Thanksgiving Flowers That Symbolize Thankfulness

This Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude. For your stunning celebration this year, arrangements from Venus ET Fleur® will be sure to dazzle your family and friends, while emitting earthy and harmonious fragrances throughout your home. 

Types of Flowers That Symbolize Thankfulness

Several types of flowers symbolize thankfulness and will add that special touch to your celebration this year.  

Pink roses are the perfect way to show admiration and appreciation for your loved ones this Thanksgiving. They symbolize gratitude, grace, and joy and offer a feeling of gentleness. 

The hydrangea symbolizes gratitude for being understood. They are sincerely heartfelt flowers and represent gratitude, grace, and beauty. Hydrangeas also radiate abundance because of the lavish number of flowers and the generous round shape of the flower. Its colors symbolize love, harmony, and peace.

These flowers pair beautifully together and compliment each other in the home. Our Fleura Vase with Mixed Eternity™ Flowers, as well as our Eternity Roses®, will be sure to bring essences of thankfulness and beauty to your soiree. Each arrangement consists of Real Flowers That Last A Year™. 

Here are some more flowers that represent gratitude and thankfulness:

  • Campanulas
  • Dianthus Carnations
  • Eustoma
  • Sweet Pea
  • Globe Flowers

Having abundant flowers that symbolize thankfulness at your home is ideal for your festive evening. They will serve as a visual reminder of all that there is to celebrate and be grateful for this year.

Colors That Represent Gratitude

Adding flowers with deep tones and fall colors will be sure to add elegance to your home this Thanksgiving. You will want to focus on colors that represent gratitude and giving thanks. 

A dark pink color represents the emotions of gratitude and appreciation. The color pink also carries with it the meaning of elegance and grace. 

A deep red color signifies warmth and strength and is an emotionally intense color. Burgundy, which is a deep reddish-brown color, has a rich hue and signifies sophistication, ambition, wealth, and power. 

Yellow is the strongest color, psychologically, and the right shade of yellow is known to lift spirits.  Be sure not to overpower an arrangement with yellow, as a little bit goes a long way. Instead, opt for more shades of orange. Orange is the quintessential color for fall and Thanksgiving, as it emotes feelings of comfort and symbolizes comfort, nourishment, and abundance. 

Arrangements such as our Le Mini™ Round in orange, red, gold, or another autumnal tone provide a beautiful array of colors while paying homage to emotions of gratitude. 

The color brown is also a fall favorite, as it emotes feelings of nature, warmth, earthiness, and support, all of which tie together beautifully with the holiday of Thanksgiving. Using these deep, autumnal colors to create your own flower arrangement will be sure to honor Thanksgiving and the eternal, infinitely potent power of gratitude.

How to Decorate Your Home With Thanksgiving Flowers

With fall foliage, flowers, pumpkins, and the smell of apple pie throughout your home, seeing your home decorated for Thanksgiving will feel like a dream. 

Adding arrangements of flowers and autumnal potpourri will be sure to make your home smell and look even more incredible. Your guests will be in awe of the flowers bursting with fall colors and the delectable food on the table when they arrive at your stunning celebration. Here are some ideas and inspiration on how to decorate your home with Thanksgiving flowers.

The Entryway

Fresh blooms will instantly bring light and fragrance to brighten up your home as guests walk in this Thanksgiving. Having a beautiful arrangement of white roses from our Marble Collection or four Eternity® roses in Le Petit Papillon in your entryway will be sure to wow your family and friends. Luxury rose arrangements will bring life to your home and provide an inviting oasis for all who enter.

Mantle Flowers

When guests enter the living room and glance at your posh fireplace, make them smile as they’re greeted with a beautiful bouquet from our Classic Collection. These luxury roses will inspire thoughts of love, beauty, joy, and giving this holiday season. Choose gorgeous warm colors, such as orange, yellows, or red, to bring life to your mantle and serve as a focal point in your stunning celebration.

The Kitchen

As your family gathers in the kitchen this Thanksgiving and busily prepares the food, have some fresh flowers on the counter so that your guests may smell the beautiful aroma and fragrances from the budding beauties. Then, let the feast begin.

Centerpieces and Table Flowers

Thanksgiving is about spending time with family, sitting around the dinner table, and being grateful. Our Serene Vase in gold, burgundy, or champagne will be sure to make a statement and bring elegance to your family Thanksgiving dinner this year. This arrangement will look sophisticated as a centerpiece on your dining table. 

Place these beautiful roses on a linen tablecloth in a neutral or warm fall tone to bring attention to the bold color of the flowers and create cohesion with your autumnal decor. Place one of our iconic Fleura Vases with pearl roses at each end of the table to add definition and fullness. Then, arrange some natural seasonal decor around the table, such as cranberries, pumpkins, gourds, branches, and rosemary to bring forth freshness and hints of nature. 

Add white monogrammed place setting cards and gold folded napkins to create a stunning, sophisticated look. Now, all that’s left is to add the turkey, dressing, and classic Thanksgiving day menu of favorites to complete your dining experience.

Adding Elements of Decor for the Fall Season

Lastly, you might want to add more decor elements to help fully represent the fall season. Try using cinnamon sticks to add a hint of spice to your holiday place settings, or hang a green and brown woodsy wreath on your front door to welcome guests into your autumn oasis. 

Be sure to sprinkle in some orange, green, or burgundy cloth-covered pumpkins with gold accents to elevate your fall decor.

The History of Thanksgiving Flowers

When you think of Thanksgiving and autumn, images of food, pumpkins, and luscious fall foliage and flowers are usually some of the first things that come to mind. So what is the history of Thanksgiving flowers, and how did this budding tradition begin?

In America, Thanksgiving represents thankfulness for the harvest. Centuries ago, near the time of the first Thanksgiving in New England, the country featured a variety of flowers, roots, and herbs, along with walnuts, chestnuts, plums, and an abundance of diverse fruits. There were also turkeys, quails, pigeons, partridges, and fish from the sea to make for a divine feast. Make sure that there are some flowers on the table this year to represent some of the first wildflowers grown during the first Thanksgiving.

All in all, finding the perfect flowers for your home this Thanksgiving is something to celebrate. Remember to choose flowers that symbolize thankfulness and select colors of gratitude, grace, and beauty

Tag us on Instagram to show us your gorgeous celebrations and tell us what you are thankful for this year. Consider all of the above factors when choosing your Thanksgiving flowers this year. Visit our Shop page for a closer look at all of the options made available by Venus ET Fleur.



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