What Are Different Types of Interior Design Styles?

Interior design is all about how we decorate and experience spaces. Interior design is the art of enhancing a home, indoor building, or workplace, to make it a more healthy and comfortable space.

When it comes to the different types of interior design styles, there are numerous styles and looks to choose from. With everything from glam to boho, the creative possibilities are endless. Finding the best interior design style suited for you is critical to enjoying your home or workplace to the fullest.

Let’s explore some of the most popular interior design styles and find out which look works best for you!  

How Do I Know Which Style Is Right for Me?

Choosing the best interior design style for you may be easier than you think. While there are many trends out there, focus on finding the style that brings you the most inner peace, happiness, and joy. 

Interiors must also be functional and bring a sense of comfort. When it comes to interior design, the sky's the limit! With some imagination and creativity, finding the perfect interior design style will be a breeze. 

Here are some simple ways to discover which design style is right for you:

  • Get inspiration from magazines, films, art galleries, museums, and boutiques
  • Take cues from the clothes in your closet
  • Create a vision board to keep track of furniture pieces and designs you love
  • Find a style that matches your personality

Finding the right design style will help you go into the interior design process with confidence and creativity. Let’s learn about each of the different interior design styles to gain some inspiration and design ideas. 

Interior Design Styles

Now that we’ve learned about interior design and how to choose the best style, let’s dive into the different interior styles and find which look works best for you!


If you love a timeless, classic look, traditional interior design may be the perfect fit for you. Traditional is one of the oldest design styles and is largely based on 18th and 19th-century European styles. 

The traditional style is all about soft colors, layering, formality, structure, and functionality. A traditional interior design scheme is usually symmetrical and even. The furniture and textiles used in traditional designs usually feature neutral colors and carved wood and are very functional for a family setting. 

A traditional style home typically features warm, rich wood tones and darker stains for the flooring. Look for classic and harmonious furniture pieces such as an English Roll Arm couch, upholstered armchairs, vintage lamps, and beautiful wooden end tables.

You can add some simple, modern touches to your traditional home by adding a large kitchen island or black and white paintings on the walls. Placing a stunning arrangement of soft pink, like our Allura Vase with roses, hydrangea, and gardenia will elevate the look of your space. It will give a more elegant and sophisticated feel to your traditional home.


Glam design is all about creating a stunning, welcoming space to dazzle your guests and make you feel like the queen you are. The glam interior design style is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and takes inspiration from upscale, classy influences. 

Decorating your home with colors of gold, blush, ivory, and light pink will bring elegance to your space. This style is also filled with luxe textiles such as suede, leather, velvet, and satin. 

When decorating, be sure to use luxurious fabrics, glittering metals, and sparkly accessories for a posh, glam look. Place some of our signature candles in your living room and bedroom to enjoy rich, beautiful floral fragrances.   

Here at Venus ET Fleur®, creating beautiful and glam looks is our specialty. Choose one of our iconic Fleura Vases with a stunning arrangement of champagne roses to bring that je ne sais quoi to your space. 

Our skilled floral designers meticulously arrange every arrangement into our exclusive handcrafted porcelain vases. These blooms are timeless, refined, and glamorous—which will be the perfect touch to your glam decor. 

Modern Farmhouse

A modern farmhouse interior is a wonderful way to add character to your home. Channel your inner Joanna Gaines to create a country chic style filled with fresh colors, natural materials, vintage furniture, and glossy accents.

Modern farmhouse decor is the perfect setting if you love to have guests over for Thanksgiving or if you love cuddling up with your family for a movie night at home.

If you love to get creative, there are also several rustic farmhouse DIY projects that you can make yourself. Upcycling antique pieces with a fresh coat of paint and new fixtures are also a great way to add uniqueness to your space. For colors, focus on white, plaid, green, blue, brown, and black for a rustic yet refined feel.

In the living room, exposed beams with warm wood tones are perfect to anchor the style of your home. Try to utilize natural fibers and organic materials in your design. Green plants will also help to bring life and freshness to your modern farmhouse decor.  


Now let’s break down the beautiful bohemian style. Bohemian décor is all about capturing the beauty of a carefree, adventurous lifestyle and making your home feel exotic and playful. Bohemian style homes have become very popular in the last few years, and it’s all about incorporating natural and organic pieces into your look.

Using large, green plants like cacti or bold and vibrant dried flower arrangements are wonderful ways to bring in elements of nature and good vibes to your space. Dried flowers and plants like blue pampas grass, pink bunny tails, and lavender will add a whimsical and fresh look to your home.

