Pink Roses Meaning, History, & Gift Guide

Experience the enchantment of spring and the warmth of the upcoming months with pink eternity® roses. June marks National Rose Month, making pink the heart of the spring and summer floral compositions. Take a moment to appreciate the meaning behind the elegant pink rose, a symbol of timeless beauty and grace. 


A Signature Small Round Rose Arrangement and a Le Plein in Pink


The Origin of Pink Roses

The ancient lineage of the rose (genus Rosa) dates back countless millennia. Fascinatingly, fossil records of roses have been unearthed in various parts of the world, shedding light on their existence over two million years ago. Notably, these captivating remnants have been discovered not only in Eastern Europe but also in the picturesque landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. The presence of roses throughout history is a testament to their timeless allure today.


Venus et Fleur Blush-Colored Roses in Black Signature Square Classic Flower Box held by woman's hands

The History of Pink Roses

Pink roses were cultivated in the Imperial Gardens of China during the Chou dynasty, as documented by the renowned philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC). It is from the native rose species of China that we have developed numerous hybrids and carefully chosen varieties that make up a significant portion of the roses cultivated today.

Years later, a notable figure with a deep affection for roses, Josephine Bonaparte, the Empress of Napoleon, emerged. Her renowned Malmaison garden boasted over 250 rose varieties, including numerous shades of pink. Her exquisite collection is immortalized in the vivid watercolor book Les Roses, illustrated by the talented artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Within its pages, Redouté expertly captures the allure of numerous rose varieties, a significant portion of which are pink blooms.

Journey to Victorian England, where the art of floriography thrived and rose colors conveyed heartfelt messages. Among the aristocratic class, intricate flower arrangements became vessels of intimate communication, with each bloom and hue carrying subtle meanings understood by the recipients. This form of communication was called the Language of Flowers. As this tradition gained popularity, it reached the United States, leaving an impression on literature and fine art.

The pink rose flourished as a decorative motif during the Victorian era, adorning everything from wallpaper to greeting cards. Harnessing the wild popularity of this enchanting blossom, modern cultivators have capitalized on advancements in cross-breeding technologies, resulting in an expansive range of pink cultivars now available in a spectrum of shades.

Two Square Classic Flower Box Eternity Rose Arrangements with Pink Eternity Roses byVenus et Fleur

Pink Rose Meaning and Symbolism

The classic red rose is an emblem of romantic love and passion. Yet, few may be aware of the gentle allure within the lighter shades of pink, which evoke femininity, grace, and thoughtfulness. Enveloped in this delicate hue, a bouquet of pink roses offers the perfect manifestation of platonic and romantic affection while also serving as a delightful means to extend congratulations or express heartfelt gratitude to friends and family.

The versatility of pink roses unveils a spectrum of meanings, each shade holding its own significance. Vibrant, deep pink roses exude gratitude, appreciation, and sheer joy. Like those adorning the Small Round Classic eternity rose arrangement, the medium hue of Dusty Rose symbolizes budding romances and makes a fitting choice for various gifting occasions.

As the hue gracefully fades to a delicate blush, these roses evoke gratitude, appreciation, and an exquisite touch of elegance. These blossoms find their rightful home when presented as gifts to esteemed colleagues and friends, emanating warmth and heartfelt appreciation with every petal.



Large Venus et Fleur Pink Eternity Rose Heart arrangement held by woman's hands

The Gift of Pink Roses

Pink roses are imbued with symbolism representing femininity, grace, and thoughtfulness. Incorporating them into flower bouquets or home decor is a delightful way to brighten your surroundings. The versatility of pink roses makes them an exceptional choice for numerous occasions.

Our collection of eternity roses offers real roses that last a year® without the need for water or maintenance. Cultivated in the fertile fields of Ecuador, Venus et Fleur® eternity roses are carefully harvested at their peak. Each bloom undergoes a non-toxic preservation process, preserving its natural beauty for a year or longer. Our roses exude a gentle fragrance and retain their vibrant hues, surpassing that of traditional fresh-cut flowers.

The warmer months invite a lighter and brighter color palette for home decor and gifting. Pink roses, a highly sought-after flower variety, perfectly complement this season. The long-lasting nature of eternity arrangements continues to convey heartfelt sentiments for a year or more, leaving a lasting impression. 

Venus et Fleur Fleura Porcelain Vase with Pink Eternity Roses

Luxury Home Decor Gifts

Pink roses are a delightful choice for housewarming gifts and home decor. Their delicate beauty and gentle fragrance capture the essence of this particular season and brighten any space. Whether it's a special occasion or you desire to brighten someone's day, a bouquet of pink roses is a thoughtful and meaningful gesture. The soft hues and petals of these flowers evoke a sense of joy and renewal. From our Fleura Porcelain Vase and Aphrodite Porcelain Vase arrangements, pink eternity roses bring a touch of elegance and warmth to any home or special occasion during this time of year.



Venus et Fleur Long Stemmed Pink Eternity Roses in Aphrodite Porcelain Vase

Mother's Day Gifts

Celebrate Mother's Day with a special gift of pink roses delivered right to their door. They deserve the finest things in life, and a bespoke arrangement from Venus et Fleur will surely bring a smile to their face.

Brighten their special day with the Le Mini MOM Gift Set, bountiful with mini spray eternity roses. Delicately adorned in pink, blush, or white roses, these blooms rest gracefully in your choice of our white or black signature flower box. This unique arrangement is a distinctive gift that fills any room with graceful sentiment.

Venus et Fleur Le Mini MOM Gift Set of Pink Mini Spray Eternity Roses in the Letters M-O-M


Show your appreciation with a thank-you gift of pink eternity roses. Our Le Mini Round features a single preserved rose in our classic flower box. This petite arrangement is the ideal modest size to convey gratitude without uttering words.

The Classic Bundle makes for a delightful expression of gratitude. This charming gift features two mini eternity rose arrangements (Le Min Round and Le Mini Square) and a rose-scented votive, exuding charm, and class that will be cherished throughout the year.

The Fleur Frame is an exquisite gift designed to elegantly showcase your most treasured memories. Adorned with eternity roses, this photo frame is ideal for displaying and celebrating those special moments you hold close to your heart.


 Venus et Fleur Pink Eternity Rose Fleur Frame and Le Clair and Le Mini flower arrangements

Indulge in the Essense of Pink Eternity Roses

The thoughtfulness and grace of the pink roses meaning make them a perfect choice for various occasions. Whether expressing love, celebrating milestones, or brightening someone's day, these exquisite blooms radiate beauty and convey heartfelt sentiments. From their historical significance to their timeless appeal, pink roses continue to captivate and inspire, leaving an impression on our hearts and creating lasting memories. Embrace the allure of pink eternity roses and let their delicate petals paint a tapestry of emotions, enriching every moment with their ethereal charm.

Discover the garden of eternity flowers and customized gifting options by visiting our website or a Venus et Fleur flower boutique in your area.



Venus et Fleur Large Le Plein and Mini Le Plein Pink Eternity Rose Arrangements



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