Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Did you know that the month of September usually has the most birthdays in the United States? In recent years, gender reveal parties have become a popular way for a couple to learn and announce whether they are having a boy or a girl. You might be wondering how you can make this a fun and one-of-a-kind event if you’re expecting a baby in the upcoming months, and Venus ET Fleur® is here to help. We specialize in luxury rose delivery, and our Eternity™ Roses make the perfect addition to any party. Shop  our Special Collections online now.

If you are looking for a unique way to announce the gender of your baby, it turns out there are countless ideas to choose from. We’ll review a few of the most common ones in today’s post. Check them out below

Gender Reveal Fun

Confetti Poppers

A trip to your local party supply store might be all you need to make your party one that provides a simple way to announce your baby’s gender. Confetti poppers are inexpensive, and they come in a wide variety of colors, including blue and pink. If you’d like to be just as surprised as your guests, have your sonographer write the gender of the baby on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope. Then, give the envelope to a trusted friend or relative and ask them to purchase the poppers for your party. The explosion of the poppers and the resulting flutter of pink or blue confetti will make for an awesome announcement and photo opportunity. 

Balloon Release

One of the most popular ways that couples have chosen to reveal the gender of their baby is with a balloon release. This activity can be modified easily if one or both of the parents want to be surprised, or if they already know and want an exciting way to announce the gender to friends and family. If you choose a balloon release for your gender reveal, all you need is a large box or container and several pink or blue balloons. For an added bit of fun that creates a keepsake for later, you can have your guests write their well wishes and sentiments on the outside of the box before you reveal.

Specialty Flower Arrangement

Are you someone who loves a high-quality flower arrangement? If so, then why not incorporate a stunning box of roses into your gender reveal party? Doing so will not only announce the gender of your baby in a creative way to family and friends, but it will also provide you with an arrangement that you can enjoy long after the party is over. In fact, when you choose luxury rose delivery from Venus ET Fleur®, you’ll receive an Eternity™ Rose arrangement that can last for more than a year with proper care, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of fresh-cut roses even after you welcome your new bundle of joy. 

Drink Service or Cake Surprise

If you are hosting your event outdoors, your guests may be anticipating some sort of food and drink during the party. Because of this, many couples choose to incorporate some kind of punch, cake, or other tasty treat into their big reveal. For example, you can mix up a batch of pink lemonade or blue Hawaiian Punch in an opaque pitcher to serve to your guests, or you could serve cupcakes that have been colored with blue or red food coloring. This idea can be a little more difficult to pull off since it requires guests (and possibly the expecting parents) to stay out of the kitchen, but it is well worth the hard work and effort. 

A fun little twist on the cake surprise is filling the inside of the cake with either pink or blue M&Ms. You will need to hollow out a portion of the cake to accommodate the candies, but the extra effort goes a long way in making this sweet surprise even sweeter!


Another idea to help reveal your baby’s gender that is quickly gaining steam is the piñata. Getting to this reveal takes a bit more work than most others, as you will need plenty of energy if you want to see what’s inside. Most couples choose to fill the piñata with blue or pink confetti, candy, or flowers. If you’re feeling creative, you can make your own gender-reveal piñata. Or, if you find that you are too busy preparing your life for your new little bundle, you can buy pre-made gender-reveal piñatas. Just be sure that you do this part of your big reveal party outside, as it can get pretty messy!

Painted Baby’s Room

Getting everything ready for your new addition can be hectic enough, so why not have your cake and eat it, too? With this clever idea, a friend paints your new baby’s room the color of the gender! This can be a tough one if you can’t resist peeking, but it’s a great way to take some of the load off. Not only will you have less to worry about, but you will also have a personal touch that reveals the gender of your little one. Make sure that whoever is doing the painting is someone you can trust to do a great job! If you really want to spruce things up, consider decking out the baby’s room with our breathtaking Le Clair Vingt-Cinq collection. There are many colors to choose from, but you’ll want to be sure to select either Baby Blue or Pink for this special occasion. 

Balloon Pop

This is a slight variation of the piñata; only this time, there is much less physical activity involved! Simply inflate a giant balloon and fill it with either blue or pink confetti. At your reveal party, all you have to do is pop the balloon to see your baby’s gender! If you don’t want to use confetti, consider candies or glitter to tell everyone what you’re having. As with the piñata reveal, the balloon pop can get a little messy. Consider taking this one outdoors, so you don’t get your house covered in the balloon’s contents.


There is perhaps nothing as celebratory as fireworks. Wouldn’t it be nice to reveal your little one’s gender to the whole world (or at least the surrounding neighborhoods) with a dazzling display of blue or pink explosions of light in the night sky? If you plan on throwing a reveal party packed with entertainment and lots of guests, fireworks would be the ultimate way to cap off the night. You’ll just want to make sure that it’s legal to do where you live. If it isn’t, consider throwing your party somewhere that would allow you to have a short fireworks display at the end.

