Four Tips for Amazing Surprise Marriage Proposals

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than trying to plan and prepare for the perfect marriage proposal — after all, you are about to take an important step that could define the rest of your years together. We’ve all heard stories about proposals that have gone horribly wrong, and when you drop to one knee, you want to be sure that your big moment goes off without a hitch. At Venus ET Fleur®, we know romance, and in today’s post, we’ll review four tips that are sure to put you on the path of a well-planned marriage proposal.

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Plan Ahead

Even the best-laid plans can go awry, but when it comes to proposing to your sweetheart, you don’t want to risk having anything go wrong. The best surprise proposals start with a plan and a backup plan. Some people choose to create a decoy, like friends or family being in town, in order to get their girlfriends to be at the right place at the right time. Others choose a less-staged proposal, such as popping the question while on a hike. No matter how you choose to propose to your loved one, be sure that you have done some amount of planning ahead of time. It is always a good idea to get help from friends and family, however, if you want this to be a surprise proposal, it is important to be very mindful of how many people are in on the secret!

Make it Meaningful

Some people don’t like the idea of getting all lovey dovey and sentimental, however, if there was ever a time to pay homage to your relationship up to this point, now is it. A proposal is guaranteed to be more memorable if it is tied to a meaningful aspect of your relationship. To incorporate some sentimentality into your proposal, think about details such as where you first met your love, when you first said, “I love you,” to each other, or even where you shared your first kiss. For a natural flow that will catch your special someone off-guard, be sure to keep your proposal natural and unscripted.

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Keep Privacy in Mind

When it comes to asking your partner if they will spend the rest of their life with you, you want to do it in an environment where they are comfortable. Because of this, it is very important to think about how private you want your proposal to be. Is your significant other someone who loves seeing their picture up on the jumbotron at a Knicks game, or are they someone who is more reserved? Would they want to share the moment with family and friends, or would they prefer it be just the two of you? Keeping this in mind while you are planning the perfect wedding proposal will ensure that they feel completely at ease during one of the most momentous occasions of their life.

Book a Photographer

After you have taken the time to plan a wedding proposal that you are sure your partner will love, you also want to be sure that both of you will remember the moment with vivid clarity for the rest of your lives. There is no better way to ensure this than to hire a professional photographer to capture the surprise and happiness on their face when you pop the big question. Quality candid photographers are very affordable for a brief, one-time session, and you can choose how involved you want the photographer to be. He or she can take pictures solely of the proposal itself, or the entire event can be captured on film from beginning to end, including photos of you two together for the “they said yes!” photo that your friends and family will be looking forward to.

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