Caring for Your Venus et Fleur® Flower Delivery

Venus et Fleur eternity® arrangements are uniquely designed to last a year or longer with minimal maintenance. It takes only a few simple steps to ensure your Venus et Fleur eternity roses maintain their beauty throughout the year. That’s just one reason why Venus et Fleur provides the best flower delivery experience.

At Venus et Fleur, our flowers are delivered with the intention of perfection and the highest quality possible. This has been part of our mission since our inception, and it continues with every flower delivery, whether online or from our local flower boutiques in NY, L.A., and beyond.

Caring For Eternity Flower Arrangements

Caring for eternity flowers requires little effort. Their lush beauty and fresh, floral fragrance remain true, ensuring you benefit from their aesthetic all year long.

Whether it’s a gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, a celebratory housewarming, a heartfelt anniversary gift, or elegant decor for your home, the memory of your first Venus et Fleur flower delivery won’t soon fade. Just follow these simple steps to protect the delicate, luxurious blooms.

Eternity Florals Do Not Require Water or Sunlight

Venus et Fleur eternity roses and flower arrangements do not require water or sunlight to retain their lush beauty. Avoiding sunlight is perhaps the most important part of caring for your luxurious arrangements. Do not display your bouquet in a window or near sunlight to maintain your arrangement's vibrant color and luxurious beauty.

Do Not Remove Flowers from Their Vase or Vessel

Each delicate, hand-arranged flower bouquet is intended to remain on display in its decorative vessel. Removing the flowers or placing objects inside the arrangement will damage the intricate structure of the delicate eternity flowers.
Keep Eternity Arrangements at Room Temperature

Avoid leaving your flower delivery in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Every Venus et Fleur arrangement is packaged and shipped with the utmost care and should be stored in a comfortable room-temperature environment upon arrival. Hot and frigid temperatures are damaging to the delicate blooms.
Handle Eternity Flowers With Care

As with all real flowers, our eternity florals are delicate. Avoid placing objects inside or on top of the flower arrangement structure, as this may cause damage to the beautiful design of each bloom.

Remove Dust From Your Flower Delivery When Needed

Over time, you may experience a small accumulation of dust on your eternity flower arrangement. Dust may cause a lackluster rose color, so gently remove it with a dry, soft cloth or feather duster. This will ensure that your eternity florals remain as vibrant as the day you received your flower delivery.

Use Your Personalized Lid for Care or Display

When ordering Venus et Fleur online flower delivery, you’ll be presented with an option to send a customized message to your loved one. Customized lid messages are a thoughtful addition to your online flower delivery. Avoid placing the lid directly on the arrangement to avoid damaging the delicate flowers. Rather, showcase the lid beside the eternity arrangement or below.

Online Flower Delivery and Local Flower Delivery

It requires little effort to care for your Venus et Fleur flower delivery. This ease of care is just one of the many ways we provide the highest quality and value in the flower industry, whether ordered online or through our flower boutiques.

For the most convenient delivery options and in-store promotions, shop Venus et Fleur's local flower boutiques in LA, NJ, and beyond. Shop our online boutique for worldwide flower delivery or to browse our luxurious custom gifts and eternity arrangements.