Step-by-Step Guide to Caring for Flowers That Last a Year

Venus et Fleur® eternity® flowers embody the beauty and elegance revered by the goddess Venus. These are not ordinary blooms but meticulously preserved marvels designed to last a year. Discover how to care for your eternity flowers in this comprehensive guide.


Eternity Roses in Vases - Venus et Fleur

How to Ensure Your Preserved Flowers Last a Year or Longer

Eternity flowers require little maintenance, making them a popular alternative to traditional, fresh-cut blooms. They are real flowers, preserved to retain their fresh appearance for a year or more. This guide answers common questions on how to care for your preserved eternity flowers.

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What is the Ideal Temperature For Storing Preserved Flowers?

Ensure your eternity flowers retain their aesthetic by storing them in an area with controlled temperatures and humidity levels. Exposure to heat or direct sunlight may cause the colors to fade, while cold temperatures may cause brittleness. Additionally, avoid moist, humid environments. These steps will ensure your preserved flowers retain their beautiful aesthetic for a year or more.


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How To Keep Preserved Flowers Clean and Dust-Free

If dust accumulates on the flower petals, gently remove it with a soft, dry cloth. A slight dusting should be sufficient to keep your preserved flowers looking their best for a year or more. Always handle eternity florals carefully, as they are fragile and easily damaged.


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How to Display Preserved Flowers

Avoid placing the box lid directly on the florals when caring for a Venus et Fleur classic box flower arrangement. Doing so will cause damage to the delicate petals. Instead, display the lid on the side or bottom of the box. Additionally, always handle preserved flowers carefully during transportation to prevent accidental damage. Following these guidelines will maintain your flower arrangement's beauty and delicate structure.


Things to Avoid When Caring For Your Preserved Flowers

Provide optimal care for your eternity flowers by considering the following factors:


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Do Preserved Flowers Need Water?

No. Preserved flowers do not require water to retain their fresh appearance. Keep eternity florals dry and away from liquids and excessive humidity. Exposing them to water or other liquids will damage their delicate structure over time, causing them to lose their vibrancy. Store your flowers in a cool, dry place to ensure they retain their beauty for a year or more.


Mixed Eternity Flower Arrangements - Venus et Fleur

Do Preserved Flowers Require Sunlight?

Direct sunlight is not necessary for eternity flowers. Exposing them to direct sunlight is harmful, affecting their delicate structure and color. Store your preserved flowers in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight to ensure your flowers last a year or more. Doing so protects the fragile petals and maintains their lustrous color.


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Can Items Be Placed Inside Preserved Flower Arrangements?

Refrain from placing plant picks or other floral embellishments inside the arrangement. Instead, personalize your Venus et Fleur flower box lid to convey your message without disturbing the blooms. Customizing your flower box communicates your message and ensures the flowers retain their captivating beauty.


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Can Preserved Flowers Be Removed From Their Vase or Vessel?

Venus et Fleur eternity arrangements are hand-arranged by floral artists and intended for display as designed. We do not recommend removing the flowers from their vase, flower box, or vessel. Upon delivery, long-stemmed roses and baby's breath may be gently arranged by hand and left undisturbed in their vase.


Long-Stem Red Rose in Flower Box-Venus et Fleur

Can Preserved Flowers Be Stored Near Textiles?

It’s vital to keep eternity flowers away from lightly colored fabrics or other objects to avoid color transfer and staining. Display them on a stable, flat surface, such as a shelf or tabletop, where they can be showcased without the risk of damage or contact with other items.


Seashell Colored Mixed Eternity Flowers Venus et Fleur

How Long Do Eternity Flowers Last?

Preserved flowers are a long-lasting alternative to traditional fresh-cut flowers. The non-toxic preservation process ensures each flower lasts a year or more. With the proper care, your eternity flowers will continue to impart elegance in your home or office through every season, making them a worthwhile investment.


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The Truth About Preserved Flowers

Preserving Venus et Fleur eternity flowers involves a proprietary process that utilizes non-toxic methods. These blooms are grown and hand-picked at their finest state from the lush fields of Ecuador. Through a meticulous dehydrated process, the flowers are preserved at the peak of their beauty, retaining their natural appearance and delicate structure while extending their lifespan.

Eternity flowers offer the ideal solution for individuals leading busy lifestyles or seeking hassle-free yet exquisite gifts and home decor. Their preservation and ease of care make eternity flowers the perfect floral choice, bringing lasting elegance to any setting.


Mixed Eternity Flowers in Arrangements - Venus et Fleur

Venus et Fleur: Preserved Flowers That Last a Year

Caring for eternity flowers is a rewarding and sustainable way to enjoy the timeless beauty of nature for a year or more. The long-lasting nature and minimal maintenance requirement of eternity flowers in a vase or hatbox design provide a lasting reminder of nature's charm, allowing us to cherish the beauty of flowers without the limitations of time.

Celebrate the allure of nature with eternity flowers from Venus et Fleur. Visit our website or our flower boutiques to discover the lush garden that awaits.