A Guide to Roses That Last a Year®

The timeless allure of roses symbolizes love and passion and has captured the hearts of many individuals throughout history. A dozen roses are the ultimate expression of love, while a single rose is a timeless gesture of sentiment. Each bloom represents commitment and each hue carries its own significance. Yellow roses signify friendship, while pink roses evoke thoughtfulness. The variety and color selection are subtle yet significant details that accentuate the gift's intent.

Venus et Fleur® surpasses the traditional beauty of these majestic blooms with eternity® roses - real roses that last a year®. Immerse yourself in the wonder of our extraordinary garden by exploring further below.


Red Eternity Rose by Venus et Fleur

Why Are Venus et Fleur Roses Special?

Experience the artistry of florals with Venus et Fleur, where our roses are harvested from the lush fields of Ecuador. Every flower undergoes a diligent non-toxic preservation process, ensuring that each bloom radiates unique and unparalleled beauty for a year or more. Our gorgeous eternity flower arrangements are designed to transform any space into a stunning oasis of elegance where luxury and style meet nature's finest creations.

Roses embody eternal love and beauty, reminiscent of the legendary goddess Venus herself. At Venus et Fleur, we elevate this symbol of grace with eternity flowers. As pioneers of eternity roses, we offer four distinct rose styles within our exquisite flower arrangements. Indulge in eternity roses that last a year, and immerse yourself in the luxury of Venus et Fleur. 


Three Pink White Red Eternity Roses by Venus et Fleur

The Traditional Rose

Experience the timelessness of our classic long-stemmed rose arrangements that showcase traditional eternity roses, also known as hybrid tea roses. Having become a symbol of everlasting love, they are ideal for Valentine’s Day, weddings, Mother’s Day, and other special occasions. Traditional roses are handpicked, arranged by our skilled floral designers, and embody refined sophistication. They are the cornerstone of our stunning floral creations.


Red Long Stemmed Roses in Aphrodite Arrangement Venus et Fleur

Reflexed Roses

For those seeking an avant-garde option, let us introduce the latest addition to our eternity rose collection – reflexed roses. Our skilled floral designers meticulously style each bloom to create a mesmerizing fluttery effect. Every delicate petal is thoughtfully reverse-curled for a mature aesthetic. A chic and innovative alternative to the classic traditional rose, the reflexed variety is available in various arrangements, including the luxurious Demi Sandstone Vase, the Fleura Porcelain Vase, and the Terre Travertine Vase.


Papaya Reflexed Roses in White Fleura Porcelain Vase by Venus et Fleur

Mini Spray Roses

Engage in the charming beauty of our petite yet sophisticated mini spray roses. This versatile variety brings a whimsical touch to our smaller floral arrangements. Available in a wide range of enchanting hues, these blooms effortlessly infuse any setting with vibrant color and lighthearted flair. Spray roses are featured in our Le Mini Letters, Le Mini Numbers, Le Mini Square, and Petit Love Locks Box arrangements.


Le Mini Numbers White Eternity Spray Roses by Venus et Fleur

Garden Roses

Experience the allure of our exquisite garden roses, adored for their full-bodied appearance and nostalgic charm. Handpicked by our experts, each rose embodies nature's splendor. Savor the singular beauty of our garden roses in the Aura Porcelain Vase, a masterpiece of design that captures the essence of romanticism.


Three Eternity Garden Roses in Aura Arrangements by Venus et Fleur

Experience The Luxury Found in Eternity® Roses

Indulge in the timeless beauty of our roses that last a year, each carefully selected and preserved to create a mesmerizing display of grace. Whether you're seeking to add a touch of sophistication to your home or office decor or searching for the perfect gift, our roses are the ultimate expression of love and admiration.

We believe flowers should be a sensory experience, an expression of emotions, and a celebration of life’s precious moments. Our floral collections include roses that last a year, curated to enchant even the most discerning tastes.

Explore an array of eternity roses on the Venus et Fleur website or visit our flower boutiques to immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of our garden. Discover your new floral obsession at Venus et Fleur.


Mixed Eternity Arrangements by Venus et Fleur