Flowers That Last a Year: A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Blooms

In a world where we long for happiness, it's no wonder that flowers capture our hearts. They console us in times of sorrow, elevate our spirits when we are unwell, and commemorate important milestones throughout our lives. Considering the myriad of emotions flowers evoke, it's only natural that we seek to preserve their beauty for as long as possible.

Eternity® flowers are a long-lasting alternative to traditional blooms. While most flowers quickly wither, eternity flowers last a year, adding a touch of luxury to your surroundings. Discover the key to selecting the perfect bouquet below.

Two White Eternity Roses Venus et Fleur

How to Choose the Perfect Flowers That Last a Year

Many options are available when choosing the perfect bouquet of flowers. This guide provides elements to consider when selecting an eternity arrangement.


Papaya Orange Mixed Eternity Rose Arrangements Venus et Fleur

Consider The Color

Consider the color of your flowers, as it sets the tone for your entire décor. Do you prefer soft, romantic hues or bold shades? Do you seek flowers that match your existing color scheme, or are you open to experimenting with new hues?

Flower colors hold symbolic meanings that extend beyond their aesthetic appeal. This is also an element to consider. For instance, red roses communicate deep love and affection. Purple blooms, like lavender, suggest originality and enchantment, and white flowers, such as calla lilies, symbolize innocence and purity.

By understanding the significance of various flower colors, you can thoughtfully choose an appropriate bouquet for any occasion and add sentiment to your gift.


Blue Mint Eternity Roses in Aphrodite White Porcelain Vase Venus et Fleur

Study The Style

When choosing eternity flowers, the arrangement style is also an essential factor to consider. Do you prefer classic flowers in a porcelain vase or exotic florals in mixed arrangements? Modern and minimalist décor demands sleek and simple blooms and vessels, while traditional décor may require more ornate flowers and designs. Selecting flowers that harmonize with the overall aesthetic of your space will enhance its beauty and infuse a touch of grace.


Mixed Eternity Florals White Porcelain Vases Venus et Fleur

Speculate The Size

It is also important to consider your desired arrangement size. Would you rather have a stunning centerpiece featuring dramatic blooms or a more subtle display with unassuming flowers? Choose those that harmonize with the overall style and size of your space. Larger eternity arrangements require a generous display area, while smaller ones are easily styled in various settings.  


Red Pink Eternity Roses in Black White Flower Boxes Venus et Fleur

Evaluate The Quality

The highest priority in selecting an eternity flower arrangement is quality. Venus et Fleur® flowers are harvested from the lush fields of Ecuador and undergo a non-toxic preservation process to ensure the flowers last a year. Our expert floral artists then hand-arrange each bloom, ensuring their distinctive beauty is admired during every occasion and holiday throughout the year.


Blue Eternity Roses Venus et Fleur

Personalize Your Perennials

Personalization is the cornerstone of an impeccable floral presentation. Carefully consider the occasion and setting in which these blooms will be displayed. Choose flowers that complement your personal style to establish an atmosphere that resonates with you. 

Create your masterpiece by customizing your selection with our Design Your Own option. Choose from an array of rose colors, vessels, vases, and personalized greeting cards to fashion a gift that exudes your distinctive style.


Mom Letter Eternity Roses Venus et Fleur

Reduce Environmental Impact

In addition to their natural beauty, eternity flowers are a wise choice for those who desire to reduce their environmental impact. In contrast to freshly cut flowers that demand constant upkeep and frequent replacement, eternity flowers are real flowers that last a year without maintenance. This allows you to appreciate their innate beauty while minimizing environmental impact.


Red Pink Blush Eternity Roses Venus et Fleur

Explore The Beauty of Flowers That Last a Year

Eternity flowers are more than just an addition to your home or office décor – they're a luxurious expression of your lifestyle. Each bouquet provides the perfect touch of elegance, leaving a lasting impression.

From ancient Rome to modern-day Europe, people have been seeking ways to preserve the beauty of nature. Eternity flowers culminate this pursuit, offering a long-lasting alternative to traditional blooms. Venus et Fleur’s eternity flowers radiate the elegant beauty of Venus, the goddess, ensuring your surroundings are saturated in the wealth and beauty of flowers that last a year.

Discover the expanding garden of eternity flowers on our website or at your area's Venus et Fleur flower boutique.


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