Eternity™ Roses for Stunning Seasonal Wedding Accents

Planning a wedding is no small feat and at times, it can seem like there are a million decisions to be made. Where will you get married? What kind of wedding theme will you have? Which vendors provide the best services at the right price? All of these decisions are important to having a unique wedding that you’ll remember for a lifetime, and so is deciding what season you will get married in. You may choose to have a traditional spring or summer wedding, or you may prefer the stunning backdrop of fall or winter for your nuptials.

No matter which season you decide to get married in, you can count on Venus ET Fleur® to provide stunning luxury boxed roses that are sure to complement any theme and location. From the exquisite simplicity of our traditional Eternity™ Rose arrangements to the stunning elegance of our Lé Clair Collection, you can’t go wrong when you incorporate long-lasting roses into your wedding decor. Shop now to discover a world of possibilities.

Wedding Accents for Every Season


When the days start getting longer and the weather starts warming up, nature begins to come alive again. Many couples choose to have a spring wedding because of the season’s symbolism for new beginnings and budding romance. There are many color palettes that are suitable for spring weddings, including pastel colors and brighter, bolder hues. Pastel pink and bright purple evoke a sense of femininity unlike any other color scheme, and mint and coral provide whimsical pops of color for a fun and unique color palette. If you prefer a more sophisticated color scheme, you can’t go wrong with buttercream yellow, pale gray, and ivory.

Our expert floral designers are more than happy to help you choose the right color of roses for your luxury rose arrangement. Small pink roses are delicately feminine in our Lé Petite™ Eternity Arrangement and yellow roses look fantastic in our Lé Clair Collection. Having a difficult time deciding what type of box or rose color would best complement your wedding theme? Browse our inspiration gallery for endless ideas!


Passions flare in the hot, humid days of summer, and the month of June is one of the most popular months for couples to say, “I do.” Decorations that are bright and airy are best for summer weddings, and many couples choose color schemes that mimic nature’s beauty. Pale blue and yellow go beautifully together, just as the sun and sky do. Likewise, navy, red, and white are colors that provide incredible contrast that is reminiscent of 4th of July fireworks. Tropical colors like red, orange, and hot pink provide punchy bursts of color that really pop in photos.

If you are looking for a unique wedding favor to provide the guests who attend your summer wedding, why not give them each a beautiful Lé Mini™ Round arrangement that features a single orange Eternity™ Rose? You can also design stunning centerpieces that feature dozens of our long-lasting roses in the color of your choice.


After the crazy, busy days of summer, our schedules start to clear up a little bit and life finally starts to slow down. This change of pace provides couples with the perfect time to get married, and the changing colors of nature provide an unbeatable backdrop for photos. Popular color schemes for fall weddings include those that echo the natural landscape. Shades of orange, red, brown, yellow, and gray are commonly included in fall wedding decor, and they provide striking contrast when paired with cream and white accents.

If you are looking for luxury boxed roses that will complement your fall-themed wedding, look no further than the beautiful arrangements in our Ombré Collection. These arrangements come delivered in our signature white or black Parisian-style hatbox, and they feature several shades of our incredible roses.


While the shorter, colder days of winter might not be commonly associated with weddings, there are millions of couples every year who decide to get married during this magical time of year. For one, it can be convenient to have your wedding during the holiday season if you already have friends and relatives in town. Additionally, vendors, flights, and locations are often discounted during the winter months, allowing you to reap the rewards in savings. Finally, imagine the incredible wedding photos you can have with a winter wonderland serving as your backdrop.

Indoor ceremonies and receptions are usually a must this time of year because of the chilly temperatures, but a simple box of white roses will make for a stunning accent at any ceremony or reception. If you prefer a little more color for your decor, our Metallic Collection features long-lasting Eternity™ Roses in rose gold, traditional gold, silver, and pearl sheen, providing you with an incredible focal point for the head table or guest book table.

Luxury Boxed Roses for Every Wedding

Whether you are getting married in spring, summer, fall, or winter, roses make for perfect centerpieces and accent decor. Our Eternity™ Rose arrangements are made from real roses that last up to a year with proper care, allowing you to enjoy mementos from your special day long after the last guest leaves. We gladly ship our incredible creations nationally and internationally, so you can have incredible wedding decorations no matter where you are getting married. Shop our catalog online today to start creating the perfect arrangement to complement your wedding.