Yellow Rose Meaning: History of the Yellow Rose

Roses are widely recognized the world over as one of the most popular flowers of all time. Whether it’s their soft, luscious petals or striking deep colors, roses are a symbol of love and happiness. 

But did you know that the colors of roses actually have different meanings? Take the red rose, for example. Just about everyone knows its importance subconsciously due to its use on Valentine’s Day. 

Red roses, of course, stand for love, beauty, and passion. With so many differently colored roses now available in the modern age, it can get confusing what they all mean.

To help simplify things, we’re going to focus on the magnificent yellow rose today. You might be surprised to learn just what this rose symbolizes and how you can use it as a gift idea.

The Meaning of the Yellow Rose 

Yellow roses are often given to loved ones as a way to bring joy and cheer. Due to the yellow rose’s bright color, many attribute it to the warmth of a sunny day, and rightfully so. It’s an absolute beauty to behold, bringing happiness to all who receive it.

Furthermore, yellow roses are said to symbolize friendship. They are widely used to cheer up friends and relatives or to simply express your heartfelt appreciation for someone. 

But did you know that yellow roses weren’t always regarded this way? Quite the opposite, in fact. Ages ago, people looked at yellow roses as a sign of jealousy. If you were to receive this rose back in olden times, it was likely as an expression of frustration and jealous intent.

My, how things have changed! Today, we give the yellow rose to express a joyous occasion, like a graduation or celebration. They are also a great way to send someone off on a long journey as a way of wishing them well on their journeys.

So powerful are yellow roses that they make a great combination with red roses. If you want to let someone know that you not only love them but also that you value their companionship, you might consider gifting them with a stunning arrangement of red and yellow roses.

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If you want to give a gift of yellow roses that will serve as a constant reminder of your valued friendship, this is the way to do it!

We have an immense variety of special gifts that will bring instant happiness and joy. You don’t need a reason to send our roses, either. They are designed to enchant the special people in your life, regardless of the occasion.

Their lasting beauty is a way to tell a friend or relative that you are thinking about them all year long. What a great way to bring peace and happiness to someone!

All Roses Lead to Love

The exact timeframe for how long roses have been around is up for debate. Some researchers maintain that they have only been around for thousands of years, while others believe they are millions of years old.

We do know that the cultivation of roses in gardens didn’t start until around 5,000 years ago. But regardless of how old the rose is, there is no question as to how important it has been throughout our history. Since being cultivated, the rose has been regularly used to symbolize love and affection between people.

It began primarily in the Middle East, as the rose was said to have been discovered growing in the wild there. In the early days of many Middle Eastern countries, the rose was used for more than a symbol of love.

It was used as décor, for celebrations, and in medicine. The Romans held roses in high regard, using them as a symbol of status. To have roses meant that you were considered to be part of the upper class.

It was during this time that rose gardens became popular, as the Romans would grow and display their gorgeous arrangements for all to see. Of course, history tells of the great fall and ruin of the Roman Empire, which caused the rose to lose some of its prestige.

Several centuries later, we know that roses became quite valuable in the 17th century, so much so that they were widely accepted as currency. This tells us that roses were in short supply during that time period. But this would change in the following century, as the 18th century gave birth to the modern rose that we see today.

Unlike the roses of the Middle East, these roses lasted longer and freely bloomed each year. Since cultivating roses became popular, everyone could have access to these natural beauties throughout the world.

It’s interesting to note that roses first began their lives as either pink or white. Yellow roses promptly followed and became incredibly popular in Europe and most other parts of the world.

Yellow roses were found growing in the Middle East in many unique shades, not just the bright yellow that we often picture. This made way for hybridization that resulted in many stunning colors.

The Dutch and French specialized in this, ultimately introducing the world to a litany of striking colors that were never before seen. Throughout the 18th century, more and more species of roses became available thanks to the botany efforts of the Dutch and French. 

Surprisingly, as beautiful as the rose is, it didn’t always possess the lovely smell that it has today. The rose was rather plain in scent, with nothing to mention or write home about.

It wasn’t until serious cultivation began that the rose took on the smell that we all revere today. It is so pleasant that it’s one of the rose’s most beloved features.

We know through the telling of our history that yellow roses were used in the Victorian era as a way to express betrayal to another person. A jilted lover might send yellow roses to someone who broke their trust or betrayed them.

As we previously mentioned, this has radically changed for the better. In modern times, we use yellow roses quite often as a way to add cheer and hope to floral arrangements.

With so many shades of yellow, it’s easy to customize your arrangement in a way that suits the person you are gifting. Bright, bold yellow roses are a great way to deliver instant cheer to someone who is feeling down or discouraged.

Light yellow roses, or Pearl, show the softer side of yellow roses. We offer many stunning arrangements featuring this color. You can choose from an astounding selection of 23 different colors if you’re looking for something specific.

We chose the rose for our collections because it is so widely regarded for its beauty and prestige. All roses are a symbol of love to some degree. It’s up to you to find the color that best fits the person you are sending your arrangement to.

Traditional roses are found all over the United States. They are used every year for holidays, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and more. The rose is such a powerful flower that you don’t need a special occasion to send it.

The history and prestige of the rose speak volumes to the person receiving it. You never need a reason, and the rose does all the talking for you. 

When to Send Yellow Roses

Yellow roses, in particular, have the meaning of friendship and joy. This flower is an instant mood lifter, bringing peace of mind to all who are gifted with them. As such, yellow roses are the perfect gift idea for weddings, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and graduations. 

If you can think of a joyous occasion, yellow roses will fit right in. Lots of people like to display a floral arrangement of yellow roses for anniversaries, gender reveal parties, births, engagements, and more. 

In short, if you want to inject some cheer into someone’s life, yellow roses should be your go-to flower of choice. If you know someone who is going through a particularly rough time in their life, you want to give them yellow roses that won’t wither away and die.

For this, you need our Eternity Rose Special Collections. With these elegant roses, the person you are gifting can look forward to having their roses around for a whole year! You simply can’t get this from traditional roses.


Our special arrangements are designed to bring continual joy, so be sure to use our creations for those special occasions in life, yellow roses, or otherwise. The exceptional quality and rich colors are sure to dazzle and delight all who receive them!

Be sure to explore our collections the next time you want to surprise that special person in your life.

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