7 Relationship Goals You’ll Never Regret

These days, the term ‘relationship goals’ has become something of a trendy topic in social media circles. In addition to being a fun hashtag, it also brings to mind an important question: what are the goals you want in your relationship?

All across the media landscape, from the internet to the television shows we watch, a plurality of sometimes inflated and often contradictory ideas of what a couple should strive for in their relationship. We here at Venus ET Fleur® are seasoned wayfarers when it comes to relationships and giving advice, and in this article, we will try to see through the hype while realistically discussing some of the goals that might be worth striving for in your own relationship.

Each and every couple out there should be prepared to search inwardly and ask their own questions about what is truly important, but sometimes a little help can go a long way. And in that regard, let’s dive into what we consider to be the seven most important relationship goals.

1. Trust Each Other

Trust is one of the most important parts of any relationship, not just romantic—but it can also be the most difficult. Any couple will have parts of their lives that remain separate from each other, such as our hobbies, our work, and our extended social circle. These are all totally normal and, according to science, quite healthy. But some people find it rather difficult to trust their partner, especially when they're not together.

Jealousy can drive even the oldest and most experienced relationship apart, so it's important to confront it the moment it rears its ugly head. Often, trust means simply giving your partner the benefit of the doubt. If you catch yourself—upon seeing your partner direct messaging another person, or liking someone else’s photo, say—immediately jumping to conclusions, more likely than not, it is your own insecurities affecting these unfair judgments.

When faced with such judgment, it can be tempting to react harshly—but we encourage you to communicate with your partner and try to re-establish trust. This brings us to our next relationship goal:

2. Communication

Talking through ideas and issues, expressing your opinions while allowing your partner to express theirs, in turn, is a crucial goal that will fortify the bonds of any partnership. Even under the most harried or dire of circumstances, it is vital to first listen, then understand, and only then respond.

It may shock you to learn that, even after having communicated, you might not always agree with what your partner says. But this basic reality is quite livable, as any long-term couple will tell you—but only if you communicate these divergences with full faith and clarity.

Arguing Effectively

It is a mark of maturity and emotional intelligence to share your feelings with your partner and allow them to speak freely to their own.

There’s no guarantee we will always see eye-to-eye with our significant others. At times, we might get downright angry with them. Arguing is a normal and, in fact, healthy aspect of any relationship. The key is to argue effectively and with compassion in the foreground.

We all have the human responsibility to speak our truth with love and kindness. If you’re not sure of your ability to remain calm and compassionate, we recommend you take a healthy absence from the conversation, or even the room, to revisit the topic with a cooler head. Contrary to the oft-repeated saying of our ancestors, who insist you should “never go to bed angry,” this is sometimes the best course of action during a difficult argument.

3. Keep Dating Each Other

Once you find yourself in a long-term relationship, it’s quite normal to come down from the honeymoon phase and decide to stop courting your partner. But we find that the most successful and loving couples we know make the time to go on dates together.

Not only is spending quality time an essential part of maintaining a healthy relationship, but we also find that continuing to go on dates every now and again will bring back those treasured memories and emotions we associate with our younger selves, when the flame of new love burned its hottest.

4. Adventure Together

Taking the time to go on new adventures together—whether to a new country or a new museum—will breathe fresh air into any relationship. The couples we most admire are famous for their noteworthy adventures—going on hikes, taking bike rides, and exploring new places together is not only Instagrammable, it actually makes you happier. A significant body of research tells us that experiences, rather than things, increase our general happiness.

New adventurous experiences allow those of us in relationships to anticipate the unknown, experience present joy and build lasting memories together. So, do new activities! Visit novel places, even that just means the coffee shop that just opened down the street. Travel as often as you can—novelty and spontaneity will help your love fresh and alive!

5. Support Each Other Through It All

One of the most wonderful parts of being in a relationship is that you always know that someone is in your corner. No matter how crazy life gets or where your dreams take you, your partner should be your biggest and best supporter.

It’s impossible to overstate how massively motivating it can be to know that the person you love believes in your dreams, no matter how ambitious or demanding. And, in turn, they can rest confidently knowing that, when the shoe is on the other foot, you’ll support them with the same effort and intensity.

6. Laughing Out Loud—A Lot

The best couples are able to laugh with each other, and sometimes at each other, through thick and thin.

Spending a life alongside another person is sure to present challenges, shortcomings, and no shortage of headaches. Inside jokes, silliness, and a light heart are paramount in the face of all a long-term couple has to stand up to. Laughter, when used correctly, can be the glue that holds a relationship together in spite of all else.

7. Paying Gratitude to One Another

If you’ve been in a relationship long enough to be pursuing shared goals, the odds are that you have both made a great deal of sacrifice for the other’s benefit. Rituals of shared appreciation are crucial to the success of any long-term relationship, and while, yes, experiences are better than things—things are still wonderful!

Couples who regularly practice gratitude and express their appreciation, whether verbally or through gifts, tend to feel more connected with each other and satisfied in their relationships. Also, it’s just nice to get a gift sometimes. In this particular area, we cannot stress highly enough the power of roses.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this brief look into some of the more important relationship milestones has been helpful to you, as you and your partner strive toward goals of your own. The last thing we want is for you to feel pressured to conform to an arbitrary standard—only you and your partner can truly know what’s best for each other. But in our experience, these couple goals are a great starting point for anyone looking to become a bona fide power couple!

Best of luck and best wishes from all of us at Venus ET Fleur.



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