Introducing Lé Clair Gardenia

Ce sera notre petit secret. It will be our little secret.

Venus ET Fleur® is excited to announce the latest addition to our Lé Clair collection: Eternity™ Gardenias. The Eternity Gardenia comes in two luxe flower arrangements, inspired by the purity and the loveliness of the gardenia flower. Lé Clair Gardenia is available as a single arrangement in an elegant, round acrylic box, or as a five-flower assemblage in a long, rectangular acrylic box. This gorgeous flower symbolizes hope and the start of something new, making it the perfect gift for graduation, a promotion, a baby shower, and more!

The Untold Love and History of the Gardenia Flower

For centuries, flowers have been a universal symbol of love, friendship, gratitude, and more. They were and are used as an object of celebration, and other times as a symbol of regret. In the Victorian era, flowers were sent to confess one’s love and devotion to another, but when one wanted to confess anonymously, the gardenia was chosen. The gardenia flower signified a secret and untold love. It also implied, “You are lovely.”

The gardenia is also associated with purity and sweetness due to its bright, white colors and honeyed aroma. They say gardenias have “the scent of a romantic evening.” Around the world, many different cultures have fallen in love with the romantic, sweet-smelling gardenia, adopting different symbols and uses for this lovely flower.

In the American South, the gardenia stands for the grace of the southern lifestyle, symbolizing hospitality. And in nineteenth-century England, the elegant gardenia was one of the few suitable flowers to adorn a gentleman’s formal jacket lapel. In the East, the gardenia represented feminine grace, subtlety, and artistry, according to Chinese tradition.

Venus ET Fleur wants to help you bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your home and help you discover pure beauty like you’ve never seen before.

Lé Clair Grand Un

le clair gardenia round un blush and burgundy

In Lé Clair Grand Un, you’ll find an exquisite gardenia flower, delicately quartered in a round acrylic casing. This single flower will draw your eye to its enchanting beauty. When you open the lid, a sweet aroma will fill the air, where you’ll fall in love with Spring over and over again.

This singular arrangement complements any coffee table, by a Rose Blanche Candle, or on your bedside table. Next to your bed, this soft flower will remind you to dream, creating a pleasantly positive atmosphere in your place of rest.

You can also gift this luxe assemblage to your mother or grandmother for Mother’s Day, as a symbol of adoration and appreciation for her. Venus ET Fleur ships arrangements worldwide. This simple yet opulent display will be sure to add refinement to any counter space.

Lé Clair Grand Un comes in the colors Pure White, Cherry Blossom, and Burgundy. The diameter of the acrylic box is 4.3” wide and is 3.14” tall.

Lé Clair Rangée

le clair rangee white blush burgundy

Lé Clair Rangée arranges five gardenia flowers in a graceful line, displayed in a rectangular acrylic box. This composition makes an elegant statement as the centerpiece of your dining table, or as beautiful decor for your vanity dresser. These Eternity Gardenias have been hand-picked, preserved at their peak freshness, and arranged by an expert team of Venus ET Fleur designers. 

If this Spring season has taught us anything, it has taught us that life is too short to refrain from telling someone you care about that you love them. Use this time to confess your adoration for your beloved by sending them a long-lasting arrangement of gardenias. Whether you choose to send this divine arrangement anonymously is up to you.

Lé Clair Rangée comes in the colors Pure White, Cherry Blossom, and Burgundy. The acrylic box is approximately 16.6” long, 4.48” wide, and 2.9” tall.

Venus ET Fleur is proud to add a fine arrangement of Real Flowers That Last a Year™ to our Lé Clair collection. The gardenia flower is beautiful, charming, and sweet, and is the perfect flower for the coming spring and summer season. Our Lé Clair Grand Un and our Lé Clair Rangée make an ideal gift for weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers. Order an arrangement today!

le clair gardenia collection eternity flowers