Light-Colored Roses for Summer Decor

Although it seems that spring has just arrived, summer will be here before you know it. That has many people thinking about how they will decorate their homes for the summer, and if you are someone who enjoys switching out your home accents to suit the current season, it is never too early to start planning ahead. Bright, bold colors are all the rage for interior design this year, but rich colors like plum, marigold, and turquoise all need a little something to help balance them out so they aren’t overwhelming. Pale neutrals are just the ticket, and light-colored roses can add a subtle softness to these beautiful, yet powerful, colors.

Venus ET Fleur® is your go-to source for stunning Eternity™ Rose arrangements that will take your summer decor from ordinary to extraordinary. Shop our Traditional Arrangements and our Special Collections to find one that suits your style. In the meantime, check out a few stunning shades of light-colored roses that are sure to make a statement of their own in any room.

Ideal Light-Colored Rose Shades

Pure White Roses

If you are looking for a neutral-colored floral arrangement that pairs well with virtually any color scheme, then you can’t go wrong with pure white roses. This shade provides crisp, defined contrast when integrated into dark, bold color palettes, creating a dramatic appearance in living rooms and kitchens. When paired with lighter colors schemes, such as those featuring pink and lilac, pure white roses provide an undeniable element of femininity to a room.

Pearl Roses

While some love the sharp contrast that pure white roses offer, others prefer a more subtle contrast. Pearl-colored roses a light enough that they still create a wonderful element of contrast in a room, but in a much less obvious way. This is because pearl roses are close enough to white to compliment brighter, bolder colors, but their hint of cream offers a bit of warmth to them. These roses are perfect for your home office or the corporate office, especially when paired with a rich mahogany palette.

Champagne Roses

If you are looking to inject a bit of stylish formality into a room that is dominated by rich, warm colors, nothing accomplishes the task quite like champagne-colored roses. Their delicate light golden color is the same as a glass of fine Dom Pérignon, exuding an air of sophistication and elegance that other shades can’t quite match. These unique light-colored roses are the perfect addition to a formal dining room or a living room that is decorated in burgundy, terracotta, and other warm hues.

Blush Roses

Not quite pink and not quite white, blush-colored roses are an incredibly popular choice for summer decor. Blush roses complement many color schemes and they blend very well with a wide variety of deep, rich tones. Their delicate bright hue adds an instant air of romance and happiness to a room, making these light-colored blooms perfect for a master bedroom or the bedroom of a younger woman.

Yellow Roses

Summer is a season of warm temperatures and bright, sun-filled weather. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could mimic the cheerfulness of a sunny day inside of your home? Thanks to yellow Eternity™ Roses, you can do just that. This brilliant, light-colored rose is symbolic of happiness and joy, and there is no better way to bring a bit of summer indoors, making wonderful centerpieces in kitchens and incredible focal points in offices.

Why Choose Eternity™ Roses for Your Decor?

While we know we might have a biased opinion, we believe that all of our Eternity™ Roses are gorgeous. Whether you choose light-colored roses for your summer decor, or you purchase a stunning arrangement to send to a loved one, you just can’t go wrong. If you’re on the fence between purchasing roses from Venus ET Fleur® and another company, consider the benefits of our long-lasting roses. They:

  • Can last more than a year with proper care
  • Are real roses that don’t need water
  • Are available in several types of keepsake boxes
  • Can be customized to suit your design preferences
  • Are versatile enough for home or office decor

Several of our arrangements are perfect for decorating your home for the summer months, including those in our Lé Clair Collection. Our Watercolor Collection and our Lé Petite Papillon Collection capture the carefree cheerfulness of summer as well, and all of these collections feature the light-colored roses we’ve reviewed in today’s post. Order yours today before they’re gone.

Light-Colored Roses that Last a Year

Are you ready to take your summer decor to the next level? With light-colored roses from Venus ET Fleur®, your interior design is sure to be the envy of friends and family. Our long-lasting roses require little to no maintenance, and we ship these stunning arrangements anywhere in the world. Whether you are decorating your office up the street or your vacation home across the country, you can enjoy the incredible aesthetic of Eternity™ Roses anywhere. Order your arrangement today.