Blue Roses: How They're Made and What They Mean


As lovely as blue is and as abundant as it appears to be in our world, it is, in fact, the rarest of all colors in nature. As such, there are only a handful of plants and animals that can possess the color blue.

With this fact in mind, it was only a matter of time before people started looking for ways to make one of the most beautiful flowers appear blue. We are, of course, talking about the rose.

Sure, you can find blue roses everywhere these days. Our Baby Blue and Aqua Eternity® Roses are some of the most unique and visually-appealing of all blue roses.

But how in the world did this come to be? After all, roses don’t simply grow in this color. Or do they? There are many historical recordings of blue roses, but none have ever been confirmed. 

Many researchers and historians believe that it’s another flower altogether that the writings mentioned above are referring to. There has been much fact-checking and hunting to find the legendary blue rose that has been written about in various accounts. 

But we’ve all seen blue roses in the modern era, so where do they come from? As it turns out, there is some much-needed scientific engineering to get roses to appear in the color of blue.

This comes after many years of searching high and low around the world for the elusive blue rose. As it turns out, there is no place in the wild where blue roses naturally grow. It takes some meddling from man to get our beloved flower to appear in its blue state.

It’s All About Genetics


Other flowers have the necessary pigment to grow with the color of blue, but roses aren’t one of them. In fact, it is simply impossible for them to naturally do so.

Many ways have been attempted to achieve this in nature, including cross-breeding with other plants. But the end result was always met with failure.

Genetic engineering, however, opens the doors for possibilities not readily found in nature. After nearly a decade and a half of experiments and research, scientists finally cracked the code. 

It took a team from Japan with collaboration from Australia to make it happen. During their tests, they discovered that not only do roses lack the right pigment to allow for the color blue, but there are also other issues that prevent this from naturally occurring in the wild. 

There need to be co-pigments and vascular pH to make it possible at all. So by using white roses as hosts, the scientists harvested the necessary pigment from Violas and Irises.

Once enough pigment was collected, the scientists inserted it into the white rose hosts. The blooms soon absorbed the pigment and gave us our very first true blue rose!

The scientists found that not only was this modified blue rose incredibly stable, but it also displayed a gorgeous shade of blue, although there were small areas that remained red.

Still, this was a huge breakthrough that was revered by everyone in the scientific community. This new blue rose was aptly named “Applause.”

So after thousands of years of hunting and research, we got our first blue rose in Japan in 2006. It would be another five years before the United States got its first taste of the legendary blue rose.

Then, in 2018, Chinese researchers found an easier process for creating blue roses. Once again, the white rose served as the host. By using a particular bacteria, the researchers were able to inject it into the white rose’s petals and produce a vibrant blue shade that was considered more complete than all previous attempts. 

But it wasn’t without its problems. As delightful as the blue color looked, it was found to eventually fade away. This was because the method of coloring was performed by injecting the petals directly.

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Meaning of the Blue Rose


Blue roses can offer a variety of meanings, depending on the shade of blue. Deeper and darker blues, for example, are said to be related to thoughts and dreams. The idea here is that blue symbolizes peering out of a window and wondering about the world outside.

This idea soon became tied to dreams, giving birth to the connection of blue roses and dreaming. As such, blue roses are sometimes given to people who are about to embark on a long journey, like one across the sea or to another country.

Lighter shades of blue roses are said to be connected to feelings of calmness and ease. These peace-making flowers are often given to someone going through a hard time in their life and need a quick lift of mood. 

When giving a light blue rose as a gift, it’s important to consider the person you are giving it to. If you have a friend or family member who works at a stressful job, a light blue rose is perfectly appropriate.

Do you know anyone who is a busy mother? Perhaps you are friends with a nurse or someone to volunteers as a firefighter. When it comes time to surprise them, a light blue rose arrangement is the perfect gift idea.

Another meaning of blue roses that is sometimes forgotten is celebrating a wedding. The union of two people is a time of joy and happiness, and the blue rose has long been equated with this time.

If you know anyone getting married soon, it would be a nice gesture to gift them with a beautiful arrangement of Baby Blue Eternity Roses.

Other Meanings


Over time, blue roses have become symbolic of meaningful friendships. As such, many brides-to-be find ways of incorporating this color into their weddings. You will find that many bridesmaids sport the color blue in their dresses and accessories, and roses are no different.

Blue roses are also used to attract attention. This is of little mystery, as blue roses are unique and quite rare. Wearing one is sure to turn heads and create conversation.

Wearing blue roses is so attention-grabbing that flower crowns made with blue roses are becoming quite a popular choice among wearers. If you want to make a statement, wearing blue roses is sure to help you.

Another meaning tied to blue roses is that of impossibility. For obvious reasons, sending blue roses to someone is a great way to provide your support. If you know someone who is having difficulty conceiving, an arrangement of blue roses is an excellent way to let a couple know that you are thinking about them.

But you don’t have to limit your gift-giving ideas to just that scenario. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is struggling to pass a test or exam. Regardless of the shade, sending blue roses is your way of letting them know that they can overcome the impossible.

No matter how hard something appears to be, blue roses are a symbol that anything is possible. After all, blue roses themselves are a reminder of the impossible. It took some genetic engineering from highly-acclaimed scientists from around the world for them to even exist! 

But with much trial and error, what was once thought to be impossible has been made a reality. Blue roses can help remind anyone having a hard time in their life that with hard work and dedication, even the impossible can be achieved. 

The same is true for someone seeking love. Many people who have yet to find love feel like it is an impossibility. But with blue roses, you can remind them that love could be just around the corner.

Gifting blue roses is a great way to bring hope to the hopeless. No matter what their situation might be, a little hope can go a long way. The next time you talk to a friend who is going through a rough patch, consider gifting an arrangement of blue roses to remind them that everything will be OK.

Now that you know the various meanings of blue roses and what they symbolize, you will have a much easier time encouraging friends and family when they need to be lifted up. 



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