Dried Flower Arrangements: What You Need to Know

Everyone loves walking into a room and seeing a stunning arrangement of flowers, and dried florals are currently trending. Whether used for a wedding bouquet or for an arrangement in your home this fall, dried flowers are low-maintenance and can be beautifully designed and arranged to suit your exact preferences. 

Let’s explore what dried flowers are and how you can put together the best dried flower arrangement.

What Are Dried Flowers?

Dried flowers are flowers that have been dehydrated and are most often used for decor or for saving memories. Dried florals are typically very delicate, with a rough texture, and come in muted, warm tones. That’s because the dehydration process removes all the moisture from the flowers and fades the color slightly. 

Once completely dry, these florals may go through a re-coloration and setting treatment in order to regain some of their original hues. Dried, dehydrated flowers typically feature earthy tones and can add the perfect rustic touch to fall evening decor. 

Which Flowers Look the Best Dried?

Most florals can be dried; however, some flowers are more fragile than others. When certain kinds of flowers are dried, they become extremely delicate, which may cause some petals to fall off. This is why drying the right kinds of flowers will help to keep your blooms intact and around to enjoy for many months to come. 

Here are some of the best types of flowers and grasses for drying:

  • Sea Holly Flowers
  • Roses
  • Hydrangeas
  • Celosia flowers
  • Eucalyptus Leaves
  • Larkspur Flowers
  • Pampas Grasses
  • Gypsophila Blooms
  • Statice Flowers
  • Palm Spears
  • Amaranth Flowers

Now, you may be wondering, can I dry my own flowers at home? Yes! It’s actually a very simple process, and we will walk you through it.

How to Dry Flowers at Home

If you are looking to preserve flowers yourself, there are several methods to choose from, and we’re going to focus on drying flowers.

One of the easiest ways to achieve moisture-free, dry flowers is through natural drying or air drying. For this method, hang the flowers upside down in a dry room, and allow the flowers to fully dehydrate. After a few days, when your flowers are completely dry and free from moisture, you will be able to keep them for a long time and take in their natural beauty. 

Another way to dry your flowers is with a press, or something heavy, like a book. For this method, make sure to use flowers that lay flat and have thin petals to get the best results—think cosmos, hibiscus, California poppies, or pansies. Larger flowers like roses and dahlias can also be pressed, but they may become a bit misshapen in the process. 

If using a book, simply place the flowers on a page in the middle of the book, where each flower has plenty of space. Then, close the book, and set some heavier books on top. This will allow the flowers to dry out naturally and flatten out over time, thus creating a beautiful keepsake. 

Make sure to leave the flowers in the book for about 30 days. If you peek or take the flowers out too soon, this could cause the leaves of the flowers to crack or break. So be sure to wait about a month, and this should ensure that your flowers are beautifully pressed and are ready to be enjoyed. 

How Long Do Dried Flowers Last?

If you love keeping dried flowers for a long time to remember treasured memories and precious moments, or even to use as decor in the home, it’s important to know how long dried flowers last. 

When dried flowers and foliage are kept in a moisture-free room and out of direct sunlight, they should last for a year or even longer. Depending on the types of flowers and grasses you have, they could last up to three years out in the open or more than ten years if kept in a sealed box, jar, or compartment. 

However, if dried florals are kept in a bathroom or kitchen, where there are high levels of moisture and humidity, the flowers may grow mold and last for a shorter amount of time. Many people like to place dried flowers near a window, which is fine in warmer months, but beware of winter dew and condensation, as this could cause your flowers to wilt.

What Flowers Go Well Together in a Dried Floral Arrangement?

Dried floral bouquets and arrangements have been making a comeback, and they make a wonderful statement. Let’s break down which flowers pair best together in a dried floral arrangement and learn more about how to arrange dried flowers. 

Fall Foliage In Your Home

If you want to dive into the fall season and create an autumnal oasis in your home, add some arrangements of dried fall flowers to your fall decor lineup this year. 

On your front door this year, hang a colorful fall foliage wreath filled with colors of orange, red, yellow, and brown. When family and friends first enter your home, have some tall, tan pampas grass in the entryway to provide a welcoming feel. 

In the living room, put some strands of autumn leaves, branches, and dried orange bunny tails into a clear glass. This will add a nice autumnal touch to your coffee table. 

For the mantle in your home, opt for a larger dried floral arrangement full of dried golden mini palm spears, green cedar, white Rodanthe flowers, plume reed grass, and terra cotta orange dried floral buttons. 

Here at Venus ET Fleur®, we are adding a new line of new dried florals to our Maison Collection this October, which will be a perfect addition to your fall decor. Finish off your fall look by adding white, gold, and orange mini pumpkins around your home.

Dried Flowers for Your Wedding

Dried florals are an inexpensive way to bring elegance and sophistication to your wedding. If you are having a bohemian wedding with warm tones of burgundy, off-white, and green, then dried flowers will be a wonderful addition to your big day. Or spice up your farmhouse wedding with tall pampas grasses and bright, bold colors of dried florals to add elegance to your venue. 

Dried flowers are long-lasting, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain, which is why they are perfect for weddings and black-tie events. Let’s learn more about some dried flower arrangements that are perfect for a fall wedding. 

Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet symbolizes happiness and satisfaction for your new marriage. Using dried florals for your wedding bouquet will be a wonderful way to save those sweet memories of walking down the aisle for years to come. 

A romantic bridal bouquet of dried flowers may feature eucalyptus, larkspur, lavender, globe thistle, and of course, roses. Choose a dried flower bridal bouquet with beautiful hues of white and green and pops of pink or purple. This will create a stunning and elegant look, and most of all, will be sure to compliment the beautiful bride. 

The Altar

For the wedding altar, find a wooden pergola and bring in beautiful, tall, dried grasses and florals to complement the lovely couple. Adding dried pampas grasses, palm leaves, and dried branches will provide that rustic, fall look. 

Or, go green and have a stunning arch of eucalyptus leaves at the altar. This will provide the perfect backdrop for you and your new sweetheart.


Your reception would not be complete without gorgeous centerpieces for your tables. Choose from one of our simple and elegant vases, or create your own arrangement. Choosing bold flowers like Lunaria, hydrangeas, and roses will go well with beautiful, mixed dried grasses. Remember to pull inspiration from your wedding colors when creating your custom arrangements.

Benefits of Dried Flowers Over Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are very beautiful and provide a natural elegance and aroma. However, dried flowers come with a unique beauty all their own, and there are several benefits to using dried flowers over fresh flowers. 

Dried flowers do not need to be watered or fed. They are fine being in the natural, dried state. Another benefit of using dried flowers is that they are available all year round. Fresh flowers, on the other hand, are typically seasonal, depending on the growing season.

One of the biggest benefits of dried flowers is that they are long-lasting. While fresh flowers are very beautiful, they have a very short lifespan of about one week, depending on the type of flower. Dried flowers, on the other hand, can last for up to a year, and sometimes even longer, if taken care of properly. So, how do you take care of dried flowers? Let’s find out!

Final Remarks

All in all, dried flowers arrangements and bouquets can be an elegant addition to your home, wedding, or event this season. Be sure to choose the right types of flowers if you are making your own dried floral arrangement, and remember to take good care of your rustic, budding blossoms.

Consider all of the above factors when creating your own or purchasing your dried flower arrangements this year.



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