extra-large romantic message, or, shower your living space with gorgeous, luxurious roses that last a year or longer. Measuring 3’ x 1’ x 9”, the Extra-Large Eternity™ Rose arrangement is three times the size of a traditional Eternity arrangement.

    Design the Grandiose