Venus et Fleur® Spring Rose Colors and Reflexed Roses

Venus et Fleur® welcomes the spring season with reflexed roses in four exclusive rose colors and two colorways. Step into spring with this fresh take on our beautiful classic eternity® floral arrangements.

Spring Roses Mix

What Are Reflexed Roses?

Reflexing is a design technique involving the gentle reverse curling or unfolding of varying rose petals by the hands of skilled floral designers. This artistic technique results in the fluttery appearance of a mature rose bloom. Creative variations in each hand-sculpted bloom provide a unique appeal to each arrangement. Reflexed rose petals capture the brief moment in the lifecycle of a rose when it reaches full bloom. Eternity roses extend this beautiful moment to one year or more. Reflexed roses are the on-trend, must-have flowers of the season.

Reflexed Roses Le Plain

Venus et Fleur Spring Rose Colors

The Venus et Fleur spring rose colors include four fresh shades and two limited edition colorways. Each seasonal color delivers a luxuriously vibrant appeal to reflexed eternity rose arrangements. Why are these new rose colors unique? Each of our four new spring rose colors are exclusive to Venus et Fleur.

Discover more about our new spring colorways and each rose color meaning below.

Spring Roses

Dusty Rose

The new Dusty Rose color variant in our new Morning Mist colorway lies between pink and mauve. This sophisticated classic color delivers a graceful touch to eternity rose arrangements. The dusty rose color meaning mirrors that of the pink rose meaning, symbolizing femininity, grace, and thoughtfulness. Dusty rose eternity flowers are available in our Parisian hatbox-inspired Classic arrangements and a variety of vases from our Porcelain and Stone collections.

Dusty Lavender

The new Dusty Lavender rose color meaning stands for originality, calmness, and enchantment. This beautiful shade of purple roses also joins the new seasonal Morning Mist colorway. Dusty lavender eternity roses are available exclusively in our Classic box arrangements and five vases from our Porcelain and Stone collections.

Spring Rose Papaya


Creative, fascinating, and energetic, the new orange Papaya rose color is one to remember. This seasonal color epitomizes spring with its vibrant, sunny radiance. Papaya stands in our Melon Sorbet colorway, delivering a fresh appearance in our spring rose color catalog. This enlivening shade is available in our Classic and Porcelain eternity rose arrangement collections.


Another new addition to the Melon Sorbet colorway is our creamy Cantaloupe rose color. This delightful shade of yellow represents happiness, friendship, and appreciation, mirroring the meaning of yellow roses. Cantaloupe roses are available in our Classic Parisian hatbox-inspired arrangements and a variety of vases from our Porcelain and Stone collections.

Experience The Colorful Season of Reflexed Roses

Welcome the spring season with avant-garde reflexed eternity rose arrangements in premium rose colors. Our bespoke flower arrangements are hand-arranged, offering unique beauty in each arrangement. Discover real roses that last a year® with Venus et Fleur.

Spring Rose Petals