The True Meaning of Rose Colors

While every flower has a wonderful story to tell, the rose has always been a symbol of love and passion. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated the beautiful flower with Aphrodite and Venus, the two main goddesses of love. The rose has been used for hundreds of years to convey messages without words, and each color of rose offers a distinct meaning. In this article, we’ll discuss the various available colors of roses along with their traditional meaning.

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The Red Rose: A True Symbol of Love and Romance

One of the most universal symbols of love is the red rose. This incredibly beautiful flower is known to represent true love and affection. In fact, in the 18th century, a special rose language evolved as a means of communication between lovers who were forced to keep their relationship a secret from society. The red rose has even been incorporated into famous works of art from classical poetry to ancient paintings, and it remains to be an inspiration to lovers across numerous cultures.

Red roses can make meaningful gifts for expressing emotions during an anniversary. As the most popular type of rose purchased around Valentine’s Day, roses are a great symbol of love in new relationship and budding romances. For married couples, roses often symbolize a message of commitment and everlasting love.

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The Yellow Rose: A Symbol of Friendship

The yellow rose was first discovered in the Middle East during the 18th century. Before its discovery, roses were cultivated in a variety of other colors including red, pink, and white. Once the yellow rose was introduced to Europe, it’s popularity grew quickly. Most people are drawn to the yellow rose because of their subtle and sweet smelling fragrance.

When you think of yellow roses, the words bright, cheerful, and joyful may come to mind. Throughout history, yellow roses have been closely associated with the sun, making these an excellent flower to give to a close friend during a time of need. They are also associated with the sun and its life-giving warmth, and can evoke warm feelings of friendship and optimism. As such, these roses can make the perfect gift for someone who has fallen ill or is feeling down. Yellow roses also promise new beginnings, which can make them the perfect gift for other occasions such as graduations, birthdays, and even homecomings.

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Lavender Rose: A Symbol of Enchantment, Majesty, and Love At First Sight

The lavender rose is one of the rarest and most visually stunning rose colors available. There are several different varieties of this rose available, from the Old Garden roses to more contemporary hybrids. As a wildly popular rose for romantic occasions, sending a loved one a bouquet of lavender roses can make a striking impression.

The color purple is known to signify royalty and splendor, which can bring about feelings of mystery and enchantment. If you have ever experienced love at first sight, a gift of lavender roses would be an appropriate gift to give to symbolize your romantic feelings towards another. If you're looking for the perfect rose arrangement to send to a friend or loved one, be sure to browse Venus ET Fleur’s incredible floral collections online. 

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