What the Color of Your Roses Mean This Valentine's Day

When you think of Valentine’s Day, there’s probably one image that comes to mind — roses. No Valentine’s Day is complete without hundreds of roses as far as the eye can see, and whether you’re giving or receiving roses this year, you want to be sure that the color of the rose translates exactly how you feel.

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What the Color of Your Roses Means This Valentine’s Day


When you think of Valentine’s Day roses, you probably think of a deep red color. The classic, dark red rose is a symbol of love, and by giving or receiving such an elegant beauty, you can be sure this beautiful rose clearly says “I love you.” You can’t deny that the red rose symbolizes affection, but the shade of red signifies different degrees of affection. For example, the typical red shade you usually connect with Valentine’s Day translates to romance, whereas a deeper, almost burgundy shade may convey that you have stronger feelings for your love than they may realize.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have the elegant and pure white rose. Typically you don’t see many white roses on Valentine’s Day, and this may be because they are not associated with romance. The color white symbolizes innocence and purity. For this reason, you may see white roses at a wedding, a christening, or another ceremonial event. Another instance in which a white rose would be appropriate is at a funeral, or to show someone that you are thinking of them in their time of need.

That being said, at Venus ET Fleur®, you can’t deny that our arrangements of white roses will look stunning when paired with a dark red or blue box. If you’re interested in presenting your white roses as a more romantic gesture, we recommend placing white Eternity Roses® within one of our popular heart-shaped boxes this Valentine’s Day.


Because pink falls into the same family as red, you may be thinking that pink roses symbolize a crush or a new relationship. However, pink roses generally mean joy, gratitude, and grace. If you are looking for the perfect roses to give a new partner, it’s probably best to stick with red, whereas pink roses make the perfect gift for a friend who you hold near and dear to your heart. A bouquet of pink roses is a wonderful gift for a close friend or family member who may be in need of a little something special this year.


Lavender-colored roses aren’t very common, and their rarity makes them even more special. Much like their red cousins, these elegant roses are a perfect way to show your true feelings for the person you hold close to your heart. The color purple is often used when referring to royalty, but a lavender rose says that you are enchanted with your S.O., or that it was love at first sight. Yes, you can always present your loved one with red roses, but why not splurge for something spectacular and unique like a lavender rose?

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