Decoding the Meaning of Rose Colors

You may have a specific color that you prefer over others for items like clothing and decor, but have you ever been curious about the true meaning of rose colors? The shade of roses that you pick out in your Eternity™ Rose collection can send a special message to your recipient, and Venus ET Fleur® is here to help you choose wisely. In today’s post, we will review 10 popular choices in our extensive color palette and decode the meaning of each one. Read on to learn more and then browse our Special Collections to find the perfect one for your special someone.

The True Meaning of Rose Colors



The most traditional, and perhaps most popular choice, red roses are a classic option that provide the recipient with a clear understanding of their meaning. They are seen on Valentine’s Day, at weddings, in romance films, and for good reason. Red roses signify romantic love and passion. 

Do you know someone who makes your heart skip a beat every time you are together? Whether you are involved in a new relationship or celebrating decades of marriage, red roses are a sure way to let your significant other know just how important he or she is to you. This rich color means “love,” and is the color of choice for people wishing to express their affection to one another.


This fresh, soothing color combination of green and blue is the perfect rose color for someone who has just experienced a major life event because it is known for creating a sense of comfort and tranquility. An Eternity™ Rose arrangement in this color is just what your recipient needs to evoke calmness into his or her day. Whether it is displayed in the home or at the office, an aqua arrangement complements any room with its exquisite appearance and delicate scent.


The color purple has long been associated with royalty, opulence, and grandeur. That’s exactly what makes purple roses a perfect choice for the woman in your life who you respect and want to honor. Occasions for such a glorious color would include milestone anniversaries or engagements. Purple roses can also convey a sense of fascination or adoration, or, on the flip side, a sense of longing for a lost partner. Roses in this versatile color are perfect for when you need to convey how impactful someone is in your life.


While many view this delicate shade as just another variety of plain old purple, lavender roses are anything but plain. This particular color represents spirituality and femininity. Are you looking for the perfect shade to help the special lady in your life celebrate a birthday, Mother’s Day, or other important date? If so, sending her lavender roses is the perfect way to celebrate her feminine spirit on almost any occasion.


As one of the most simple rose colors, sending someone an arrangement of white roses can send a couple of different messages. White roses are seen as the traditional wedding flower because they represent the purity and innocence which defines a new union. They also convey a sense of reverence and honor, making them a popular color for expressing sympathy and spirituality. 


This cheery and happy color has long been associated with the sun, and when you want to brighten someone’s day or send an aromatic “get well” message, nothing accomplishes the task quite like yellow roses. Throughout time, the color has also been associated with friendship, appreciation, and joy, making it the perfect Eternity™ Rose color to send to friends on birthdays and other special occasions.

Are you shopping for just the right luxury rose arrangement for that special someone? Whether you want a classic arrangement of stunning red roses or a bouquet of another color, Venus ET Fleur® has your needs covered. Shop our Eternity™ Rose arrangements to choose from a wide color palette of shades to find the one that expresses your sentiments perfectly, then choose a box to complement the roses. Can’t decide on a color? Many of our arrangements are available in a rainbow color which contains multiple colors, providing a fun bouquet for any special occasion.


Do you know someone who is about to embark on a new personal journey, or someone who could use a little bit of luck? If so, then green may be one of the best rose color choices because it evokes a sense of luck, money, and success. Sending an exquisite emerald green Eternity™ Rose arrangement is one of the best ways to congratulate a friend or family member on a new job, a new baby, or renewed wedding vows.


Orange is a fiery shade that is a popular choice in floral arrangements. Because it falls somewhere between red and yellow on the color spectrum, many people often have a strong emotional response to this color. If you know someone whose personality strikes the right balance between energetic creativity and unyielding happiness, or if you have an intense attraction to someone, orange roses are a sure way to make him or her smile.


