Tips for a Fantastic Galentine's Day

If you don’t have a significant other this Valentine’s Day, your first instinct may be to head into a downward spiral of loneliness. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t need a partner to make you happy, especially if you have a fantastic group of girlfriends by your side!

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Tips for a Fantastic Galentine's Day

When you’re not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, it can be extremely depressing. You may find yourself elbow deep in a box of chocolates if you’re having trouble dealing with the fact that you’re single. This year, instead of feeling sorry about yourself, make it your mission to celebrate the day with the only people you need in your life — your girlfriends.

Find the Perfect Venue

When you make plans for Galentine’s Day, the first step is to find the perfect venue. Think of places that you and your friends like to hang out regularly. Do you have a favorite place where you like to get brunch? Is there a restaurant that is a staple for your girls’ nights? Think about what you want to do for your Galentine’s Day event. For example, maybe you start the night off at a restaurant, go for drinks, and then head back to your place.

If you’re not too keen on the idea of going out, why not turn your place into the perfect Galentine’s Day venue? Pick up some decorations, buy some champagne, and stock up on all the chocolate you can find!

Invite the Best People

When you finally have an idea of where you want to host your fantastic Galentine’s Day event, the next step is to finalize the guest list. You may be under the impression that the guest list is the easiest part of the process, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, you want to invite all of your closest girlfriends, but you have to keep in mind that they may already have plans if they have a significant other. If you really want to spend time with your besties, you can always plan something earlier in the day, or even plan your festivities for a different day. Ideally, having all of your friends at your party would be great, but you have to keep in mind that Galentine’s Day is a celebration of being single and not needing a S.O. to make you happy.

Perfect Your Drink Selection

Spending time with your best girlfriends is all about having a good time, and nothing says a good time quite like alcohol. In addition to the mountain of chocolate you plan to consume, you will also need a great selection of drinks to keep everyone happy. When you’re planning the menu for your Galentine’s Day event, you can never go wrong with red wine, champagne, and rosé. It’s not recommended to drink all three, especially if you want to avoid a post-Galentine’s Day hangover, but having a surplus of each is sure to keep your besties happy all night long.

Give Your Girls Something Special

Nobody should have to go home without a gift on Valentine’s Day, and your girlfriends are no exception. As the night is winding down, present your girlfriends with a little gift that will show them how much you care about their friendship. You can give them anything from a small box of chocolates and a card to a nice necklace. If you’re really interested in getting them a gift that will last, you can find some beautiful arrangements at Venus ET Fleur® that are perfect for the most important women in your life.

Celebrate Galentine’s Day the Right Way With Venus ET Fleur®

This Galentine’s Day, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Whether you’re looking for luxurious decor or the perfect gifts for your besties, Venus ET Fleur® is here to help! We offer a wide variety of arrangements, from our special collections to custom arrangements that you can design yourself. No matter what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with our beautiful Eternity Roses® from Venus ET Fleur®. Find beautiful real roses that last a year®, and let our luxury rose delivery ship your roses right to your door.