Spring/Summer 2017 Wedding Color Trends

Wedding season is in full swing, and choosing wedding colors is one of the most important aspects of the event. It’s never too early to begin choosing a palette that will be the perfect representation of your personality, preferences, and theme of your big day. If you’re concerned about trying to decide on the ideal color combination, read on! We’ll discuss some of the most popular trends for 2017 spring and summer weddings, and how to infuse them into every aspect of your wedding day. If you’re looking for beautiful roses that will last up to a year after your wedding celebration and remain fragrant and vibrant for months on end, consider Venus ET Fleur! With an incredible selection of premiere luxury roses, Venus ET Fleur will be the obvious choice for amazing floral arrangements for your reception space or welcome table at the wedding venue. Contact us today to see how we can help make your wedding the day of your dreams!  

Blush and Rose

For the bride who loves pink, incorporate the beautiful and delicate shades of blush and rose into table decor, bridesmaids dresses, and even your wedding gown! Colored gowns are gaining more and more popularity, and a soft pink gown will add some unique depth to your wedding day look in an unexpected way. If you’re not comfortable with wearing a pink wedding gown, try adding a pink belt, shoes, or even a pink reception dress for an unexpected look.

If you’re interested in only adding a few pops of blush or rose to your special day, consider your floral arrangements. Pink is lovely for bridesmaids bouquets, as it will compliment almost any other color without adding too much contrast and is available in many different flower options and choices. Another way to incorporate the shade is in your table arrangements. Add pink to your welcome table, reception design, or anywhere else you’re interested in placing floral arrangements. Consider Venus ET Fleur for the perfect luxurious rose arrangements that will add even more beauty to your wedding day and can be used as decor in your home after the event. Since they don’t require any upkeep or watering, you can order the arrangements weeks before the big day so you won’t have to worry about a florist delivering your arrangements late because they can’t find a venue that’s out of the way or hidden from a main road. You’ll love how blush and rose bring an air of classy sophistication with a delicate edge to your wedding day.

Navy and Coral

For a bride who loves to add a happy and fun color combination to her special day, navy and coral is the perfect choice! Navy is an often overlooked neutral that lends itself in multiple ways to many different aspects of wedding decorations and outfits. It’s an excellent choice for both groomsmen and bridesmaids, and can also be used for table designs, tie choices, and invitations.

Coral brings a bright and joyful flair to neutral shades and looks amazing on many skin tones. You can add some coral blooms to your wedding bouquet or to your wedding day look in the form of your shoes, earrings, or bouquet ribbon. Coral also brightens table designs and floral arrangements to bring smiles to the faces of your guests. When you order floral arrangements from Venus ET Fleur, try adding some pops of color by incorporating coral into your design for a beautiful and unexpected arrangement, perfect for your table designs or welcome arrangements!

Lavender and Green

For the bride who loves earthy colors, lavender and green is a beautiful combination and will lend itself well to both day and night weddings. Lavender is a lovely color that can bring a delicate softness to many different skin tones and hair colors. If you’re interested in adding some muted shades to your day, try adding gray or beige as a neutral with the tablecloths or bouquet ribbons. Green is also gaining in popularity, so you can even choose to have bridesmaids bouquets or groomsmen boutonnieres created from eucalyptus, ferns, bay leaves, vines, or even succulents. The possibilities are endless for choosing greenery bouquets and they’re also extremely cost effective if you’re trying to save money.

To incorporate lavender into your wedding day, consider adding lavender buds to your exit. Guests can throw them into the air for a sweet-smelling escape that also is eco-friendly! Try placing them in handmade paper cones, small buckets, or tulle bags to be passed out to each guest. If you are searching for a lavender-themed favor idea, you can create lavender sachets for each guest to enjoy after the wedding festivities are over. You can also design beautiful Venus ET Fleur arrangements to send home with family members and friends in your wedding colors for incredible favors that will last for up to a year. They’ll love the stunning colors that will remind them of your special day and the priceless memories everyone made that day.

Planning your wedding is a thrilling experience and a special time to make memories with friends and family members. While making decisions can be stressful, don’t stress out to the point that you can’t enjoy the process. If you’re trying to choose perfect rose arrangements that will last months longer than traditional flowers, check out Venus ET Fleur. Our gorgeous Eternity™ roses are perfect for your wedding day since they’re absolutely stunning and will stay beautiful without any maintenance or watering for up to a year. If you need assistance in choosing a design, you can also contact our helpful customer service team for further assistance. Order your wedding rose arrangements from Venus ET Fleur today!