Gift Ideas for Your College Grad - Part I

There are many reasons to love spring. In addition to the warmer weather encouraging flowers to bloom anew, college students around the country are preparing to enter a new phase of life. This leaves many of us on the search for just the right gift to give to those who are graduating, and sometimes, this venture can prove rather difficult. Search no further — Venus ET Fleur® is here to help you show your college grad just how proud you are of this incredible accomplishment. In part one of this two-part series, we’ll take a look at six gifts that are perfect for the new graduate. Check them out below, then shop our exquisite luxury boxed roses to find the right arrangement for your loved one today.

Special Gifts for Graduates

A New Laptop

Nowadays, many college courses are completed online, and computers can take a lot of abuse during four years of school. Between hauling it to and from classes and putting the final touches on those midnight papers, your child has likely put their laptop through the ringer. A new laptop might be just what your new grad needs to put their best foot forward as they look for work in their field of study, and purchasing one as a graduation gift is an excellent way of supporting your child’s future endeavors.

A Coffee Maker

As your new grad ventures out into the world, they might have a hard time adjusting to early mornings at a new job. If your child is still using the coffee maker that you passed down to them a few years ago, or if they are spending a large portion of their budget at trendy coffee shops, it might be time to purchase an upgrade. A new single-cup coffee maker or espresso machine will provide them with the much-needed caffeine they need to get through the day, and it can make the perfect addition to their new off-campus living quarters.

Luxury Boxed Roses

If you are searching for a more traditional way to help your child commemorate their college graduation, luxury boxed roses are always a wise decision. Unfortunately, traditional bouquets from florists tend to wilt and die long before the new grad’s sense of accomplishment wears off. Why not send your child an arrangement of long-lasting roses that allow them to bask in their new-found freedom a little longer?

An Eternity™ Rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur® can last more than a year with proper care. These arrangements are made from real roses that don’t need water, and they require little to no maintenance, allowing your grad to enjoy the aesthetic of fresh-cut flowers for months on end. Shop our best-selling Traditional Arrangements or our Specials Collections to find just the right one for your child today.

Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is another traditional graduation gift, and giving your child a custom piece is a thoughtful and sentimental way to show them how proud you are of their accomplishment. You can have a locket engraved with a special message, or you can purchase a custom-made charm bracelet for a special female grad. For the trendy male grad, you can commission a jeweler to create a one-of-a-kind money clip or tie tack. Either way, your child will think of you and remember how amazing their graduation day was every time they look at their custom piece of jewelry.

Gift Cards or Money

Gifts that stand the test of time will be some of the most memorable ones your child receives on their graduation day. While jewelry is a timeless and sophisticated gift for graduates, it is not always as practical as money or gift cards. Your child may have a hard time finding the right job after they graduate, and you want to make sure they have the funds they need to eat right and keep themselves looking great. Providing them with gift cards to local grocery stores and restaurants is an easy way of helping them out, and money is always appreciated by new grads.

A Gym Membership

Most schools have on-site recreation centers that are free for students to use as long as they are registered in classes. Once your child graduates, however, they may not have the same gym access, and this can be a tough adjustment for those students who are used to working out whenever they want. Gym memberships can be pricey, and your child may not be able to afford one right after they graduate. Gifting them with a year-long gym membership is an excellent way to ensure your child still gets the exercise they need post-graduation without them having to pay hefty gym fees.

Order Luxury Boxed Roses Today

Graduating from college is no small feat; it takes years of dedication and hard work. When you want to show your college grad just how proud you are and much you love them, nothing beats luxury boxed roses from Venus ET Fleur®. Whether you choose a Large Round arrangement of stunning blooms that boast the grad’s school colors or you choose a smaller Lé Petite Pantone Color of the Year arrangement, your child will feel honored to be the center of such recognition. We proudly offer a variety of shipping arrangements that will ensure your arrangement arrives on time and in perfect condition, so you never have to worry about delayed or misrouted gifts. Order luxury boxed roses now and give your grad the perfect gift of luxury to commemorate this important event.