Valentine’s Day Rose Colors and Arrangements and Their Meaning

On certain occasions, roses just call to us, especially on Valentine's day, but what do roses symbolize and what do the different colors of roses mean? If you’re giving roses as your Valentine’s day gift, it’s important to know. There can even be a different meaning sent by how many roses you send and in what arrangement.

At Venus et Fleur, we specialize in delivering the perfect, customized roses and flower arrangements to you. With 25 colors to choose from, and flowers that last up to an entire year, we have something for every occasion and décor. Valentine’s Day is of course one of our favorites. You can choose from classic colors of red, white, and pink in your arrangement or go with something more personalized, but whatever you choose, that special someone will love having their beautiful gift on display. As for what’s right for your Valentine’s day, here’s a little history and a few helpful hints

Flowers For Valentine’s Day: Color, Size, and Rose Number Meaning

Originally, the tradition of giving flowers romantically comes from a time when Victorian values said to be reserved with your feelings, so when it comes to sending a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement, many times you have to be tactful. 

Especially early on, gifts can be a measure of the magnitude of your feelings for someone. You wouldn’t want them to think your feelings are any less or more than they are. If you’re already thinking of roses for the arrangement, you’re off to a good start, as they are easily one of the most romantic of the flowers, so the next step is to pick the right colors and arrangement size for you.

Rose Colors and their Meaning

For a romantic flower arrangement, the traditional colors of white, pink, red, and burgundy are simply timeless. While they all have different implications, a combination of any of them carries a sweet, romantic tone. Here are just a few examples of what the these different rose colors could mean when taken together:

  • Red and Burgundy - An unmistakable sign of love and a passionate commitment.
  • Red and White - Great for newer relationships, a sign of romance in an innocent stage.
  • Red, Pink, and White - Pink and white add a softness and innocence to the romantic implications of red. Carries a more fun tone then the established feelings of darker combinations and the vulnerable beauty of red and white.
  • All Red or Burgundy - Both deeply passionate and romantic colors on their own, although Burgundy stands out for romantic nights in.

The Meaning of a Dozen Roses in a Bouquet or Arrangement

When thinking about giving someone flowers, your mind may naturally drift to the classic bouquet of a dozen roses. The number 12 is said to be significant because it helps convey perfection, as it aligns with the significance of the number in the months of the year, the zodiac, and in how we measure our day.

While you can’t go wrong with a dozen roses, why stop at a short-lived bouquet when you can give a beautiful arrangement? At Venus et Fleur we have a number of beautiful arrangements that will last up to an entire year, and if you want the traditional appeal of a dozen roses, our Le Douze is the perfect choice. Rather than giving your partner something to take care of and mourn, they’ll just see a beautiful sign of your love displayed all year. 

The Meaning of Valentine’s Day Arrangements by Size

If a dozen roses doesn’t quite say what you want it too, if it seems like too much or too little, then we have other options for you as well. From cute, subtle Valentine’s day gifts to grand and luxurious displays, our arrangements will help you send a message that’s just right and make it a Valentine’s day evening to remember.

For those who have already revealed their love or who want to incorporate roses into broader plans and Valentine’s Day ideas, smaller arrangements to compliment the evening or larger ones to feature as a centerpiece can be great ideas.

For an elaborate Valentine's day gift bundle, our Le Mini collection features both single roses or Le Mini letters, and both make great, personalized gifts. Simply pair it with two or three other things your partner loves and watch their eyes light up, or choose from one of our gift set bundles as gifts for her this Valentine’s Day. Gifts like these, and smaller arrangements in general, can be great for showing your romantic feelings without being overbearing or implying too much.

If something small and subtle doesn’t fit your relationship or what you have planned, then maybe you’re looking to say something profound or take your relationship to the next level, for this we have arrangements to pull even the biggest Valentine’s plans together. For engagements, our Le Duo Magnifique or Grandiose De Venus, are both ideas that could help set the backdrop for a perfect proposal. Conversely, if you’ve been together for years and want something simple but refined, a Valentine’s day arrangement in one of our stone vases would be a reminder of how strong your love is after all this time.

Get the Perfect Roses For Valentine’s Day and Beyond With Venus et Fleur

When it comes to getting the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or any of life’s special occasions, the most important thing is that it matches the recipient and the relationship. With so many customizable options, Venus et Fleur specializes in just that. Get the perfect gift for him or her this Valentine’s Day and the perfect flowers for all your décor and gifts with Venus et Fleur.