Five Reasons to Choose Eternity™ Roses

When you are shopping for roses online, you have a lot of different companies from which to choose. If you have never ordered flowers from any of them, it can be pretty difficult to tell which ones will provide high-quality arrangements. At Venus ET Fleur®, we understand all too well the disappointment that your recipient may feel if he or she receives an arrangement that is withered, lacking vibrant colors, or otherwise unappealing. This is why we specialize in delivering stunning, long-lasting roses right to your door. Shop our impressive online selection to purchase yours today.

We take great care in creating each and every arrangement that ships from our headquarters, and they include several features that set them apart from the competition. In today’s post, we will review these distinguishing qualities — check them out below.

Why Choose Venus ET Fleur®?

Real Long-Lasting Roses

At Venus ET Fleur®, we understand that you want to be able to enjoy a beautiful flower arrangement for as long as possible after it has been delivered. One of the most amazing features of our luxury rose arrangements is that they are made of real roses that can last for more than a year when properly maintained. Unlike other products that feature synthetic flowers, or those that feature live flowers that only last a week or two, our Eternity™ Roses are treated with a unique preservation process which allows you to enjoy the beautiful aesthetic of fresh-cut roses for months on end. 

Low Maintenance

We all love the stunning appearance of a flower arrangement in full bloom. However, not many of us like the maintenance that comes along with fresh bouquets. Activities like trimming the stems prior to putting them in a vase, maintaining adequate water levels, and trimming away wilted petals and leaves can be time-consuming and tedious. In addition to including long-lasting roses, our arrangements require very little care, making them incredibly easy to maintain. They don’t require water or pruning. They only require a room-temperature environment and an occasional light dusting to maintain their gorgeous splendor.

Customizable Arrangements

Have you ever been shopping for luxury roses online and been disappointed with the level of customization you were allowed? A large majority of online flower shops feature rose arrangements that seldom deviate from traditional red roses, greenery, and baby’s breath. At Venus ET Fleur®, we understand that some customers might love a classic arrangement of red roses, while others might prefer designs that are more modern and colorful. Our Eternity™ Rose arrangements are completely customizable, featuring more than 25 flower colors to choose from and a wide variety of Parisian-style keepsake boxes. Other companies struggle to provide this level of customization.

Reliable Design

When ordering an arrangement from a floral delivery company online, it can be difficult to imagine how the finished product will look. More often than not, senders are disappointed to find that the arrangement that their recipient received looks nothing like the one that was ordered. Because each of our long-lasting roses is preserved at its peak bloom, you can rest assured that your floral design will be uniform and predictable. While there may be some minor variances between online photos and the delivered arrangement, you can rest easy knowing that you’re receiving the arrangement you paid for, without any unexpected substitutions.

Customized Card and Lid Messages

One of the best ways to express your sentiments behind a surprise flower delivery is by including a custom message. Many online flower retailers provide you with the option of a custom card message and nothing else. While this might accomplish the task, we felt like customers might want another option for expressing themselves. If you choose a Parisian-style box for your Eternity™ Rose arrangement, you have the option of incorporating a custom message right on the underside of the lid. Imagine the joy on your recipient’s face when he or she sees a special message where it is least expected.

Buy Eternity™ Roses Today

Are you ready to give the gift of luxury? When you choose Venus ET Fleur® for luxury flower delivery, you can be sure that your recipient will receive a stunning arrangement of real, long-lasting roses that is easy to maintain. With local and international shipping, the possibilities are endless. Shop our online store to discover the perfect arrangement for your special someone today.