Sustainability with Eternity® Florals

The Venus et Fleur® mission began with a vision to deliver high-quality and reliability to the luxury floral industry. Today, that positive impact continues to thrive through the innovative and sustainable luxury floral arrangements we design. Venus et Fleur® proudly supports sustainability in the floral industry through carbon print reduction. It is a beautiful extension of the love and care delivered with every eternity floral arrangement.

Reduced Resources at Every Step

Venus et Fleur® eternity floral arrangements offer stunning beauty and luxury, while requiring fewer resources. Our eternity florals are real flowers that last a year, so fewer floral purchases are required over time. This reduces shipping costs, maintenance, and the harvesting and handling of flowers.

Less Water, Less Carbon, and Better Flowers

Our eternity florals are real preserved flowers that last a year or longer and do not require water, making them a superior option to traditional flower arrangements. For each rose in your arrangement, 7-13 liters of water per week is saved. This also frees our planet from billions of pounds of carbon dioxide each year — as much as 720 million for Valentine’s day alone. Eternity flowers require little to no maintenance, offer unmatched elegance, and conserve water. This makes them the preferred choice for floral arrangements.

Always Getting Better

We continue to prioritize sustainability and lower our carbon footprint by decreasing our waste output. We do this by finding alternative ways to grow, ship, and store our product sustainably. Our current mission lies with our packaging where we are working to establish an even higher percentage of recycled components amongst our current, largely recyclable packing and shipping materials. We proudly proceed with the rest of the planet in making the world a more sustainable and healthy place to live.