Do's and Don'ts of Sending Roses

A lot of men balk at the idea of sending flowers to a potential significant other or girlfriend. There’s so much pressure to choose the right type of flower, the color, and the design of the arrangement that it becomes too stressful and overwhelming to send flowers. However, the gift of a bouquet or floral arrangement will always mean more than words can say, so this post will detail some do’s and don’ts of sending flowers so that you can be confident in your choice the next time you choose to send flowers. At Venus ET Fleur, we’re passionate about providing beautiful and elegant Eternity™ roses that can last up to an entire year. We love knowing that we’re in the business of providing smiles and happiness, and we want you to be sure of your choice when you pick out a flower bouquet. Shop our website today to choose a stunning rose arrangement that will be sure to thrill the heart of the lucky recipient!

Do Send Roses at an Appropriate Time

When is the right time to send flowers? A surprise delivery that is completely unexpected will definitely have the most impact. There is something about opening the door to an absolute surprise that means so much. Though flowers aren’t required to be sent for any major occasion, it is a good idea to mark a few important dates on your calendar. These always include Valentine’s Day, her birthday, and anniversaries of both your first date and your wedding anniversary, if applicable. You’ll also get extra points if you send flowers on the date of your engagement or when you first met. A surprise arrangement will also delight her to no end if you send a arrangement for her first day at work, to celebrate a promotion, or to make a special day even more wonderful. Even though flowers mean so much, it’s best to not send them following a casual first date. They may be viewed as insincere or that you’re trying too hard. Also, it’s best to never send flowers in place of an apology. While it is a sweet idea, there are times that words do matter, and an apology is definitely one of them.

Don’t Forget a Note

A sweet, heartfelt note will definitely be the icing on the cake for a gorgeous rose arrangement. Luckily for you, every Venus ET Fleur arrangement is sent with a beautiful, high-quality note that you can easily customize to say what’s truly on your heart. Our stationery is stunning and will be a special memento that she’ll keep long after the flowers are gone. Don’t say too much on the note, but instead say a few sweet sentences that will make her heart flutter. If you’re not good with words when trying to talk to your significant other, you can say what’s truly on your heart on a note that will be enclosed with your delivery. If you need help with what to say, try thinking about how she makes you feel and then try to convey that in words. You can always research and see what famous poets have said in history about love, but at the end of the day, she wants to read how you feel. Even a simple “I can’t stop thinking about you” will make her heart flutter.

Do Send Roses

Roses are a classic flower and always denote love and affection. This is why we’ve chosen roses at Venus ET Fleur. We’re proud to stock absolutely stunning roses from Ecuador that we perfectly preserve so they can last for up to a year. Our roses are dyed to be vibrant and full of color, and you won’t be able to get over the incredible fragrance of these stunning blooms. You can choose the perfect design and arrangement that will thrill the recipient and our amazing options and ease of customization will take a normal rose bouquet and raise it to a heavenly level. At Venus ET Fleur, we also are proud to have amazing boxes that we use to arrange our roses in, and these high-quality and beautiful boxes make excellent ways to store mementos and love notes for years on end. When you send Venus ET Fleur, you can be sure that you’re sending the best and the recipient will be absolutely thrilled with our brilliant Eternity™ roses!

Don’t Forget the Address!

It’s important to know her address! This may take a little sneaking around, but having her full name, address, and any other important information that you may need. The worst thing in the world would be to send a gorgeous rose arrangement to the wrong home or apartment! If you know any of her friends or are able to contact her work secretary without her knowing, you should be able to find out the contact information easily. If you’re unable to find her home address, you can always send the rose arrangement to her workplace. Just make sure before you order that you have the right information and that deliveries are accepted at her place of employment. Lastly, don’t forget to check and make sure that she won’t be out of town on a business trip or otherwise away from the office when the arrangement arrives!

If you’re wondering if you should send flowers to a significant other, the time is now! Shop Venus ET Fleur today and send her a beautiful Eternity™ rose arrangement! You won’t regret it!