While the color red is known for evoking feelings of intense passion, the lighter, more delicate shade of pink is symbolic of tender, sweet romance. This makes it a very popular choice for budding relationships. Pink is also a symbol of femininity, grace, maturity, and appreciation, making roses in this soft shade perfect for gender reveals and a wonderful way to say, “Thank you,” to a special female friend or relative.

What makes pink roses especially beautiful is that there are several different shades to choose from, each with their own slightly different meaning. For instance, a deep, vibrant pink can symbolize gratitude, appreciation, and joy. A more medium pink Eternity Rose arrangement will convey a lighthearted or still-blooming romance but is also suitable for various occasions. An even lighter pale pink relays a sense of admiration and happiness with an overtone of elegance, which makes it particularly well-suited to gifting to colleagues and friends.


As the color of the ocean and sky, blue is an ethereal color often associated with deep emotions. Light blue shades typically relate to sensitive feelings. A soft shade in this hue can bring a sense of peacefulness, which makes light blue roses a wonderful choice for a friend, partner, or colleague who you feel needs a little pick-me-up to lift the stress in their lives. Baby blue roses symbolize a playful softness, making this bloom the perfect choice for gender reveal parties. Deep blue evokes confidence and loyalty, and it is a wonderful shade to choose for a longtime friend or close business associate. Darker blues can also signify newness and imagination, so, like yellows, dark blues will likely be loved by those who are celebrating a big career shift or other big change.

Blue is an incredibly rare shade in plants, and the uniqueness of this rose color, in any shade, makes it an extra special color option for your loved one


Black roses are rarely seen because they do not grow naturally. But this gives an aura of mystery and intrigue to a bouquet in this color. When you want to send a luxury rose arrangement to commemorate a new beginning, black roses are a beautiful and unique way to inject an element of rebirth, formality, rejuvenation, and sophistication into your greeting. They also make an impactful fashion statement with their classy and understated simplicity. The idea of eternal love associated with the black rose means that this color may also be given to a long-term lover. While black may not be the first choice for many people, this non-traditional rose color is an excellent way of celebrating momentous occasions. 

On the other hand, when choosing to send black roses, keep in mind that black roses have a dual connotation of death and endings. Roses in this color could be used to imply that a relationship, or even a life, has come to an end. With multiple, drastically different meanings, it is important to make certain that any recipient understands the specific message you intended to convey.


Another often underrated rose color is burgundy or dark red. Deeper than classic red and purple shades, burgundy roses are a symbol of commitment and true passion that can provide an additional message for someone who you feel romantic love towards. A bouquet in this shade will be a lovely surprise for a long-term partner to celebrate a special anniversary or momentous milestone in the relationship.

Rainbow Roses

When picking a color, do not forget that you do not have to settle on just one color in an individual rose. Multicolored roses, which are sometimes called “rainbow roses,” often set a joyful tone. These multifaceted roses make a special gift for any occasion, and different mixes of shades can help send multiple messages in one delivery. These unique flowers are wonderful for birthdays or other special events.

Mixed Bouquets

Just like multicolored roses, bouquets that mix and match roses of different colors have a sense of charm and joy and allow you to tailor your gift to the particular feelings you want to get across. Some combinations can include: red and white (showing intense passion and a commitment to growing that passion into a solid love), yellow and orange ( perfect for toasting to the happiest of life’s moments), lavender and pink (perfect for blooming relationships to show the other person how much you are enjoying getting to know them). 

With mixed bouquets, the sky is the limit, as color combinations are seemingly endless. This is the ultimate way to tell your loved one, “This gift is intentional and purposeful, with thought behind every stem.”

Real Roses in A Rainbow of Colors

Venus ET Fleur is proud to offer Real Roses That Last a Year® in a variety of different colors. We realize how important it is to convey the right message for your special occasion. Shop our Eternity Rose arrangements to choose from a wide color palette of shades to find the one that perfectly expresses your sentiments and then choose a box to complement the roses. We hope this article has cemented your ability to choose the ideal shade. View any one of our luxurious arrangements to find the unique look perfect for that extraordinary someone.