The bohemian style is also all about playing around with different textures, such as wicker baskets, colorful Turkish rugs, stacks of books, macrame wall hangings, plants, and wooden furniture.

Here are some ways that to add some bohemian-inspired elements to your home:

  • Placing plants and dried florals all around your home
  • Use fun textiles such as bamboo
  • Sprinkle some string lights around for an elegant look
  • Use low-level seating in the living room
  • Layering rugs and use exciting patterns

These boho-inspired decor ideas will create a colorful and whimsical oasis in your home.


Let’s break down the industrial design style. If you love the look of exposed brick, metal, rustic wood, and leather, then industrial design will look ravishing in your home. 

Industrial styles tend to feel edgy and modern. Dating back to the mid-19th century in the United States and Europe, industrial design was first seen in factories. These factories featured brick facades, steel beams, and cast iron, as well as an abundance of machinery. This look was then transformed into industrial-style artist lofts later in the 1970s in the Soho neighborhood of New York City. 

The industrial design is notable for having large windows, open floor plans. Commercial spaces are often converted to apartments or living spaces in this style.

The industrial design tends to feel masculine, but you can add some softness to the look by using a neutral color palette. Adding green, leafy plants will also bring out some soul and character in this space. 


If you love walking into a simple, clean space, free from clutter, the minimalist style may be the perfect fit for you. Minimalist style is known for its “less is more” mantra and features clean lines, neutral colors, and simple designs. 

There are several benefits to having a minimalist home. First and foremost, your home will be easier to clean. Your home will also be more relaxing and less stressful, as it is free from clutter. 

Minimalist homes are known for making the most stunning backdrop for photos. Whether it’s a holiday family photo or an anniversary selfie, minimalist homes feature neutral colors, clean lines and will therefore let you be the center of attention.

Since a minimalist home is so sleek and simple, it’s important to choose functional furniture. Here are some simple, key furniture pieces to have in your minimalist designed home:

  • A spacious white sofa
  • A plush, Moroccan rug
  • A brown, leather lounger
  • A wooden footstool
  • Stylish, clear bins for smart storage

To create a minimalist-style home, start by cleaning all surfaces and decluttering your space. Then, create a neutral base and use different textures in similar tones. 

Choose furniture and pieces that are sleek and stylish while also functional. Minimalist design styles typically feature a lot of white and may have a large amount of empty space, which is perfect for adding some zen to your home.


Modern interior design styles use elements made from glass, metal, stainless steel, and chrome. Modern design focuses on clean, straight lines, which is why art deco furnishing pairs well in a modern space. 

The typical color palette of a modern home is black and white, with neutrals. However, it is also common to feature bold primary colors through abstract wall art, a colorful sofa, or a vibrant, solid-colored rug. 

A modern floor plan will typically feel very open, with a joint kitchen and living room. Built-in shelves and functional storage are also key to this look.


Coastal or nautical decor is warm, relaxing, and full of beachy vibes. If you have a home on the water or just love being surrounded by nature and the ocean, a coastal design is the way to go. 

The coastal style features white-washed colors, sandy brown tones, and hues of blue. Focus on bringing natural elements into your home, like shiplap paneling, wooden finishes, and a crisp, white-washed sofa.

Try incorporating some beautiful, beachy decor like:

  • A blue striped rug
  • A pine coffee table
  • A white or tan sofa
  • Beach glass decor
  • Seashells
  • Paintings of waterscapes
  • Model ships
  • Painted coral

A large amount of natural light in your space is also key to creating a beachy atmosphere. 


Scandinavian interior design stems from minimalism by using sleek and modern decor, with clean lines and simple furnishings. Scandinavian style uses a blend of textures, soft hues, lots of natural light, and striking modern furniture to pull off this Nordic look. 

Contrast is also a major feature in Scandinavian interior design, so colors like black and white will help to create a dramatic statement. Choose muted colors in your designs, such as white, black, ivory, taupe, and sage. 

Black and white photography can often be found in Scandinavian homes. Some add small bursts of color as well, such as a purple or mustard yellow rug or throw blanket, to add some flair and vibrancy to the design. 

Final Remarks

All in all, there are several popular interior design styles. With everything from contemporary design to bohemian to glam, there is something for everyone. We hope you discover the most stunning design style for your home and create a beautiful oasis for you to enjoy for years to come. 



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