Gifts for Girlfriend: How to Know the Best Gift

Buying a gift for your girlfriend can be a little bit stressful

After all, you want to show how much you love her. The perfect gift can demonstrate that you care and that you truly value the relationship. 

But how do you find the perfect gift? 

We’re going to give you some tips as to how to determine what your girlfriend truly wants this holiday season and suggest some of the best gifts for her. 

You can impress your girlfriend with a sophisticated, authentic gift that encapsulates the love that you share. 

Let’s get started! 

Do Your Homework

When buying a gift for your girlfriend, you should never go in blind. 

You’re going to have to do a little bit of homework. 

It’s no secret that during the holiday season, you’ll be expected to give your girlfriend a gift. Don’t be afraid to ask her questions about her tastes—just make an effort not to come on too strong. 

Inquiring into your girlfriend's tastes proves that you are putting in real thought to getting her a gift that she will truly love. Guessing rarely works, so don’t be afraid to ask (without giving away the gift too literally!)

If you really want to keep the gift a total secret, talk to her friends. Bringing in a consultant of sorts is a great way to ensure that you aren’t missing the mark. 

Make The Gift Unique And Personal

The most thoughtful gifts always have a personal touch. 

Personalized gifts are a sure-fire way to spice up a gift and give it a unique touch that will demonstrate your attention to giving the perfect present this holiday season. 

Choosing the color, personalized text, and other components of a gift can really bring the gesture to life. 

At Venus ET Fleur®, luxury gift-giving is made personal. With twenty-four different rose colors and over thirty-five custom designs, Venus design specialists are here to help you. 

Bring your gift’s vision to the next level. It will speak volumes about how much you care and make your girlfriend feel seen this holiday season. 

The Best Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Now that we’ve laid out some of the prerequisites for finding the perfect gift, it’s time to give you some suggestions. 

Venus has a wide array of iconic arrangements and other gifts that embody sophistication and class. Whether you're buying at the last minute or planning out a gift well in advance, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out this list of curated gifts to impress the love of your life this holiday season! 

Le Clair Grand Un

The Le Clair Grand Un gardenia is exquisitely and seamlessly encased in acrylic. 

This sophisticated arrangement complements any coffee or side table to brighten any space. Its singular beauty works to draw the eye, and its pure aroma exudes the scent of love every time you open the lid.

Your girlfriend will love the beauty, both visually and aromatically, that the Le Clair Grand Un brings to any living space. With three unique colors, from pure white to bright cherry blossom to burgundy, you can tailor this arrangement to best suit your girlfriend’s tastes. 


Coupled with a charming rose quartz crystal, the single Eternity® Rose radiates positive energy and hopefulness. 

The Florentina has long been revered for its symbolism of purity and devotion. Paired with the rose quartz, this thoughtful ensemble is designed to promote love. 

The Florentina is available in twenty-six astounding colors sure to blow your girlfriend away. And with all of our arrangements uniquely handmade by our in-house designers, you will be assured that each Florentina is hand-crafted. 

Large Square

Looking for something timeless? 

Our Large Square Arrangements are a classic that collects 42-49 exquisite Eternity Roses. 

Set in an elegant and tremendous square vase, luxury comes standard with the Large Square Arrangement. 

Our timeless arrangements are comprised of 42-49 exquisite Eternity Roses set in elegant, tremendous square vases that will introduce an element of luxury to any space.

With white and black box options, and our twenty-four rose color collection, classic elegance comes easy. Your girlfriend will absolutely love it. 

Le Clair Vingt-Cinq

The Le Clair Vingt-Cinq is a truly stunning arrangement. 

Featuring twenty-five stunning Eternity Roses, the Le Clair Vingt-Cinq comes encased in a sleek, clear acrylic case that protects the roses without sacrificing their deep and moving beauty. 

With a hidden storage drawer beneath a top layer of roses, this arrangement boasts functionality in addition to its allure. 

If your girlfriend loves roses, this gift will genuinely sweep her off her feet. And with twenty-four rose color options, your sure to find the perfect color to impress. 

Le Plein

Both our small and large Le Plein arrangements feature classic and refined clusters of stunning Eternity Roses. 

Set in Parisian hat box-inspired boxes, this arrangement’s magnificence comes from its simplicity. 

With four unique box options and twenty-four thoughtful colors available for customization, the Le Plein arrangement will make any space feel more elegant and refined. The Le Plein is also designed by our in-house designers, making it the ultimate individualized gift. 

Le Petit

Venus’ Le Petit arrangements are highly customizable, with three specially designed box options and twenty-four colors. 

Your girlfriend’s Le Petit arrangement will feature four stunning Eternity Roses in a luxurious square box. 

Le Petits are especially wondrous in their ability or elevate any small to medium-sized space and serve as the perfect gift for your girlfriend. 

Grandiose DE Venus

Looking to really go all out this year in displaying your love? 

Our Grandiose Collection lives up to its namesake. This collection is the ultimate when it comes to representing the luxury and abundance of your love. 

Comprised of approximately 150 gorgeous Eternity Roses set in a square box, a Grandiose Arrangement is nothing short of a proclamation. It’s a proclamation of eternal love, passion, and care in a monumental and awe-inspiring way. 

Your girlfriend simply won’t believe her eyes. 

With this gift, we highly recommend a personal touch by designing your own arrangement. Our in-house designers are ready to work with you and bring your vision of the ultimate gift for your girlfriend to life. 

Whether you go with a custom design, one of our four unique box options, or want to add a personal message, Venus has got you covered. 

Show your girlfriend just how special she truly is with the Grandiose DE Venus, and revel in your eternal love this holiday season. 

Rose Blanche Candle

Wanting to go with something other than flowers this season? 

Fill your girlfriend’s favorite space with the warmth of the Rose Blanche candle. This inspired candle, made of a soy and wax blend, comes presented in a handcrafted porcelain vessel. 

The scent profile features hints of dramatic peppery geranium and zesty cinnamon. Enhanced with crisp notes of freesia and Damascena roses, this candle is utterly intoxicating. 

You can expect this intoxication to remain. The candle burns for 80-85 hours, filling your girlfriend’s space with exquisite floral aromas.

Nue Tuberose

The Nue Tuberose candle is composed of one of the world’s most covetable scents. 

Nue Tubernose has a soothing, blush-tinted wax that will transport you to a dream-like floral garden. With wax crafted by a soy and coconut blend, this candle comes delivered in a handcrafted porcelain vessel. 

The scent profile is profound and life-giving. It combines tuberose with graceful touches of Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Freesia, and Lotus. Indeed, the Nue Tuberose is the ultimate symphony for the nose, and your girlfriend will love the 80-85 hour burn time. 


Buying a gift for your girlfriend this holiday season doesn’t have to be stressful

2020 has been a crazy year. But your love has endured and demonstrating that with a thoughtful, customizable gift can go a long way. 

Talk to your girlfriend about her tastes, and get an idea from her friends about what gift would bring her the most joy. 

Venus ET Fleur is the home of Eternity Roses and has a wide selection of stunning, sophisticated arrangements that your girlfriend is sure to love.

Curated by floral design specialists in New York, every arrangement is chic and sourced from our vibrant rose fields of Ecuador. 

Our signature collection of arrangements is sure to impress. Featuring metallic, suede, leather, marble, gemstone, glass, and heart-shaped creations and designs, shopping Venus ET Fleur this holiday season is the ultimate way to ensure you give your girlfriend the best gift possible. 

Show off your love with a stunning arrangement!