How Do Flowers Last a Year Without Water?

Flowers exude a captivating charm that stirs emotions and marks special occasions, making us long to preserve their beauty. However, despite diligent efforts to trim their stems and provide water, they wither within a week or two.

Eternity® florals defy these conventional norms, delivering a touch of luxury throughout every season. They are real flowers that last a year without maintenance. Discover the secret behind the extended lifespan of eternity flowers and how they maintain their beauty without water below.


Venus et Fleur Mixed Eternity Flowers

Ecuadorian Fields: The Birthplace of Longevity

In Ecuador's breathtaking landscapes, flower farms cultivate a variety of blossoms that serve as the foundation for long-lasting flowers. With its ideal climate and rich volcanic soil, the country provides the perfect environment for our luxurious roses to thrive. Among these fields, roses and other floral varieties bloom, radiating lush beauty and potential.


White Eternity Roses Venus et Fleur

Hand-Picked with Precision

Each blossom is harvested at its peak to ensure only the finest flowers are chosen for preservation. This careful selection guarantees that only the best flowers undergo the transformative journey that allows them to maintain their splendor for a year or more without water or maintenance. This marks the inception of eternity flowers.


Papaya Eternity Roses Venus et Fleur

Dehydration: A Timeless Transformation

After the flowers are harvested, they embark on a voyage that defies the course of nature. Dehydration is a pivotal step in the preservation process. The flowers are subjected to carefully controlled conditions where moisture is gently extracted, leaving their delicate structures undisturbed. This dehydration process halts biological activity, allowing the flowers to remain frozen in time while their essence is preserved for a year or more. 

Spring Eternity Roses Venus et Fleur

Preservation: Fresh Flowers for a Year or More

With dehydration complete, the flowers enter a preservation stage that further enhances their longevity. A non-toxic proprietary solution is infused into the stems. This solution replaces the plant's natural sap, transforming the flowers into captivating works of art that resist wilting and maintain their shape, color, and suppleness for a year or more without water or maintenance.

Eternity flowers possess a remarkable quality that liberates them from needing water. Our preservation process effectively halts the biological functions that would typically require hydration. Through advanced techniques, these flowers transform, allowing them to retain their beauty without relying on water. This unique characteristic adds convenience and contributes to their longevity, allowing them to radiate elegance without regular maintenance. Eternity flowers are real flowers that last a year.

Dusty Lavender Eternity Roses Venus et Fleur

The Versatility of Preserved Flowers

Flowers that last a year bestow a myriad of creative possibilities. They are popular for their ability to elevate any space and add a touch of flair to home or office decor. From elegant floral displays to wedding bouquets, preserved flowers provide a timeless touch of nature's elegance to any setting. Eternity flowers offer a convenient solution for individuals leading busy lifestyles, as they do not require water or maintenance.


Blush Eternity Roses Venus et Fleur

Venus et Fleur: The Original Eternity Roses

The remarkable journey of flowers from Ecuadorian fields to preservation facilities unveils the secrets behind their year-long lifespan and why they retain their beauty without water. Through a combination of cultivation, dehydration, and preservation, these delicate creations endure as symbols of natural beauty. We can now enjoy eternity flowers throughout the seasons, bringing a touch of nature’s wonder into our lives.

Discover the expanding garden of real flowers that last a year on the Venus et Fleur website or at a Venus et Fleur flower boutique.


Venus et Fleur Eternity Rose arrangements