Reveal Eggs

For this reveal idea, you will need to buy special eggs that are made for gender reveals. These are designed to be easily cracked open, but you will need to fill them with the answer to your reveal before you do. Some couples like to use pink or blue confetti, while others prefer a small piece of paper with “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl!” written on it. At your gender reveal party, have your guests crack open their eggs all at once for the big reveal. If you have family or friends who can’t make it, carefully pack an egg and mail it to them. This way, everyone can experience the suspense and eventual joy of learning your baby’s gender.

Scratch-Off Cards

Here is another great way to share the big news with loved ones who can’t make it to your gender reveal party. You can buy specially-made scratch-off cards that work just like lottery tickets. But instead of there being winners or losers, everyone is a winner! Underneath the silver scratch-off portions of the cards are the answers to the big question. Some cards might reveal pink or blue hearts, while others may say, “It’s a Girl!” or “It’s a Boy!” At your party, have everyone scratch off their cards simultaneously so that everyone is surprised together.

Time Capsule

This one comes after the big reveal. Once everyone at your party knows the gender of the baby, have them write down their own personal messages for your new boy or girl. This can be anything from advice to aspirations. Keep all of these special messages in a box and give it to your child when they turn 16. Imagine the things they will learn when this birthday finally rolls around! As an extra-special touch, you might want to consider adding a Pink or Baby Blue Le Clair Un to the time capsule contents. This is a great way to commemorate their birth, and special gender reveal party that you held for them before they were born. Just be sure that you hide this box really well, as you want it to be a special occasion when they finally receive it. In true time capsule fashion, you might want to consider burying the box in your yard to make it even more special.

Action Painting

Want to get in touch with your inner artist? Action painting is a great way to create your very own personalized piece of art for your new bundle of joy. With this gender reveal idea, you’ll want to take things outside, as it can get more than a little messy. In your yard, place a large plastic sheet on the ground. In the center of the sheet, place a canvas on an easel. With either blue or pink paint, you and your spouse stand at a distance and splash the paint onto the canvas from afar. This not only tells all of your party guests the gender of your new baby, but it also gives you a personal work of art to hang in your home.

Belly Pop

This gender-reveal idea is another one that requires some paint, but nowhere near the scale of the Action Painting reveal. With Belly Pop, solid-color balloons line a large piece of plywood in your yard. Only one of the balloons holds the answer to your baby’s gender. In a single balloon, fill it with either blue or pink paint and have guests throw darts at the board in an attempt to hit the correct balloon. When it is finally struck, your chosen paint color will explode, revealing to everyone the gender of your new baby.

Fortune Cookies

Now, this is one fortune that you know will come true! You can order special fortune cookies that hold the answer to your baby’s gender inside. Instead of lucky numbers and vague predictions, small pieces of paper and appropriately-colored confetti will tell your guests what you’re having. If you really want to surprise everyone, don’t tell them that this is your reveal idea. Pass out the cookies at the end of your party and watch as everyone is shocked to learn of your baby’s gender. 


If you already have little ones running around or guests bring children of their own to your gender reveal party, you might want to consider ordering this special kid-friendly reveal idea. This Play-Doh arrives as a simple white color. But the more you squeeze it and play with it, the true color begins to come into focus. Depending on what you’re having, the Play-Doh will turn either pink or blue to reveal your baby’s gender. You don’t have to limit this unique idea to children, either. Gender-reveal Play-Doh is a fun gender-reveal idea that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages.


Another popular reveal idea that has been making the rounds is the exploding football. Inside of these specially-made footballs is either a blue or pink powder. Whenever the football is kicked, the powder explodes into a huge cloud of smoke, letting all of your guests know what you’re having. The men at your party are sure to get a big kick out of this fun, and sporty gender reveal activity. Consider having several footballs available so that all of the men can get in on the action. It’s a great way to get them involved in your party, too!


Everyone loves to play a quick game of Bingo, so why not incorporate this clever idea into your gender reveal? At your party, use special gender-reveal Bingo cards. But instead of shouting “Bingo!,” your guests will learn the gender of your new little bundle of joy. When you order this specially-made game, you will receive both pink and blue cards for each team. This is a fun and exciting way to get everyone frantically trying to get a Bingo.

Family Photo

If both parents already know the baby’s gender, there is no better way to announce it to friends and family than with a fun and festive family picture. Many couples like this idea because of the timeless memories a simple photo can provide. Others prefer this method of revealing the gender because of the countless creative ideas that can be played out before the camera. Do you already have one or two children? If so, then why not have them hold a sign, make a funny face, or do some other unique activity that relays the anticipation that the entire family is feeling? With this idea, the the possibilities are endless, and your photographer might even have a few ideas of their own. 

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