Yellow Roses Meaning, History, & Gift Guide

Roses are recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful and intimate flowers. Whether it’s their soft, luscious petals or striking deep colors, roses are often a symbol of love and happiness. However, roses don’t have to be romantic or intimate, the yellow rose, for example, is one that stands for happiness, friendship, and appreciation.

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It’s easy to hear the word “roses” and solely imagine the classic, romantic red display, however, there are many different colorful roses. At Venus et Fleur®, we have 25 different colors of eternity® roses, our real roses that last a year® or more, and each hold their own special implication or energy. Build a custom arrangement for your family or friends to deliver your own personalized and unique message.

To get started, one color that could be included in many different non-romantic displays is the yellow rose. Standing alone, it is a sign of friendship, happiness, and appreciation. When paired with other colors it conveys those feelings along with admiration.


Over time, one realizes that thoughtful support is one of the best gifts to give friends and family. Yellow roses are a classic way of doing so, as they’re often given to loved ones as a way to bring joy and cheer. The yellow rose’s bright color provides feelings of a bright, sunny day. It’s an absolute beauty to behold, bringing happiness to all who receive it.

However, did you know that yellow roses weren’t always regarded this way? Quite the opposite, in fact. Ages ago, people looked at yellow roses as a sign of jealousy. If you were to receive this rose back in olden times, it was likely as an expression of frustration and jealous intent.

Today, we present the yellow rose at joyous occasions, such as a yellow arrangement for graduation or retirement, or as a just-because gift to randomly display your love and appreciation. Coworkers, peers, parents, grandparents, and really anyone you respect and care for enough to get flowers is a candidate for at least a yellow rose or two. Here’s a list to help you with some possible combinations.

  • For Mother’s Day - Depending on her personality or décor, a number of colors could be paired with yellow for a stunning Mother’s Day gift. Orange, pink, lilac, lavender, aqua, deep blue and more give you options for moms ranging from bubbly and feminine to those who carry a more serious and steadfast nature.
  • For New Beginnings - When someone completes one stage and moves into another, such as with graduations, weddings, or housewarmings, there are a plethora of emotions. Include bright yellow roses in your display to impart optimism and joy. A number of darker or lighter colors could be paired to project if the period ending is more of a solemn or joyous occasion.
  • For Sympathy - As we alluded, yellow flowers are great for brightening an arrangement for a less-joyful occasion. For people in recovery, those who have lost a loved one after a long battle, or those in the face of other hard times, the color yellow paired with another rose color shows you understand and that you wish them the best.
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Yellow may be one of the most versatile colors of roses due to its bright, friendly nature. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be used in romantic combinations and arrangements. So powerful are yellow roses that they make a great combination with red roses as well. If you want to let someone know how you really feel without coming on too strong, consider gifting them with a stunning arrangement of red and yellow roses.

Choosing the perfect arrangement to display your romantic feelings is essential. Select a grand arrangement in a beautiful vase with a showcase of red and yellow roses for a new, established love, or choose from subtle gifts such as our Le Clair Cinque, heart boxes, or gift sets for a new love. With our eternity® roses, your show of love will last up to a year or longer!


The exact timeframe for how long roses have been around is up for debate. Some researchers maintain that they have only been around for thousands of years, while others believe they are millions of years old.

What we do know is that the cultivation of roses in gardens probably started around 5,000 years ago. Since being cultivated, the rose has been regularly used to symbolize love and affections of all kinds between people.

It began primarily in the Middle East, as the rose was said to have been discovered growing in the wild. In the early days of many Middle Eastern countries, the rose was used for more than a symbol of love. It was used as décor, for celebrations, and in medicine. The Romans held roses in high regard, using them as a symbol of status.

In large part, this is the same today, with roses often being the most luxurious flower people can fathom. Whether it's as a gift or for décor in your own home, roses always carry a sense of class and elegance. That being said, a centerpiece of the right color roses can tie any room together, but Venus et Fleur also carries a variety of gifts great for accent or wall décor.

As the Roman empire grew, so did the popularity of the rose, but tragically for the rose, it fell in some prestige with the fall of Rome as well. However, centuries later, the rose came to prominence again around the 17th century, and after a few modifications, the rose of the 18th century was essentially what we see today.

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Unlike the roses of the Middle East, these roses lasted longer and freely bloomed each year. Since cultivating roses became popular, everyone could have access to these natural beauties throughout the world. Pairing this with yellow roses that were found growing in the Middle East in many unique shades, this made way for hybridization that resulted in many stunning colors as well as wider use of the yellow rose in general. Throughout the 18th century, more and more species of roses became available thanks to the botany efforts of the Dutch and French.

The many shades of yellow make it easy to customize any arrangement in a way that suits the person you are gifting. Bright, bold yellow roses are great for spring or as a way to deliver instant cheer to someone who is feeling down or discouraged. Softer, light colored yellow roses, or something in pearl or champagne, still carry brightness, but a more subtle elegance as well.

With Venus et Fleur, you can match the three shades above with up to 22 other different colors as well! With the casual cheeriness of the color yellow, and all the rose colors that match, there will always be a time when yellow roses are the right choice for you.


Yellow roses, in particular, have the meaning of friendship, appreciation, and happiness. This flower color provides an instant elevation in mood, bringing peace of mind to all they encounter. Yellow roses are the perfect gift idea for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and any joyous occasion.

In short, if you want to impart cheer, yellow roses are the flower of choice. Inspire someone through life’s difficult moments by gifting a bouquet of yellow roses. Their beauty, lasting subtle fragrance, and the durability to last a year or longer make our eternity roses the perfect choice.


Venus et Fleur eternity roses and arrangements are designed to convey your feelings and brighten any room all year long. The exceptional quality, in addition to the vibrant rose colors we offer, make our eternity arrangements an impactful gifting option for anyone who receives them.

Explore all of our eternity floral collections and gifts the next time you desire to inspire that special someone in your life.