Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas

Make This Celebration Joyful and Abundant With Venus ET Fleur®

Have you been invited to a bat mitzvah and are trying to figure out what 12- and 13-year-old girls like these days? While it’s a puzzle inside a teenager’s brain and gifting her with the perfect something may feel like a complicated math equation, but it doesn’t have to be! Teenagers like beautiful things—so you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous, gracious arrangement of flowers that will stay with them and bring them joy for an entire year or longer.

Venus ET Fleur has numerous arrangements of Real Flowers and Real Roses That Last A Year®, which make a great gift for any bat mitzvah. Explore our floral arrangements—the perfect gift for this coming-of-age ceremony. 

Celebrating The Bat Mitzvah

A bat mitzvah is not a birthday party or a wedding—it’s a Jewish ceremony that signifies an arrival or a spiritual rite of passage wherein a person can now partake in Jewish traditions. And while many families choose to invest a lot of money into a bat mitzvah replete with lots of glitz and glamour, know that no matter how traditional or non-traditional the celebration is, there will always be Jewish songs, ancient traditions, and dancing. 

What is an Appropriate Bat Mitzvah Gift? 

There are a few things to consider when it comes to giving a gift that both the girl and her parents will appreciate. 

Bat Mitzvah Gifts Styled By Venus ET Fleur

A floral arrangement can symbolize this new season and chapter of adulthood and Jewish responsibility and honor—it’s a chic, thoughtful, and sophisticated gift that’s unlike any other gift.   

However, not any traditional flowers will do—most arrangements will shrivel and wilt and only last a couple of days at best. In the teenager’s mind, the flowers will leave an impression that’s about as long as the traditional arrangement would last for—which is not long.

Help make this celebration last with Venus ET Fleur! Our floral arrangements will last long after the bat mitzvah festivities and into the coming year—365 days, or longer, of fresh, fragrant flowers that serve a reminder of herevolution, hard work, and commitment to the Jewish faith. 

On The Other Side Of Gift Cards

Gift cards are a wonderful treat to receive, but the gift doesn’t have to end there. Expand your bat mitzvah gift and complement it with a floral arrangement from Venus ET Fleur. Gifts that are customized for their receivers leave longer-lasting impressions. 

Here are a few Venus ET Fleur pieces that serve as beautiful, thoughtful ceremony gifts:

Three in one: the Classic Bundle Set 

The Classic Bundle Set features three timeless and stunning pieces that will elevate any space. Complete with our elegant Le Mini Round, Le Mini Square, and fragrant Rose Blanche Votive, placed in a graceful pink and ivory gift box. 

Not only can it stand on its own, but you could easily add a gift card to one of their favorite places. Remember—if you do decide to give a gift card, do it in increments of $18. The number 18 represents “chai,” or “life” in Hebrew; signifying the giving of life. 

Timeless Beauty: the Maison Collection  

Nothing adds sophistication to any space quite like the gorgeous pieces in our Maison Collection. The pieces are inspired by ancient Roman and Greek art and architecture, so they’re especially meaningful and, in this way, represent education. Choose from Mixed™ Eternity Flowers that highlight vibrant hydrangea and stunning gardenias, or go for something more traditional with Eternity® Roses and Eternity™ Hedera Leaves. 

Each arrangement is scrupulously arranged and placed in one of our gorgeous limited edition handcrafted porcelain vases. This arrangement is something that can be carried and treasured throughout the year—it embodies the feminine and makes any space more beautiful, whether it’s displayed in her bedroom, on her vanity, or in the game room. 

A Treasure for Holding Treasures: the Le Clair Collection

The Le Clair Collection fuses our Real Roses That Last A Year in a lustrous clear acrylic case that protects the roses while providing a hidden drawer beneath, as seen in several of our arrangements:

Le Clair Trésor

Le Clair Cinq

Le Clair Neuf

Le Clair Quinze

Le Clair Vingt-Cinq

For a truly special gift, include a beautiful, meaningful piece of Jewish jewelry such as a Star of David necklace or a Chai bracelet to the drawer. Our Le Clair arrangements are reminiscent of diamonds. The clear cases can symbolize truth and purity, so they’re ideal for the occasion.

The Warmth of Roses: the Rose Blanche Candle

Our Rose Blanche candle is more than just a candle it ushers new beginnings, which is exactly what a bat mitzvah is. With top notes of freesia and davana, middle notes of rose, cinnamon, and geranium, and a sprinkling of patchouli and vetiver, this scent will transcend any surrounding into a relaxing and soothing space. It will make her feel more calm, more adult, and more loved.

Pair this candle with Shabbat candlesticks for a fusion of traditional and modern gifts. Women light the Shabbat candles and lead the blessing at the start of every Jewish holiday, making this a special and very meaningful gift. 

Modern Bat Mitzvah Arrangements

The Classic Bundle, pieces from our Maison Collection and Le Clair collection, and Rose Blanche candle are all excellent choices for traditional bat mitzvah gifts. For a more spirited girl who defies tradition, Venus ET Fleur has fun and unusual arrangements, too. 

Protective Beauty: The Evil Eye Collection

Along with the Tree of Life, Chai, or Hamsa, the Evil Eye is a very traditional symbol in the Jewish faith that helps to ward off evil, making this the perfect amalgamation of a modern and traditional bat mitzvah gift that is protective and meaningful.

Give The Gift Of Venus ET Fleur

Whether you’re celebrating with a traditional bat mitzvah or a more modern celebration, Venus ET Fleur has a floral arrangement featuring Eternity Roses and Eternity Flowers that is suitable for any young woman and her upcoming bat mitzvah celebration. 

Choose from a wide variety of vivid Eternity Roses placed in a selection of containers, including porcelain, velvet, marble, and cruelty-free leather boxes and vases. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for any girl in your life—a gift that will honor this monumental occasion with grace, beauty, and all that Venus stands for.

Explore our stunning floral selections and order online at Venus ET Fleur today!