Five Tips for Sending Valentine’s Day Flowers

With the holidays in the rear view mirror, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing: millions of Americans are beginning to think about finding the perfect way to express their love and affection to those that are close to them. Luxury flower delivery is one of the most popular ways of doing so, but many people find the process to be a bit overwhelming. At Venus ET Fleur®, we are here to ensure that your loved one’s Valentine’s Day will be one to remember, and in today’s post, we’ll review five tips to ensure your holiday flower delivery goes off without a hitch.

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Tip #1: Consider the Recipient

When you plan on sending someone flowers for Valentine’s Day, it is important to think a few things through before placing your order. What is your relationship with the recipient? What are his or her favorite colors? Does he or she appreciate small tokens of affection, or prefer more extravagant gifts? Red roses are the traditional flower of Valentine’s Day, however, the colors and flowers that you choose for a friend or family member’s arrangement will likely differ from those sent to a romantic interest. Likewise, the style and size of the arrangement should be customized to suit your recipient’s tastes and preferences. Considering the type of relationship you have with the recipient and his or her style is essential to sending an arrangement that is unique and personal to you and your friend or loved one.

Tip #2: Plan Ahead

If you are a natural-born procrastinator, you might need to step up your game when it comes to the planning and execution of luxury flower delivery. Waiting until the last minute to order flowers for your loved ones can present a variety of problems. You may experience stress and anxiety in the rush of trying to get the arrangement ordered in time. This may cause you to choose the wrong arrangement or send them to the wrong address. Additionally, the longer you wait, the more swamped florists will be, and that could impact the types of flowers that are available for arrangements, as well as the quality and price of the arrangement. Planning ahead will ensure that your flower delivery goes off without a hitch and that your recipient receives the well-intended gift you imagined.

Tip #3: Consider Early Delivery

While you are in the mindset of planning ahead, it may also be beneficial to consider ordering your flower delivery early. Many people enjoy the romantic gesture of receiving flowers on the actual Valentine’s Day holiday itself, but having flowers delivered a couple of days prior to the big day can be beneficial in a couple of ways. Some florists offer various perks for early orders, such as discounted delivery, and they are less likely to feel rushed to complete your order when you order early. This could translate to a less expensive arrangement that’s even more stunning than you expected. Additionally, when you order your flowers and have them delivered in the weeks or days leading up to Valentine’s Day, your recipient will get the pleasure of enjoying your gift before the big day arrives, and he or she will appreciate your thoughtfulness and timeliness.

Tip #4: Get Creative and Stay on Trend

Flowers are the traditional gift of the Valentine’s Day holiday, and nearly everyone can appreciate a bouquet of flowers delivered to their home or office. Why not take your gift to the next level with a creative luxury flower delivery? High-quality florists are able to transform simple bouquets into customized works of art by incorporating designs into the flowers. If you want to be sure your arrangement sends the right message, consider having a heart design or the recipient’s initials incorporated into the flowers. In addition to being creative, it can be helpful to take note of recent trends in the floral world. Whether your recipient prefers the classic romanticism that roses provide or something a little more unique, including a creative element while minding the latest trends are sure to make your luxury flower delivery one that your recipient will remember forever.

Tip #5: Choose Carefully

In the world of flower delivery, it is important to know that not all florists are created equal. Some will take advantage of the Valentine’s Day holiday and overcharge for their product while others realize the value of pleased, repeat customers. When it comes time to choose the vendor that you order your flowers from, take the time to shop around. This will ensure that you get the best quality arrangements within your budget and that your recipient receives his or her flowers as quickly and easily as possible. If you are hoping to deliver flowers to a friend or loved one out of state, it is also important to research which florists can accommodate out-of-state deliveries with minimal or no additional fees.

Luxury Flower Delivery for Valentine’s Day

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