How To Make an Awesome Breakfast in Bed

Being served breakfast in bed is the ultimate pampering experience. Whether it’s to celebrate a holiday, a birthday, or just because, serving a morning meal before your special person has risen for the day is a touching and thoughtful way to express love and appreciation. 

We have compiled an idea list for creating the most awesome breakfast your special someone has ever had. It is more than a meal; it’s an aesthetically pleasing immersive experience. 

Step One: Plan Ahead 

If you are looking to really pull out all the stops, then a little bit of planning will go a long way. That is the true secret to a perfect breakfast in bed experience. First, decide on a menu. Sweet or savory? Hot or iced coffee? Croissant or toast? Next, make a list of every item you will need. This includes ingredients, any kitchen supplies you do not already have, tableware, and serving utensils. 

One essential breakfast in bed item is the holding tray. This is what’s going to support your meal that was cooked with love. You will want a collapsible folding tray that is easy to carry from the kitchen to the bedroom. 

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Set the Mood​

To further set the mood, light our signature Rose Blanche candle. Choose from either a 2.4oz votive or an 11oz candle. This candle will fill your home with the warmth of dramatic peppery geranium and zesty cinnamon that is also enhanced with crisp notes of freesia and Damascena roses. The votive burns for 20-25 hours and the candle burns 80-85 hours, keeping the lovely mood set well past breakfast time. 

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Step Two: Plan Your Breakfast in Bed 

Once you have completed your grocery shopping, you should start prepping everything you’re going to make the day before. This will save you precious time in the morning! Veggies and meats for omelets or frittatas can be chopped up and bagged. If you are baking fresh muffins, pancakes, waffles, crepes, or scones, the mixed batter will be perfectly safe to rest overnight under plastic wrap in the refrigerator. 

When you want to take your breakfast in bed to the next level, adding some finishing touches can make a lasting impact. If you are planning on serving a glass of orange juice, go the extra mile and make it fresh-squeezed. You can also mix up your juice recipe by adding some other fruit juices like kiwi, orange, strawberry, or mango.

If your loved one prefers tea over coffee, treat them to high-quality tea and serve it in a nice teapot. If they are coffee lovers, grind fresh coffee beans and serve them in a French press. Don’t forget to utilize fresh herbs and fruit to garnish your plate. It will add some brightness everyone will enjoy. Instead of using paper napkins, opt for a linen napkin. Use the fancy teacup with the saucer.

Making a special breakfast in bed does not have to be a lot of hard work. Prep time can be cut down by planning ahead and cooking some elements, like granola, muffins, or scones, the day before. Bagels and French pastries can be bought fresh from a local bakery and put together with a simple dish of freshly cut fruit. 

Similarly, homemade sausage patties will always taste more delicious than the pre-bought variety. This is also something you can mix together the night before. Just turn on the stovetop in the morning to get your griddle started. The gift of your time and thoughtfulness will transcend any cooking trepidation you might feel. 

Step Three: Balance Sweet and Savory in Your Cooking 

Just because breakfast is the most important meal of the day doesn’t mean it can’t also have some dessert elements, too. Preparing some coffee cake or chocolate walnut banana bread is a lovely way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Some freshly baked donuts or gourmet pop tarts don’t hurt, either. For a classic breakfast pastry dish, pulling apart some freshly-baked cinnamon rolls with icing will always be a crowd-pleaser. 

Along with some pancakes, waffles, and a pitcher of maple syrup, this special meal will be a beautiful sight to behold. If you want to make your waffles even easier to eat in bed, slice them up into sticks that are easy to dip into maple syrup. Taking these extra steps will make all the difference to your loved one. 

The ideal meal is a balanced experience. This means that every element has an equal and opposite counterpart. To balance sweetness, add a few savory elements to sample on the plate, so there’s not a sugar overload. Fry up your previously made sausage patties, or put some strips of bacon on a baking sheet and bake them to crispy perfection (pro tip: baking your bacon will help you avoid accidental grease spatterings!). 

When deciding which meal to whip up and serve, keep in mind prep time, clean up, and transportability. Your meal must be able to travel well on a breakfast tray. 

Step Four: Style Your Breakfast Tray, Serve, and Enjoy! 

When selecting your dining ware, choose plates that are proportionate in size with the serving tray. You do not want a plate or bowl to be as big as the tray itself. As you are plating your tray, also pay attention to the negative space, as that is an important element in creating a balanced, uncluttered final look. 

If your tray looks too busy, take off the last item you placed on it. Using little dipping bowls filled with syrup, jam, fruit, or nuts is a great way to save some room and still have a stylish finishing effect. 

You’ll want to include a few staple elements on your tray. Place the main dish in the center of the plate. Build out from around the center, placing sides and sauces around it and the beverage in the top right corner. In the left corner, place your floral arrangement. Light some candles in the bedroom to create ambiance, open up the curtains, and then you are ready to serve! 

Now that you have prepared this beautiful and dreamy breakfast in bed, it’s time to add one last finishing touch before you make the big reveal. Writing a little card if the tray is for someone else (but you can certainly always write a little card to yourself!) expresses your love in a decorative and meaningful way that will provide a small memento of this beautiful meal. 

Final Touches 

Serving breakfast in bed is a beautiful and considerate way to show your loved ones that you care. After all, they say the way to the heart is through the stomach! Jump in bed and enjoy this special meal alongside them. You will make any weekend morning even more special. Putting your heart into something homemade will be a truly delicious treat. 



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