Pink Roses Meaning: The History of the Pink Rose

As we commemorate the crowning of spring and the steady melting of the ice and snow into a glorious summer, we at Venus ET Fleur® would like to revitalize and redecorate your home, and prepare you for some choice flower-giving occasions that the warmer months bring with them. Some of you may know that National Rose Month is in June, so we thought that a great way to celebrate the occasions would be through celebrating our favorite varieties of roses.

In terms of both home décor and gift-giving, the warmer months favor a lighter and brighter color palette. Pink roses are a natural and much sought-after varietal that perfectly complement this bright and fragrant season and make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Easter, or a simple gesture of gratitude or affection. We love how many sincere sentiments can be conveyed by the simple act of sending or giving roses, and the pink rose is a wonderfully versatile varietal.

In this guide, we will discuss what makes pink roses unique and their purpose in the traditional understanding of flower meanings. We will also shine a spotlight on a few wonderful and unique ways to use these elegant blooms to bring joy into the lives of your loved ones as well as your own.

Roses and Their Meanings

You may have heard it said that “A rose is a rose is a rose.” But when you’re sending these lovely blooms as a gift to someone else, it can help to know that, traditionally, roses carry symbolic meaning depending on their color. Red roses, as many of us know, symbolize passion, romance, and all the effects of love.

The use of roses in this way dates back to Victorian England, when the practice of floriography flourished. Members of the courtly class sent intimate and complex messages with elaborate flower arrangements. Depending on the particular flowers sent, as well as the different colors in the arrangement, the nuances of each message would be understood by the recipient. This same system became quite popular in the United States during the 20th century. Its increasing popularity soon translated into the adoption of flower messages across literature and fine art.

In the past, we have written at length about the import of each rose color and its significance, but the soft and subtle pink rose is our subject for today’s article, and for good reason. But what exactly makes this rose so special and so popular?

The Meaning of the Pink Rose

It will come as no surprise to you that the most popular and easily recognizable rose is the classic red rose, which is typically understood to symbolize intense passion and romantic love. Fewer people know that the lighter, more delicate shade of pink is a symbol of femininity, grace, maturity, and appreciation. This makes roses in this soft shade perfect for thoughts of platonic or romantic love, congratulatory sentiments, and an excellent way to say “Thank you” to a special friend or relative.

What makes pink roses especially beautiful is their wonderful versatility in terms of the different shades to choose from, each tone with its own slightly different meaning. For example, a deep, vibrant pink can symbolize gratitude, appreciation, and joy. A more medium pink—for example, in this Small Round Eternity® Rose arrangement—will perfectly convey a lighthearted or still-blooming romance but is also suitable for various occasions.

An even lighter pale pink, sometimes called blush, is best for relaying feelings of admiration and general happiness with an undeniable overtone of elegance, which makes these roses particularly well-suited to gifting to colleagues and friends.

A Brief History of the Pink Rose

Stylistically and horticulturally, pink roses are a classic. You may be surprised to learn that pink roses were, in fact, the first color ever cultivated by humans, probably a result of the fact that they are actually the most commonly-found cultivar of rose in the wild.

Recent historical scholarship shows that pink roses were grown in China’s Imperial rose gardens nearly 5,000 years ago, and they have continued to play a part in history ever since. Napoleon’s Empress, Josephine Bonaparte, had a special fondness for roses. She is known for collecting over 250 varieties in her garden at Malmaison. This voluptuous garden exhibited many different varieties of pink rose, and her beautiful collection can still be seen today in the watercolor book Les Roses. In it, artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté documents 117 varieties of rose blooms, a great many of them pink.

During the Victorian era, the pink rose was used to decorate everything from wallpaper to greeting cards. Modern growers have taken advantage of this bloom’s wild popularity, and now thanks to modern cross-breeding technologies, new cultivars in a wide variety of different shades of pink are now available.

Giving the Gift of Pink Roses

There are a wealth of occasions and situations in which the pink rose excels as a gift, in which regard, we especially recommend our signature Eternity® Roses, real roses that will last for a year with the proper care. This is possible through a state-of-the-art preservation process that sacrifices nothing in terms of the flower’s natural beauty, and each of these elegant blooms retains the fragrant perfume that we expect of a rose.

Made from 100-percent real roses grown in the rich, sun-drenched rose fields of Ecuador, each delicate Eternity Rose is carefully cultivated until it reaches a full bloom. From there, we make sure that every one of these magnificent roses enjoys the gift of natural light year-round thanks to their close proximity to the equator.


A bouquet of colorful blooms is an ideal gift for this special holiday, not only traditionally, but also due to the new change of season, priming us to appreciate the fragrance and color of new blooms. If you find yourself attending an Easter celebration where a gift is appropriate, we can think of no more fitting tribute to the occasion than a soft and sweet-smelling bouquet of pink roses, particularly if you’re giving them to someone who isn’t partial to chocolate bunnies or Marshmallow Peeps.

Pink roses will bring perfume and joy to any Easter Day celebration. If you find yourself celebrating with family or attending a more formal Easter get-together as a guest, our blooms can make a spectacular impression. Briefly consider our classic Le Petit arrangement in tasteful blush pink, which radiates sophistication while maintaining the modesty of its minimalist elegance—perfect for setting the right impression on this important holiday!

Mother’s Day

Whether you’re a daughter, a son, or a husband, one way to make this Mother’s Day more special is with the gift of roses. Someone as unique and as exceptional as your mother deserves only the finest things in life, and one of our bespoke arrangements is sure to make her smile.

Brighten up her special day with our unbelievable Thalia Vase, which showcases a sumptuous bouquet of garden roses, gardenias, and hydrangeas, dappled with white, pale pink, and rich pink, all housed within a gorgeous porcelain vase. This handcrafted arrangement is among our most unique, and is sure to fill any room in which it’s found with fragrance and beauty.

If you’d rather gift your mother something a little more concrete, our Rose Blanche fragrance is sure to set her senses afire. The delectable scent is classy and unique all at once, and will show your mother just how deeply you care about her. 

A Thoughtful Thank-You

These bright and bubbly blooms make for the perfect gift or gift-companion when you’re looking to express feelings of gratitude. Say “Thank you” with class, grace, and the matchless fragrance of pink roses!

Our singular Le Mini™ Aura Vase is poised to do exactly this. This luxurious yet simple piece houses five classic pale pink Eternity Roses encased in a sleek, clear acrylic case. The blooms are protected, while the clear case allows their true beauty to shine through. 

Final Thoughts

We believe that any space, and any life, is all the more enriched by contact with a fragrant bouquet of roses. We admire how many occasions, moods, and people they can bring joy and pleasure to. And we hope this fond look at one of our favorite colors of this peerless flower has been equal parts enlightening and instructive, and has revealed to you the magic of the humble pink rose.

As you scour the globe and the internet for the perfect gift of roses, we highly encourage you to learn more about the meaning behind the different colors of roses. If the pink rose doesn’t fit the bill for what you had in mind, there are many other vibrant options to choose from. In this regard, we remind the reader that custom arrangements are also available from Venus ET Fleur, allowing you to personally tailor the perfect arrangement for that special someone.

Best wishes from all of us at Venus ET Fleur.



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