Orange Rose Meaning, History, & Gift Guide

Embark on a journey of timeless expression as we explore the world of orange roses. Our papaya orange roses add a playful touch to eternity® arrangements, making them a delightful choice for any occasion. Join us as we unravel the allure of these flowers, delving into their history, symbolism, and stories that have enchanted us for centuries.


Papaya Orange Eternity Roses- Venus et Fleur 

The History of Orange Roses

In the late 19th century, French rosarian Joseph Pernet-Ducher set the stage for a floral revolution. Fueled by his passion for experimentation, Pernet-Ducher embarked on a quest to create a new yellow rose. His efforts came to fruition in 1900, giving rise to the magnificent Soleil d'Or, the world's first golden-yellow and orange rose. This marked a pivotal moment in horticultural history.

The success of hybridization sparked a revolution in the floral industry, forever changing the landscape of rose cultivation and appreciation. A spectrum of captivating shades emerged, ranging from vivid hues to softer tones resembling sunsets with the delicate blush of papayas, peaches, and corals. This newfound diversity in color innovated the world of roses, captivating the senses and ushering in contemporary expressions of nature’s artistry.



Papaya Orange Roses - Venus et Fleur 

The Symbolism of Orange Roses

Understanding the significance of each rose color is crucial when selecting the perfect rose gift. The red rose symbolizes passion and love and exudes a different message than the yellow rose, typically associated with friendship and happiness. However, the papaya orange rose inspires with its meaning of creativity, fascination, and energy.

As summer paints the world with its vibrant palette, the orange rose emerges as a radiant bloom, epitomizing the season's spirit. Its luminous hue exudes warmth and intensity, capturing attention with its contrasting beauty. These stunning flowers infuse their surroundings with vibrant energy, uplifting the senses and inspiring a dynamic ambiance.


Papaya Roses in Black Flower Box Le Plein Arrangement - Venus et Fleur

Orange Rose Gifts 

Orange roses are exquisite gifts, effortlessly combining elegance and simplicity. Their vibrant hue radiates enthusiasm and joy, while the inherent warmth and fascination represent added allure. Orange roses make a truly memorable gift that leave a lasting impression.


 Two Papaya Orange Eternity Reflexed Rose Arrangements in White Vases- Venus et Fleur

Send Orange Roses to Someone Special

An orange rose bouquet is ideal for those who exude positive energy, as it symbolizes the interplay of fascination and blossoming passion. Nestled between the allure of yellow and the intensity of red, it creates a visually stunning and meaningful expression of emotions.

Our Le Petit arrangement is the perfect gift for expressing your affection. It features four eternity roses arranged in our classic petite flower box. Each hand-arranged bouquet showcases real roses that last a year®. Cultivated in the rich farmlands of Ecuador, these flowers flourish under natural conditions until they reach their prime. Each rose retains its beauty through careful preservation for a year or more. It’s the perfect gift for someone special. 



Papaya Reflexed Roses in White Thalia Vase - Venus et Fleur

Send Orange Roses as a Thank You Gift

A carefully arranged bouquet of fiery orange blooms leaves an unforgettable impression when given as a thank-you gift. Our Le Clair Cinq arrangement is a beautiful choice for expressing this gratitude. This stunning piece showcases five papaya orange eternity roses inside an acrylic case. It serves as the perfect token of appreciation.

Explore the complete Le Clair Acrylic Collection, which embodies the minimalist aesthetic while preserving the elegance of a traditional rose arrangement. These pieces enhance professional and personal settings, adding beauty to any space.


Three Orange and CanatloupeEternity Rose Arrangements - Venus et Fleur

Buy Yourself Flowers

As the summer unfolds, it presents the opportunity to renew your home with the delightful fragrance and appeal of real roses that last a year®. Brighten your living space with a vibrant papaya orange arrangement from our exclusive Porcelain Vase Collection. These elegant designs make exquisite centerpieces and accent home decor.

Our Babiole Porcelain Vase arrangement is ideal for those who appreciate classic elegance and modern appeal. It features two single-stemmed eternity roses in a white porcelain vase with three glazed baubles adorning the rim. This modern take on the classic Edwardian bud vase exudes elegant charm in any space. 

The Large Round Classic eternity arrangement is the ultimate expression of self-care. This bouquet radiates a vibrant appeal with over three dozen luxurious eternity roses. Celebrate self-love this summer with rich, orange blooms from Venus et Fleur®.


Papaya Cantaloupe Colored Eternity Rose Arrangements - Venus et Fleur


The unconventional nature of the orange rose is what makes it truly special. Whether you're looking to infuse your home with vitality or seeking a memorable gift for someone special, we invite you to explore the Venus et Fleur garden. Discover the variety of eternity flowers that last a year. Each bloom leaves a lasting impression on anyone you hold dear.



Orange Roses in Wheelbarrow - Venus et Fleur

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