What Are Eternity™ Roses?

Maybe you saw our stunning arrangements mentioned in The New York Times recently, or perhaps you noticed the Business Insider article that highlighted our one-of-a-kind roses not too long ago. No matter where you have heard about Venus ET Fleur®, you probably found yourself asking, What are Eternity™ Roses?. In today’s post, we will answer that very question by taking a closer look at this incredible product and reviewing the benefits of ordering an Eternity™ Rose arrangement for yourself, friends, and family. Read on to learn more, and then be sure to check out our Special Collections online.

Eternity™ Roses Are…

Real Roses

Unlike other companies that sell luxury rose arrangements online, the roses used in every Venus ET Fleur® arrangement are 100-percent real. Our blooms are cultivated in Ecuador where they get the benefit of natural light year-round because of their close proximity to the equator. They are also grown at a higher altitude than most roses, and this results in the largest blooms and longest stems. Once they reach their peak state, the roses are then cut and treated with a proprietary solution and color pigmentation process to help them keep their freshness and natural biological structure.

Long-Lasting Roses

If you have ever received the gift of delivery roses, then you probably know that they never last as long as you would like them to last. Traditional rose deliveries typically only last a few days or a week at most before their leaves start wilting, their blooms begin drooping, and their scent starts fading. This can be very frustrating, especially if the arrangement was expensive. Thanks to the special process we use to treat these Ecuadorian roses, they can maintain their authentic look and feel for up to a year when cared for properly, and their delicate rose scent will last for weeks on end.

A Low-Maintenance Arrangement

While there is nothing like an amazing bouquet of fresh-cut roses, the maintenance that they require can be somewhat tedious. First, you have to make sure that the flowers have a constant supply of fresh, clean water. Then there is the pesky task of pruning back the wilted leaves to maintain the arrangement’s aesthetic and trimming the stem to allow proper water intake. No other rose arrangement could be easier to care for than Eternity™ Roses. They don’t need water, sunlight, or pruning to maintain their beauty, and they only need light dusting from time to time.


When you order flowers from other companies online, you may find limited options for customizing your arrangement. At Venus ET Fleur®, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the ultimate shopping experience that allows you to customize your arrangement as you see fit. With more than 25 shades of roses and several Parisian-style keepsake boxes to choose from, you can create incredible arrangements that suit your needs. Additionally, we offer custom lid and card messages, as well as custom letter or number, heart, and other unique patterns that can be designed right into the arrangement.

The Perfect Gift of Elegance

Sending flowers to friends and loved ones is the best way to show them how much you love and appreciate them, and there is never a wrong time to send a stunning Eternity™ Rose arrangement. Whether your recipient just graduated from college, landed a dream job, closed on a new home, had a baby, or is celebrating any other milestone event, our arrangements are sure to convey those sentiments that words alone cannot express. These real, long-lasting roses are the perfect gift of elegance, providing incredible beauty to any home or office for months on end.

Order Your Eternity™ Rose Arrangement Today

Are ready to take the plunge and order an Eternity™ Rose arrangement for yourself or someone else? Our professional floral designers are here to answer any questions you may have about the ordering process, the Venus ET Fleur® experience, and our shipping options. If you’d like to order a luxury rose arrangement, but you would like some design ideas, check out our inspiration gallery. Whether you choose a classic Large Square or Large Round box, or you choose one of our limited edition Watercolor or Lé Petite arrangements, you’re sure to find an arrangement that suits your needs for any occasion. Order your Eternity™ Rose arrangement today.